All the makeup in the world (Clan meeting + helping DarkClan) won't make you less insecure

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  • We've got to hold on, to what we've got — JasperStar — WindClan —

    JasperStar hadn't called a clan meeting in a few moons, since the apprentice ceremonies. Now he had something else important to talk about, and swiftly leapt onto the Tall Rock to speak. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please gather beneath the Tall Rock for a clan meeting." He called, waiting for everyone to gather before he spoke. He wanted the whole clan to hear, he would need their support for this.

    "LilyStar of DarkClan came to our border this morning, asking for our help. BloodClan has taken over their territory, and I have agreed to send some warriors to help. I will be part of the patrol, and I hope that many of you will join me. Four cats at least, and I would prefer apprentices stay in camp, though if you really want to you may come."

    JasperStar knew this was short noticed and rather alarming, but he had faith that some of his clan mates would come forwards. He didn't want to force any to go who didn't want to, as he hadn't exactly asked them of their opinion before accepting LilyStar's offer. "In return for us helping DarkClan, Lilystar has agreed to give us some of their land to hunt on. This is generous of her, and I expect my warriors and apprentices to only take the prey we need from the area LilyStar chooses. Who will come with me to help chase BloodClan back to their fowl city?"

    JasperStar| Male| 37 Moons| Windclan| Leader| Bisexual| Brother of deceased Ferret| Best ability: Deep thinker, realist, slightly ADHD| Extrovert, thrives in crowds| Worst quality: Has a hatred for BloodClan, though currently they are allied| PM for capture, major injuries, or possible death|

    Lives: 6/9

    Played by Jadefeather12

  • Turtlebite may have her pregnancy to worry about, but she knew it was still in the early stages and the risk of injury to her unborn children was minimal. So, drawing forward to join her leader, the calico nodded. "I'll be coming with," she vocalized decisively, waiting for Jasperstar's call to battle. DarkClan needed help and any cat would do at this point, including herself.


    —— roleplayed by amy | tags | she said boy tell me honestly ・゚✦


  • Honeyflower opened her jaw to volunteer herself, but Turtlebite beat her. At her words, the cream she-cat narrowed her cold gray eyes and gave Turtlebite a bewildered look. "I'll come too, Jasperstar.." she nodded, casting her glance back up at him again. Her tail lashed a bit irritably that a pregnant cat would volunteer herself for a fight! Perhaps Honeyflower couldn't necessarily blame her, her paws were probably itching to get out of camp and back to normal warrior life.

  • Tempestpaw's fighting sucked, so she obviously assumed her going would be more trouble than it was worth. Besides, she was sure Jasperstar only meant the older apprentices could come if they wanted -- the ones old enough to be warriors, but who lacked mentors or had some other circumstance to prevent their promotion. So, the calico just nodded to show her understanding but said nothing.