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  • ・゚ ✦ ° inside my head like adversaries — tags

    The oddly mutated ocelot was known for wanting to stay locked up and enjoy nothing more than her books. After being shooed away for reading, the ocelot bared her teeth as she stomped away. Why couldn’t people just leave her to read? Quite honestly, she didn’t care where she was, and so she plopped down, starting to read a book about history. She let out a yawn, her tail flicking behind her.

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    the empire - watcher of the east - female - 19 months - tags

      It wasn't long before a heavily pregnant Ocelot made her way over to the child, a cold golden gaze focused on the one whom looked so similar to her. A bastard child. How disgraceful of you to do this, Summer. You're married and you're pregnant with your husband's children. What more could you have done?