getting panic attacks? (tw: talking about dying)

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  • tw: talking about death/dying


    Recently i've been getting super stressed out about dying in the future - even though i thought about it sometimes as a kid, or a few years ago, i just brushed it off and tried to distract myself with something else

    it's been getting a lot worse though - it's hard to distract myself from thinking about death and not knowing what happens after - just the thought of not existing here and not being able to experience anything freaks me out

    as well as the fact that people can say nonchalantly that someone died but they were a person too, and had their own life and childhood and memories and they're just gone now,

    it's gotten bad to the point where i start thinking about it at random times and start spacing out, and ive started shaking and breathing heavily because i've gotten so distressed over the thought of death and dying

    it's hard for me to enjoy certain tv shows or movies now, like crime/thriller shows, because i just keep thinking about dying

    how should i deal with something like this??

    thank you in advance

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  • Hey, I may not be an expert, but I recommend listening to music that eases your stress, and writing down those feelings in a journal, then shutting the book to "lock" them in place. :)




  • i'm so glad you made this post! i found myself looking up coping methods because i have really bad paranoia of that type of stuff. i know i want to be a tree when i go, but it's the actual 'i have limited time here- i won't be here forever' type of mentality that gives me chills and makes me really wish i were immortal.

  • oop it's been almost a month and i forgot to reply to this thread

    The thoughts just keep reoccurring at like even the most ordinary of moments, like if i'm hanging out with friends or eating dinner

    but it's gotten slightly better because i've been distracting myself from those thoughts with schoolwork LOL

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  • oh wow I went through the exact same thing

    It's horrifying I completely understand what you're going through

    I managed to drag myself out of that phase but it lasted a few months last year and keeps threatening to come back now and again