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  • This seemed to be long overdue. Dantalion had met most of his clanmates by now, and found meet and greets rather tedious, but it was best he got it over with now rather than have to constantly reintroduce himself to them. New members he had no qualms with, but this would be one of few chances for them to "get to know him", if only a tad. He'd let them ask questions, as well, if they so desired - he had very few boundaries, so he supposed whatever was thrown his way he would answer truthfully. It wasn't as though he particularly cared what his clanmates thought of him as well, and he expected the feeling to be mutual. They were not necessarily important to him, just as he was sure he wasn't important to them. "If you'd like to come and take part in a meet and greet, come over here," the demon offered half-assedly, settled almost comfortably in a little divet in the sand. "Feel free to ask me questions as well, if you really want to."


  • The ajin figured there was no harm in interacting with his own clanmates. After all, his ultimate goal was to get to know them, to gain their trust in the clan ranks. He felt he’d proven himself trustworthy to a certain degree, although that really all depended on how others saw him, and if they saw him as a dependable sort. With a wide yawn, the immortal creature padded over, reptilian tail dragging behind him. Curvy trails dug into the sand showed his route. ”Hello — Dantalion, is it?” The wolf uttered, a smile lacing his ebony lips. Pausing for a moment to take a seat, he would add, ”In case we haven’t formally met, I’m Crocodiletears. Croc for short.” 


    run away, as if it’s all a lie—

    crocodiletears — sanguine ruins — third tier — played by meese

  • The first and seemingly only one to approach is Crocodiletears, a creature that Dantalion has grouped in among the interesting bundle of mutants he's seen over the months. He knows he's seen worse monsters, things that far outweigh the second tier and those others in terms of mutations, induction of fear, anything else, but he's still utterly fascinated by them despite this. He offers the male a nod, not a smile in return, and replies, "It is. You may call me Dante, if you really want." He's not really one for nicknames, finds them rather... pointless, but he's noticed a few around have taken to calling him Dante rather than his full name. It's actually rather funny, to be addressed so informally, but he doesn't make a fuss of it. "It's nice to formally meet you, then, Crocodiletears."


  • hypokrisis knew of this creature, dantalion in which as seemingly burst forth from home of brimstone and avarice tinted flames to sit upon the mortal plain. he seemed to be a rather unique being, one who held intrigue yet detachment when it came to the world in which surrounded him- sentiments in which the healer of ivory and gold could understand in utmost. "Dantalion suits you better," hypokrisis came forward, a smile ever tinted within tragedy as parsley lips upturned. hypokrisis, with a name like his own, knew of the matter of aliases. the butchering of his name was one utterly common and one he didn't mind in the least- save for one. hypo, kris, these were all fine, but it if one dare spoke izzy towards physician they would gather no reply- solely that of a cruel stare which didn't suit hypokrisis' sweet features within the least. "Have you ever read Dante's Divine Comedy?"

  • Dantalion suits you better. A soft huff of what can be assumed to be laughter leaves his lips, and the doberman nods to Hypokrisis in silent agreement. He prefers his full name and title, however he feels that being referred to as "Duke Dantalion" in this world holds no weight as it would in Hell, not to mention he's got a hunch his clanmates would take him less seriously if he made such a demand. Dantalion it is. He's sure there's got to be worse alternatives these heathens can come up with, but he doesn't want to inquire for fear that they'll come up with a ridiculous nickname that sticks, somehow. Upon hearing the physician's next question, he really does laugh. Divina Commedia — a work that he's deemed to be nothing but some exiled asshole's hallucinations. "Yes, I have," he says with a soft snort. He doesn't quite care for the philosophy that one has to walk through hell to get to heaven, though he realizes he's got a bit of a grudge against both realms, one for being a boring world of which he's essentially stuck at the bottom of the food chain, the other for having taken him by the scruff and tossing him and a mass of other rebel angels out like trash. "It's, ahem, not exactly to my tastes."


  • ”What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?” Barbara questioned as she trotted over, coming in with the real questions. She didn’t care about his hobbies or whether or not he had read whatever Hypo was talking about; she was more curious about the actual interesting things in his life, things that could actually entertain her and distract her from the work she was going to have to do later. She halted beside Croc, azure gaze fixed on Dante’s features as she patiently awaited a response. Something told her he had some interesting stories, so this was definitely going to be good. This was considered good, too, right, to learn stuff about your clanmates? She thought so, and Dante was one of the few people she could tolerate, though she still hadn’t forgiven him for the whole water-wall thing.