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  • Fenrisulfr eyed the sands of his new home and their endless stretching for miles around - the endless sea of dunes broken only by the outline of the temples and the swath trail of red from the blood Nile like a vicious wound cut through the endless flesh of the desert, fitting really for such a brutal clan to have a home that mirrored it.

    The firstborn of the litter snorted, the pup rising to his feet and trotting away back into the shadow of the temples behind him as the midday sun made its slow decline from the sky - the stark ginger-black of the young direhound visible against the backdrop of cream yellow or white terrain.

    The ruins were to be his permenantly home now, blizzardclann his second allegiance - but who knew where the future went, either way the young pup had yet to meet the myriad others that lived here - oh he knew the figure of his father but otherwise they were all strangers to him - strangers he was supposed to consider comrades and the like, but the pup didn't think that would happen overnight - Fenris was a suspicious child, rather wary of strangers and those outside his small circle, preferring to shadow his parents or stick with his siblings.

    The direhound stopped near the base area of a temple, sitting down in the shade provided and simply watching everything, cool blue eyes inscrutable.




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  • Oh god, who let their kid off its leash? By now, it was well known that Barb pretty much hated all kids - aside from her own, but half of them were dead anyway, so what did it matter? -, and seeing them around usually meant there was gonna be a lot more noise around the clan. At this point in her life, Barbara could really use less annoyances- everything seemed to be pissing her off lately, and that was hardly an exaggeration. The canine before her was clearly young, only a few months old at the most; shouldn't he be with his mom, or something? Sure, she used to let her own kids wander around all the time, but they weren't little shits. At least this one wasn't talking to her yet.

    The Queen, having been nearby, approached Fen from the side, light on her paws as she walked alongside the pyramid. "Hey, kid," she began, lean muscles rippling slightly beneath her scarred hide. Her azure gaze flickered over his small form, a soft hum of judgement sounding in her throat. "Where're your parents?"




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  • Croc wasn’t a fan of kids either, really. Didn’t care for them, simply. He saw all people the same, and cared merely for his own survival in this world where people wanted to use him as their own immortal pincoushin. How disgusting. Yawning widely as he glimpsed towards the beating sunraus, the crocodile-tailed canid padded over, reptilian appendage trailing through golden sand. ”Hey, name’s Crocodiletears. Call me Croc for short, if you wish,” The ajin uttered, offering a polite smile and nothing more. He wasn’t really in the mood to talk, he supposed.


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  • a land where crimson stained borders were lined by corpses of rotting flesh and thinning bone was one which lovely children ever pure did not meld within's grotesque setting. for not too long ago, the physician himself had been but a little boy with wide; star dipped eyes ever trusting upon unsteady legs as he stood horrendously lost amongst the carnage as tears fell passed lovely cheek bones like sorrow as his heart longed for the father he could not find. and hypokrisis was not the sole example of such oddity. there was that of huff, one child who rivaled the sun's merciless bright nature and jonah who caused all who looked upon developing form's lips to upturn into contagious smiles. it was rather beautiful, how blood clan attracted such contradictions.

    "People watching?," came sickly-sweet tone of temptation as the creature ivory gold came forward. he held a smile that was tinted within tragedy and that, despite efforts, seemed more sad than happy. as for the matter of the peculiar boy's parents- he was in camp, so as long as he didn't start ill-fated fights or injure himself somehow hypokrisis saw no issue within his being by his lonesome.


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  • strange how suddenly his long solitude was broken by three different people, all of whom he had no names to place and didn't know.

    Fenrisulfr's icy gaze found Barbara, the young pup slightly unsettling in his strange quiet manner compar to what most would expect of a child "my mother is in blizzardclann, my father is around here somewhere" usually he shadowed them in either clan he was in, or stuck with his siblings but it seemed today had found him alone, he blinked briefly "my name is fenrisulfr" he added, for simplicity's sake.

    Then another came up, one whose name seemed to fit his appearance, Fenris simply tilted his head in acknowledgment of his statement, he hadn't said anything more - likely Croc didn't want to and that was fine to the young direhound, he didn't much want to either.

    The last to find him was a strange one, seemingly ivory temptation made flesh if one were to describe it with a sweet toned voice that seemed almost patronising to his ears in such a tone - Fenris simply blinked at him frowning slightly "I suppose" he hadn't really - he'd been more waiting for the time to go by and his father to likely stumble upon him but he hadn't yet it seemed, he had little to do but admire the territory when it seemed no one was about - strange that the quiet was so suddenly broken.




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  • In some way, Dantalion had once been a child. However he has never had the appearance of a youth and he suspects he never will, though like Fenris his life once begun and that had been his "childhood" of sorts, although that quickly devolved into something he will never mention, think about, or speak of ever again for fear of bringing up more unwanted memories. He is essentially ageless, made to last as long as the universe and life did, though if he really wants to be a child like that there's nothing stopping him from finding a body and acting like it. He'll never change inside, though, always destined to be the same old "salty" Duke Dantalion, no matter the front he puts on. Dante approaches with a look one could almost describe as lethargic, obviously not in the greatest state due to his recent run-in with holy water, insides still burning like hot coals as he moved. The pain has been dulled to something bearable, though it isn't medicine that will cure the sensation but just time. He grunts inaudibly as he sits among his clanmates, a soft greeting of "Hello," leaving his mouth. The inky doberman takes his time inspecting Fenrisulfr, rather intrigued by the direhound's appearance but, true to his nature, choosing to keep his thoughts to himself, instead a flat introduction falling from his lips. "I am Dantalion." The child is strange, quieter than the ones he's previously encountered, differing from shy or mute but similar to that of a businessman - the comparison makes the corners of Dante's lips quirk upward, curt laughter threatening to bubble in his chest at the thought.



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    "Right here Babs." Mused the voice of Reindeergames as he trotted over, eyes glittering in the suns firey light. His paws were light as they crossed over the sand, long ago used to the blistering heat it stored within every grain. He could quite easily say that he loved this place. Why exactly? Because it was home. The blood and the bodies and the heat was all he knew, and all he needed to know. "Are you okay Fenrisulfr? Do you need anything?" The macabre cat sniffed over his son cautiously. He didn’t seem hurt or distressed. That was good, right? Twelve months ago Rein thought he had everything figured out, that he was doing okay in life. Then Mazikeen announced she was pregnant with his kids. His children, and his whole world was turned upside down. Three months ago, those children came into the world. Small, frail, but strong. But still he was lost. Reindeergames had no idea how to be a father, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying. He wanted to be like his own, like Jace and show his children how to live in a world that wants you dead.

  • another comes to introduce himself and Fenris can only be somewhat grateful that at least he can place names to faces now - it will save trouble later than yelling 'hey you' across the burning sands if he required assistance of some kind.

    I've blue eyes blinked, head inclined, long ears flickering and with a nod to the inkwell Doberman - of which there seemed to be an undercurrent of amusement coming from "Fenris" he replied, reaffirming his name.

    Perhaps it was odd that the young direhound acted less like a child and more like a businessman or someone much older - but then there was a strange echo to his steps, a familiar feeling and a familiar dual sense he hadn't yet made anything out of - time would tell however.

    Long fiery ears flicked and the pup's attention was immediately drawn to the familiar voice of his father, some life coming to his frame as Dad checked him over, the young direhound shaking his head "no just idling" the pup blinked, gaze moving around all the faces - quite crowded suddenly as he shifted to his feet, dual allying could be taxing considering the journeys to and fro but it made it worth it to stay in contact with his family either way - that and the strangers he sensed a weird familiarity with.

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