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  • life is hell, but so is dying!

    frightfur seraphim muzikant / whitecoat of colouredclan & lieutenant of the rift / genderfluid + female serval body / tags 

    *:・゚✦ So I might be going a trip soon in the next few days-ish and will have limited internet access. Therefore, I might try to do some pixel art while I’m offline. My muse for drawing fluctuates so much I have no idea if you’ll end up with an icon, headshot, bust, chibi fullbody etc. so these will certainly vary!

    However, I might try drawing some characters from the Rift so feel free to put down any refs/descriptions of your characters below~



    TAGS |  | #biteME | white serval/spirit




    ;))) Want to draw this girl here? Her left eye is now missing and she needs a lil art update anyways.

    She's a black and white feline with dark green eyes. Here are some references! x x x x x Obviously these are old since she lost her left eye, but they should do for the rest of her appearance.

    tags + roleplayed by star + template © star

    female | current admiral of the rift | tags 

  • *:・゚✦ GARETH

    —— I lost myself on a cool damp night | tags *:・゚✦

    m m m maybe Gareth?

    Appearance taken from tags rip

    except when soft rains fall —

    flame regent + sunclan + he/him + tired dumbass


    oof couldya do frost?

    she's a fluffy arctic fox w light blue eyes, one blind/cloudy eye, feathery wings, and sabretooth fangs \

    she's also kinda glowy too

  • Pssh I plan to get to these tomorrow when I'm offline. I just need some short quotes that fit your characters since I plan on doing some of these type of pixels:

    Also pls mention if you want any specific expression and if you want any more animation than just the head and note bounce and I'll give it a try! Thxs!



    Dang. Those are amazing.

    Perhaps you could do 'She's a killer queen' or something in that category. It's her brutish female stuff bro.

    Any expression is fine!

    tags + roleplayed by star + template © star

    female | current admiral of the rift | tags