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  • "I dunno....she either really wants to sleep or is trying to get attention" Anna shrugs. Not exactly like a past Livia action but said nothing to it.

    Sam hums to the beat he clicks the buttons

    Waiting by an open
    I'll fool myself he'll walk right in

  • "Maybe... But she does look exhausted. I'd leave her alone to get some rest. She really had been working too hard." he shrugged and smiled as he cleans up. "and babe, I'm too busy worrying about you to worry bout anything else."

  • Tae chuckled and picked her up into his arms. "Hm? What did you sya my love?" he raised a brow playfully. "You want my love, hn?"

    ((Shall we skip to the next day?))

  • Livia woke up earlier the next morning and took a shower, before walking back out chnaged and feeling a little better. She had curled her hair and decided to wear a little bit of make up. Then she made her way downstairs and took Rico before pacing for the door. She was out before anyone had seen her (at least thats what she thought.)

    Tae rolled over in his sleep still cuddled up to Anna. He kissed her happily in greeting. "Morning babes... wakey wakey..."

  • Sam was still asleep until hearing Liv stirr and got up to hopefully catch her but she was out the door. Giving a heavy sigh he heads to the living room for a nap

    Anna opens her eyes, scrunching her nose "I'm awake" she giggles

    Waiting by an open
    I'll fool myself he'll walk right in

  • Livia was back eithin the next 10 minutes. She had already had brekafast and was making her way back when she saw the house looming up and started to feel anxious. What if she saw asam? She opened thr door amd her fears hit her like a ton of bricks.

    Tae chuckled kissing her cheek as he rolls back over na dgets up to look for awill.

  • Will was in his room alseep in his toddler bed

    Anna groans closing ehr eyes again to sleep more

    Sam was sound asleep on the couch, all curled up

    Waiting by an open
    I'll fool myself he'll walk right in

  • Livia bit her lip anxiously makimg her way back jn and gently stroking his hair a little before just getting herself a drink thrn curling up on the other spare sofa and taking a nap.

    Tae wemt to go and feed Will some formula milk before he went downstairs to cook breakfast.

  • Sam moves feeling her touch then woke after a short while and smiles seeing her taking a nap on the spare. He sits up yawning as he stretches out

    Anna laid sound asleep again

    "mama" Will spoke

    Waiting by an open
    I'll fool myself he'll walk right in

  • Livia moves in her sleep waking up now, she loooed up and stretched out seeing him. She blushed a little. "Hey." She hoped her make up wasnt smudged and hair wasnt a mess.

    Tae woke Anna up again saying Will wsnted her before he went to make breakfast.

  • Livia raised her broke curiously a smile on her face now. "Mornig....hey what's so funny? I dont look a mess.... Do I?"

    Take groaned just huffing as he took Will downstairs and cooked. He passed the baby over to Sam on the way over