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  • Quasar was no longer a crown prince of SunClan -- there was no trace of his former Clan's scent upon his black fur. Instead, he took comfort in smelling like the Shadow Veil and his adopted family, akin to dying embers and burning nightshade. He liked to think himself beyond his past, but he knew his heart still suffered from wounds of the past. That's why he visited his sister in ColouredClan, and that's why his wings took him to the Sanguine Ruins. He heard a rumor on the wind that snatched his imagination and roped around his already wounded heart, subduing his rationality in the process.

    Angeldust was captured. Finally, the traitor that destroyed everything of Quasar's childhood... well, Quasar knew now was probably his best shot for vengeance that he'd ever get. His golden eyes, copies of Suga's yet tainted with the darkness inside him, glowed as he tucked his black wings against his back and gracefully fell the last few feet to the Sanguine Ruin's sands. His paws touched down, legs bending slightly before he stood at full height, spine straight and jaw clenched tight.

    He looked quite the young professional, his posture as perfect as a knight's, but his muscles twitched every so often -- controlling the corruption that wished to overcome him seemed more challenging now than it'd ever been in his life. But control it he would. Thick, golden liquid that ran and smelled like rotten molasses rolled from his eyes and dribbled out of his jaws. His teeth were coated in the strange substance; coated with it and stained with blood. He was no knight; he looked more like a half-mad, arrogant scientist.

    Gazing into the Sanguine Ruin's territory, he lifted his chin as he took a deep, steadying breath; he held no love for this Clan, but he supposed they could redeem themselves to him. After all, he could not fault them for fighting in a war, now that he himself fought like a demon against the Thunderlands with his Clan. But he still could blame Angeldust for ripping everything away from him.

    "I am Quasar Fantasia-Resurgam, duskguard of the Shadow Veil," he called out, formal because he knew he wouldn't be able to control his tongue if he slipped out of decorum. His mind spat and hissed like burning oil the sharpest of insults, but he restrained himself. He was not here to fight the Sanguine Ruins -- he was here for revenge against the traitor. His jaw moved side to side as his head turned, before he continued, "I hear you captured Angledust. If this is true, I want the chance to torture him alongside your members. If you need a reason, he killed my biological parents." He politely left off probably under your leader's orders. Because that part didn't matter.

    The Sanguine Ruins didn't make sense as a target now, not when they could get him what he wanted. Perhaps if his corruption took hold further, his furious wrath towards them would return, but now he cared far more about exacting vengeance against one creature than bothering with them.

  • Ah, Angeldust- or, Cassiel, as Barb had known them. Truth be told, they had never done much for Sanguine Ruins - or been around at all - aside from the tip about Suga. Aside from that, Barb had seen them around the Ruins... three times? Maybe four. Before, she’d thought they jsut kept to themselves, but clearly, they’d been busy with their other clan. Now, although they’d been exiled from both the Ruins and Sunclan, they were residing in Sunclan again. They were probaby sucking off some high position, possibly even the Solar Commander himself- it was the only possible explanation for their being allowed back into the clan.

    Oh, this kid was a fucking mess. Barbara had been nearby, on her usual rounds of the territory, when she heard his voice, swift paws carrying her toward the sound of the Shadow Veilian. After staring at the liquid that dripped from... many orifices for a few moments, she raised her gaze to focus on his, nearly jumping right out of her skin. For the briefest of moments, she saw him, that vampiric bastard she had spent so long trying to kill. It hadn’t been until, what, last month, that she finally shot that arrow through his back and he had died. It’d been aimed for his daughter, sure, but had anyone doubted he would try to block it?

    The moment passed almost instantly, though in that moment, the Queen’s paw had shot to wrap around her dagger. That son of a bitch wasn’t coming back- never. However, as her heartrate slowed, her vision returned to normal, her senses calming down as the scent of the Shadow Veil flooded her nose. Suga was gone, and he wasn’t coming back. “Oh,” Barb uttered, playing it off without a single care as she placed her paw back on the ground and listened to what Quasar had to say. Torture Angeldust? How did he even know they were here? She figured it was best not to mention, only saying with a shrug, “I don’t care. It’s up to Bucky- the guy that captured them.” It was none of her business what Bucky did with his prisoner. “Barbara Fawkes, by the way,” she added, sure he’d be able to identify her by name.





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  • traitor.

    it tasted venomous upon tongue which curled cruelly at syllables clashing upon honeycomb, horrendous despite familiarity which now haunted phrase like that of past ghosts; ever present and never leaving. angeldust, cassiel, was one who held no loyalty which caused hatred to flourish within other being's chest- chocking and cruel and utterly controlling as it overflowed one's senses. there was no telling what a being would do when under loathing's dangerous influence, something in which hypokrisis saw glistening in the youth who stood upon corpse lined border's gaze.

    the creature forged from doll's parts and god's ambrosia came forth with regal nature, endearingly hesitant, to stand alongside barabra; simply offering nod of acknowledgment towards the other who carried scent of his birth home within something else. something else- strangely familiar. there is obvious contemplation polluting lovely features at quasar, for the physician swears he knew the other from somewhere but couldn't quite gather it from within tattered mind. perhaps he was just overthinking it, overthinking as per usual.

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    Angeldust, there was barely anyone that Buckingham hated the most, besides Ximen. That two-face, backstabbing traitor; he crossed the line the moment he tortured Bucky alongside Levi. But what honestly surprised him, was that the word that he stole Angeldust was spreading. He thought the matter would stay between the two enemy clans, and not make it's way to an ally. The maine coon silently padded in, ears pricking up with interest when Quaser began to speak up. They were requesting if they could torture Angeldust alongside Buck, but what really grabbed his attention was the reason. Angeldust killed his parents; Suga and Sarangerel. Though, the kid in front of him didn't address himself as an Arcanium; did they abandon their ties to the family once going to Shadow Veil? He can understand that, even Bucky was once an Arcanium, but he abandoned the name as well.

    The maine coon kept his blue optic gaze locked on the Shaodw Veiler, nose crunching slightly at the smell radiated off of the golden liquid that ran out of Quaser's eyes. "Yes, it's true that I captured Angeldust- I'm Bucky Barnes," The assassin began to speak with a swish of his tail, before falling short for a moment. He was thinking of his decision to make- this could be a good idea. He's been getting his payback on the SunClanner fairly well, and he was sure Angeldust could be put into even more pain from this fellow here. The more pain for Angeldust to remember whenever he thinks of Bucky's name, then the better. "And sure, you can torture him alongside me."

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  • Three came to greet him and his demand -- though he ignored the priest, since the small demon said nothing to him and looked about as threatening as a pincushion. Barbara and Bucky, though, they said some interesting things that made the gears in Quasar's head turn. He was especially surprised at the anger that jumped from his heart to his throat at the appearance of the Ruiner Queen; though, he supposed he hadn't tried to guard his feelings on that matter. He almost expected her not to show, to consider it beneath her to talk about one of their mere prisoners.

    But here she was, and it took a lot of self-control for the prince to keep his gaze neutral as he looked at her. She was so frail compared to his jaguar-kitsune form. It would be so easy to attack her -- but she had backup here, and he did not fancy starting a war with the Sanguine Ruins. Sekhmet would be so disappointed in him. The gold tar-like liquid continued to flow from his maw, now a small puddle in the sand beneath his paws, as he controlled himself.

    Anything he was about to do to the queen, however, was interrupted as Bucky's words stole Quasar's attention. A thin-lipped smile tugged at his lips, pulling them apart until his stained teeth were revealed. "You have my gratitude, Bucky Barnes," the monstrous creature replied, voice smooth and nearly purring. It was this Bucky Barnes that allowed him this glorious opportunity to take his revenge on the traitor that ruined his life. His paws shifted before he walked through the sands, across the Ruiners' border into their territory. Oh, if his father and mother could see him now, consorting with those that tormented their precious SunClan for so long. Quasar wondered if they would approve of his deception for vengeance or condemn him for turning his back on the values of his birthplace. But he supposed it didn't matter; they were dead, and vengeance was for the living, anyway.

    "While I'm here, I will try to stay out of Ruiner business; I am only here for revenge, and I will return to the Shadow Veil when my goal is complete. Is there anything I should be aware of during my... stay here?" he spoke, his golden gaze drifting from each of the three. So far none of them seemed to recognize him as one of Suga's offspring. If they did, they didn't vocalize it or otherwise give signs for him to pick up on. But he supposed it mattered little. If they dared to make the first move against him, he knew his family back in Shadow Veil would not be happy -- Quasar would get out of this place without a scratch on him, regardless if they found out, which was more than he could say for Angeldust.