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  • lilystar


    Break of dawn makes the sun cast a ghostly light through the bare winter Darkclan trees. Lilystar had chosen this time as she knows Bloodclan are lazy creatures who won't be up until midday at least - here, with her allies of Windclan and the Tribe, they should chase off the Bloodclanners for good. Perhaps some Darkclan warriors will have enough energy to fight but Lilystar has no idea what state her clan is in, only having seen Robinpaw and Pigeonpaw briefly at the Gathering. She owed Windclan and the Tribe a lot for this and would be in their debt for a while after this.

    Windclan, the Tribe and Lilystar wait on the edges of the forest. Lilystars' instructions where to make a slow approach to camp, the Tribe and Windclan would wait in the surroundings having masked their scents while Lilystar draws out the Bloodclanners. Once the Bloodclanners are no longer inside the cave camp, the Tribe and Windclan could attack, hopefully Darkclan warriors from inside camp making sure no Bloodclanners could escape into the tunnels. Time to chase these low lives out for good. "Elijah! Truthless! Come see and bring your warriors that you cannot kill a Darkclanner! Our blood is pure and strong, stronger than your filthy blood!" She yells into the camp, praying strongly that it will draw the Bloodclanners out - if not, the Tribe and Windclan would have to go through the tunnels to force the Bloodclanners out of the caves.

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  • 「 going under into the forbidden — i'll be your addiction

    The warrior, skinny and tired and grumpy from BloodClan's rather terrible treatment of the DarkClanners, nevertheless looked up as she heard Lilystar's cry. For a moment, she found herself rather confused; didn't the BloodClanners have their leader? Perhaps it had all been a lie or Lilystar managed to escape and get help. Either way, now was most certainly the time to fight back.

    Her claws, reinforced with hawk talons (a trick she picked up from the BloodClan invaders), unsheathed themselves as her fur fluffed out. Still, she scoffed at Lilystar's battle cry -- as if she could claim to care about pure blood when she had so many litters with that loner. But, she supposed it didn't matter. Finally the rest of DarkClan would grow a backbone with their half-spined leader here to guide them.

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  • We've got to hold on, to what we've got — JasperStar — WindClan —

    JasperStar waited, as was the plan, for BloodClan to show themselves. He wasn't sure how many of his cats would join them in this fight. He hadn't wanted to force them into this battle in the middle of Leaf Bare, and some had chosen to stay and guard camp. Regardless, he'd given LilyStar his word that WindClan would help, and here he was, waiting for the fight to begin.

    JasperStar| Male| 32 Moons. Ages however | Windclan| Leader| Bisexual| Brother of deceased Ferret| Best ability: Deep thinker, realist, slightly ADHD| Extrovert, thrives in crowds, nervous alone| Worst quality: curious about everything, doesn't like being 'cooped up', has a hatred for BloodClan| PM for capture, major injuries, or possible death|

    Lives: 8/9

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  • Behind Jasperstar, WindClan's warrior stormed in. Turtlebite flashed a grin at Lilystar before sliding in next to Elmrustle. She would help where needed, especially defending the nursery. No kits needed to suffer at the paws of these foul rogues.


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  • ☀- obsidianstorm hadnt been able to think straight, thinking his lover was dead. thinking that he was the cause of another death and it was his fault. how his unstable mind from his sickness had killed her. he couldnt think of anything to fight back the bloodclanners and felt quite useless. but the sound of her voice made him choke back and stop his hunt. "lilystar?" he murmered. his slow pace suddenly bolted, falling in line behind his leader, behind his love. she's alive, and obviously, had a plan the entire time. but, he remembered her being buried. wow, he was more naive then a kit. tensing his muscles, he would wait with her, a new found strength now that he knew she was not dead. it was like a heavy weight lifted off of him, and adrenalized him.

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    -roleplayed by Domino Misfit-

    "i keep dragging around what's bringing me down 
    If i just let go i'd be set free"
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  • ★ ★ ★ unknown to truthless, their reign of terror would come to an end. a perfectly peaceful evening with the grounds for an opportunity of mischief-making would be shattered.

    lilystar's voice drew him from his trance, drawing him forth like a fish on a string. the hairless cat felt resentment and anger bubbling from within him like a hot spring. an uncontrollable one, at that.

    she was back? for what reason? to reclaim her clan? he doubted that. as far as he knew, she was completely and utterly alone, her sudden appearance a foolishness. she was a queen without a rook or a bishop. she had no shield, her only sword, her own claws, which were flimsy in comparison to his own. should any of her own clan come to her backup thinking they could free themselves from bloodclan's grip by helping her, truth wouldn't hesitate to tear away her remaining lives, and destroy her supporters on the spot. mercy or incompetence was not a word in his tattered little dictionary.

    a mask of un-penetrative cold was drawn over his features. the co-leader carefully stepped from his den, long yet muscled limbs drawing his pale body forward. impatience was clear in the lines of his wrinkly physique, irritation clear in the low stoop of his lean, powerful form. who was she to think she could challenge him?

    despite the clear lack of danger; none he could sense so far, his body was tingling with apprehension. he was no fool. the waters could look clear, yet there would still be beasts lurking underneath. there could be a hidden threat; an elaborate scheme of some sort. after all, for all his belittling of clan cats, he knew that their leader wasn't nearly foolish enough to return without a plan.

    he kept his body tense.

    "what is this nonsense you speak of?" truthless rasped. "is this more of your clan bullshit that makes you feel more empowered and morally superior than you already think you are?" take it on the clans to belittle the city cats. it was the reason why he despised them in the first place, why he lunged for them without regard of their lives. he was a vindictive, nasty little creature and their haughtiness and shitty entitlement only fueled his loathing towards them.

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    Sky stayed back as Lilystar went forward to call the BloodClan out. Concern flashed in her bright eyes for a moment before her monotone, careless resolve took place once more. The Stoneteller couldn't help but think it was too soon after Lilystar had come to her border, beside herself with worry, with hope, with agony. She sure hoped that cat had a plan in her skull, because the Tribe didn't crawl out of its isolation for nothing.

    The leader of the Tribe kept an eye on the few NPCs who came with her, before looking over to the fellow WindClan allies. Sky wasn't sure if she'd ever met them before, and was fascinated. At their own potential at alliance, at their ability. Which, if their name was any indication, was limited to running.

    Not that this was the time to care much about it. Help Lilystar, and then think of the other lackwits that the Clans possessed.

    Minnownose (Deputy of SkyClan)
    Cloudspots (Trad. SkyClan)
    Sky with No Moon (Stoneteller of TORW)

    Mintflower (Trad. ThunderClan)

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  • Silvermist made her way out of the nursery, green eyes widening at the sight of Lilystar. "Lilystar! You're alive!" She called, feeling braver and more confident now that her leader was here. She stayed by the nursery for now, as Birdkit and the others were still in there. Her older kits were in the apprentice den now, but she had stayed behind to watch Birdkit.


    *:・゚✦ We came up in the firelight

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    Silvermist | tags | DarkClan | Warrior | 22 moons

  • Once a queen thought to be above it all, sitting in her newly claimed nest with DarkClan subjects bending to her tyrannical will, was now about to face the wraith of the allied forces that stormed into their territory. She hadn't expected Lilystar to exactly live, a minor change of plans however. The oriental longhair shifted in her nest, pawa stretching into the air and extending reinforced claws before she began to fall back into her slumber. It wasn't until she heard the shout of a familiar voice echo through the tunnels, her eyes shooting to open and her paws pressing against the nest to push her body to it's full height. Her eyes looked down at the startled faces of DarkClanners and even some relieved ones. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously and leap from her nest, landing below and beginning to push through the crowd of DarkClan cats. This cat knew her and her brothers names, a definite potential danger or their names were getting around. She flicked her tail, motioning her cats to follow as she fit her slim frame through the tunnels and began to climb out, claws hooking the ground underneath to heed her balance as she finally broke through to the surface.

    The sun kissed her pure white pelt as ir didn't take long for clouds to begin blocking it, the warmth moving off from her pelt entirely. The leader pushed herself up and faced them, eyes narrowed as she looked at Lilystar, so the little tyrant was back? Her eyes moved over to see the arriving SkyClan leader and her forces, along with the WindClan leader as well. She flicked her tail, a moment of hesitance sparking at their forces, but her forcing it down and forcing it not to show. Her eyes landed on Truthless where she moved to take a spot next to him. She wasn't going to let them take down her clan that easily. The girl lifted her chin and assessed each of them before finally addressing the situation through words rather than expressions. "So you've decided to come back, huh? Interesting turn of events." The oriental allowed her icy eyes to dig into the body of Lilystar before addressing her again. "I'm afraid though that your time here will be cut short, again. We'll take away your lives for as many as you have. Opposing us is your biggest mistake." She chose her words carefully.

    Elijah shared the same irritation as her brother, it was clear that she wanted Lilystar dead and go actually stay dead. These leaders were given nine lives, but she wouldn't hesitate in stripping them of those nine lives as many tries as it took. She wasn't going to go down easily as she was claiming DarkClan as theirs, and what's theirs would be precisely protected and defended. These were her warriors to control and she would make sure of that. She watched as DarkClan cats began to switch their sides over to Lilystar, a faint growl leaving her throat as her reinforced claws dug into the earth below. She was going to show them that they listened to her and not Lilystar.


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  • *:・゚✦ Birdkit

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    The petite kit followed after her mother confused as to what all the commotion outside was about. "Mama, what's going on?" Birdkit asked, her head turning towards the blurry figure that was Silvermist. The tabico hadn't really understood Bloodclan's take over of her clan, just that there were bad cats that had forcefully made themselves at home in Darkclan.

    *:・゚✦ Scorchedface

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    The scarred tom lifted his head towards the sound of Lilystar's voice, he knew there was no way she'd return unprepared. Scorchedface looked sharply towards the warriors' den before making a run towards it, his paws propelling him inside and coming to a halting stop bedsides Ebonyrain's nest. He looked down upon the tortie, "Ebonyrain, wake up. You need to go." He crouched down and spoke in a low tone so not to be overheard."It may not be safe so I need to get you out of here."

    *:・゚✦ Ravenpaw

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    The smoky tom's ears perked up, his head whipping towards the sound of his sister. He knew it! Of course she would come back! Ravenpaw's green eyes darted around at the Bloodclanners that were around, he was ready for this.

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  • Ebonyrain || She-cat || Warior

    Ebonyrain opened her eyes, her green orbs looking to the scarred tom groggily. Her brain was still foggy from sleep and well.. Other things seemed to be going on that she didn't even quite comprehend herself. "Go? Get out?" The tortie repeated. She didn't really understand but she trusted Scorchedface so she got to her paws and was ready to follow the tom out.

    H̢̤̺͍͙ͅͅe̶̯͈̝̻̭l̵̳͉̱̥̮l͇̣̞̝o ̖̻͔̬̟̫̹t̪̝̤͕̼͙͟h̙̼̘̜e͉̤̤̮͔̲r̪̘̙̲̼e̬!̬̤ ͚̭̰̗I͎̣̥͇'̰̜̝̤m̤̠̪̝̺̳̩ ͉̫E̞r̹̤͇̖r͉̳̼̕o̧̫r̡͓̜͔͇̠ ͔̻̻̺Ẓ̯̞̲͜e͙̝̦͇r̟̭̱o̯̤̹.̡̜̖.͉͙̪̺ B̵̝̝̗͈̰̼̥u̗ͅt̪̲̪̼̘̤̱͠ ̙̩̗̮͇̻͔͞y̝͈̖̖o̼̱̻̥͕̦̖͜ù̼̩̻̣̞̙ ͔̥͔c̷̰̬̥̞̤á̠̻̫n̤̘͉̝͉ ̕c̴͎̖a̕l̬̦̙̪̭͖l̕ ̳̤͓̹̖̗̗m̮̰ḛ̥͚̺͙̻ͅ Ę̠̘̜͇̱̼̳͓ͬ̿͂́r̵̡̝͙̣̩̞̓́̋̍͋͌̚r͕̦͒͂ͮ̀̇̀͘o̍̃͏̫͈͈̹̣̱̺ŕ̷̶̪͕̠͔̼͚̻͉̀̓́


    E̺̖̹̰b͉͓͙o͍̭͓̜n͈̬̹̲̻̹̻y̯̤̣̦r̦̠̩̳̠͎̥a̤ị̞̟͔̞̦̰͟n̸̝̙̹͓͍̹̰ ̩̜̰̬͈̗|͔̲͎͎͎|͖͚͈̭͖̫̟͡ ͔D̙̕a̳r͖̝̪͔̩͖kc͍̮͙͉͍l̯͕͙͙͟ḁ̞n͖͖͠

    S̵̻̲͇̼͔o҉͔̺o̹̟̤̤͎̞t͓͇f̟͔͖͚̮̫̝͝u͓̕r̟̥̣͓ ̛|̲̟̻̝|̗̭̣̗̲͘ ̤S̳̖̼̯͇k͇̹͢y̭͙̱̥̰c̵l̩͉͘a̻n̲͚͍̣͔͟

    O̡͍̣̞͔̺̭̱s̠̖̼p̣͈̝͖̹̀ͅr͓̳̲͕e̖͉̖y͈͈t҉͉̗̬a̤̯͕̤͙̬̰ḷ̷͕͈̦͔̫ͅo͕n͚͈ ̞̱̹͔|̞̖|̮ ̨̙̟R̶̲̭̟͇̪̰i͏͉̠̪͔͓̠v̵̞er̵̠̙͎ͅc̣̗̗l͉͖̜͈͙a͇̤ͅṋ͜

    Q̜̭̯̙͓͖͜ụ̺͇̹͔ai̗̟̼̟̮̱ḽ̡̠̩̟͖̤͇st͇̣ri̶ke̩̻ ͍|̨͕̳|̲̫̳̟̬̹ͅ ̨̮̼̯Ṣ̻͞h̫̪̹̰a̲͙̪̜̤̼d̸̳͍̹̩o҉̱͓͍w̵̝̠͈̼c͙̬͎̺͕͖ḷ̨a̹̗̱̮͢ͅn̬͍

  • well, these allies of theirs sure took their sweet time. daisypaw couldn’t deny she was a bit salty that help had arrived so late; she was just about to up and leave this godforsaken place. oh well, good things come to those who wait! the pale she-cat thought with a grin, rushing out of the apprentice den to join lilystar’s ranks. goddamn it felt good to be back on top. she could finally say what she wanted without worrying about the repercussions. and with that, the normally mild-mannered apprentice yowled, “suck my ass, bitchclan!”

  • "Stay in the nursery for now, alright? You're the second line of defense for it in case any cats get past me." Silvermist mewed to Birdkit, a bit gently. Over my dead body. "You have to be brave." Her green eyes stayed on her adopted kit for a moment, before moving to outside of the nursery.


    *:・゚✦ We came up in the firelight

    Raised in the black of night *:・゚✦

    Silvermist | tags | DarkClan | Warrior | 22 moons