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  • Sorry this is a lil' late! Thanks for the votes guys!


    Favorite Overall Character: ahhhnuhhhhfhfhdhshah Fragilepast

    Favorite S/HP Character:  Sutekh F.R.

    Favorite Non-HP Character: pffft everyone

    Favorite Female Character:  Molina

    Favorite Male Character:  Fragilepast

    Favorite NB Character:

    Favorite Newcomer:  LILY.  su cute

    Favorite Oldie:  Fragilepast

    Most Original Character:  QUASAR

    Best Developed Character:  SEKHMET -

    Favorite Crack Ship: Frag x Deustchland

    Favorite Canon Ship: Frag x Sukhmet

    Favorite Friendship: Molina and Quasar

    Ship Most Likely to Sink: Polyhtia and Quasar

    Ship Most Likely to Happen Next: Molina x Quasar

    Clan Parents: Frag and Sek duh

    Funniest Character:  Sutekh F.R.

    Grumpiest Character:  Fragilepast

    Friendliest Character:  Molina

    Sassiest Character: @'Sutekh F.R.

    Most Attractive Character:

    Kinkiest Character:

    Looks Like a Cinnamon Roll but Could Actually Kill You: Oof QUASAR ??

    Looks Like They Could Kill You but is Actually a Cinnamon Roll:  KEBECHET R.F.

    Looks Like They Could Kill You and Could Actually Kill You:  SLEEPWALKER

    Looks Like a Cinnamon Roll and is Actually a Cinnamon Roll:  SHU.

    Sinnamon Roll:

    Resident Edgelord:

    Most Eligible Bachelor/ette:  BLACKTIDE

    Most Likely to Become Leader:  Fragilepast

    Most Likely to Be Crowned Prom Queen/King:  Molina

    Most Likely to Prove That Looks Can Kill:  Fragilepast

    Most Likely to Run From a Spider:  Molina

    Most Likely to Have Filled Said Room With Spiders:  QUASAR

    Most Likely to be The One Character in a Musical That Refuses to Sing:  SEKHMET -

    Most Likely to Start a Cult:  SLEEPWALKER tbh

    Most Likely to Join a Cult:  Fragilepast just for the experience

    Most Likely to Stay Single Forever:  steve !

    Most Likely to Kill Someone with Kindness:  Molina

    Most Likely to Actually Kill Someone:  Fragilepast

    Most Likely to Start a Plague:  Yuri Muzikant


    ugghhh this is always the hardest part for moi

    Best Plot Writer:

    Funniest Roleplayer:

    Friendliest Roleplayer:


    Angstiest Roleplayer:

    Most Active Roleplayer:

    Most Helpful Roleplayer:

    Most Museful Roleplayer:

    *:・゚✦ She's beauty She's grace

    She'll shoot you in the face *:・゚✦

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