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  • I'LL MAKE YOU PROUD — jonah b. sanguine ruins — gold. retriever — he/him  tags

    Usually the boy had something to do. Normally he'd play with his frisbee or practiced hunting to impress Bucky or even just talked to others. But for some reason Jonah really wasn't feeling it today, and he was bored. More bored than he had ever been in his entire life. Perhaps it was because all the excitement that came from the many joiners had begun to fade away, and now he had nothing to do. Forcing himself to stop lazying around his room and find something to do, the retriever padded outside, welcoming the hot sun as it shone upon his thick fur coat. Not knowing exactly where to begin, Jonah just started to walk, taking off in no direction in particular. He supposed that he would find something interesting around the territory that would catch his attention, and sure enough he did. It hadn't taken long - only a few minutes before the canine came upon a rock. It wasn't the rock that filled his mind with curiosity though, no. An odd creature, a large black colored scorpion to be exact, hid itself behind the rock, making Jonah begin to feel ecstatic. He had never seen a creature like it before! "Whoa, that's docious magocious!" He then extended out a single paw towards the scorpion, having not been able to resist touching it. Then, all the sudden, the scorpion quickly clutched onto his paw and he felt a shot of pain surge through his arm. Wailing out, Jonah instantly pulled back and shook the creature off him, falling back to the ground rather dramatically. "H-hey, that hurt!" He yelled at the scorpion while watching it scurry away into a hole in the sand. His arm continued to throb in pain as he laid there, trying his best not to let tears form in his eyes, though he clearly seemed to be failing at that as a single drop rolled down his cheek.

    / poor jonah bby

    don't worry tho the sting wasn't poisonous

    he'll be fine haha


    sanguine ruins // second tier (shp) // tags // art dump // penned by kicksie

  • Hearing the sharp voice of Jonah, the black and white badger lumbered up as quickly as they could. Whew that was a lot of work, and they felt themself breathing heavily. "What happened?" They asked worriedly, their eyes wide open as they looked from the canine to the small animal skittering away. "Is Jonah okay? Can Huff help?" The ten month old animal asked, their tiny and beady eyes wide with worry for the animal they considered to be a friend.



  • ”Scorpions can be venemous,” Croc mused out loud with a neutral expression, glancing at the young male that had been stung. He didn’t know much about scorpions, only that some carried poison in those little stongers of theirs — but he felt Jonah would be fine. ”I’ll get a medic, just stay calm,” He added, smiling softly. Internally he didn’t really care for the clanmate, much less anybody. He was a self-preserving type of guy. People were always hunting him down for his immortality, and whatever pain he’d experience overpowered a little bug sting by tenfold. He briskly trotted off in search of the doctor — Hypokrosis, wasn’t that their name? — and would leave Huff to perhaps keep Jonah company as he sought to find somebody to treat him.


    run away, as if it’s all a lie—

    crocodiletears — sanguine ruins — third tier — played by meese

  • "Shit, kid," Barbara uttered as she arrived, shaking her head. How had he managed to piss off a scorpion? The little shits were pretty aggressive, sure, but Jonah was a dog - a big one -, so she figured he could have easily avoided it. The tabby took note of the tears on his face, suppressing a roll of her eyes. He was definitely over six months old now, which was... concerning for the Ruins' future. "How'd you manage this?" She'd have to ask Bucky to teach him a bit more about this place if this was how he handled things.



  • Celeste was anything but impressed. Were all kids this dumb? Deep down, past her blank exterior, it was annoying the hell out of her. It must have taken some next level cluelessness to get stuck in this situation. In her opinion, if the kid was going to play with the venomous pests that resided around here, he needed to learn the consequences without any coddling. Having a bunch of people cry and run around in a panic? Pointless in her opinion. But Celeste would remain stoic on the outside, completely blank and unreadable as she padded over, her scarlet gaze flickering to Jonas. "How unfortunate." Was all she would say on the matter, her tone distant and lacking of sympathy.

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     at least that's what we heard in a song.

    tags | plot with celeste | RPed by Tapioca

  • out of the variety of clanmates, including those in which found themselves within scuffles upon borders who bled ribbons from broken flesh, the delicate creature of ivory and gold defiantly found jonah was perhaps the most accident prone amongst the land of thinning bone and rotting flesh. the healer found pawsteps swift and herbs within mouth as he came forward upon the scene examining sting with utmost caution. "It's not poisonous, the pincers left too large a puncture- venomous scorpions have smaller, less developed pincers," hypokrisis tongue of honeycomb soothed. he created a comfrey root poultice, swift as herbs were chewed and mashed and placed upon injury. "That should help the swelling go down, until then I'd prefer you to stay off of it," star dipped gaze looked to this gathered, "Would anyone mind helping me bring him back to camp?"

  • Jonah lifted a paw up toward his cheek to wipe off a couple tears as they rolled down from his eyes, and found himself glancing over at Huff and Croc as they approached him. "I don't know, but it h-hurts," he whimpered in response to Huff's inquiry. Then, all the sudden the boy's eyes widened with fear as Croc pointed out that scorpions could be venemous. Oh no... was he going to die?? Jonah did his best to stay calm as ordered, but how could he possibly be expected to remain calm after being told that he might have venom running through his veins? This was perhaps even worse than the blood nile incident, with how the poor pup was internally panicking. Then Barbara came by, and well, she wasn't much help. Neither was Celeste. Did nobody understand that he could potentially die? "Oh er- I just t-touched it... I didn't k-know that it could do that," he'd say to Barb, on the brink of tears once again, but he managed to hold it all back as he spotted Hypokrisis coming his way, and fortunately brought good news with him. So it wasn't poisonous? Sighing in relief, Jonah would softly say, "Oh, thank goodness!" After having allowed the healer to apply the necessary herbs to his wound, the boy would then glance back up at him again, frowning slightly. He had to stay off it? "So I can't play frisbee or train with Bucky?" That was a rather sad loss for the apprentice, and he could only hope that he wouldn't have to stay off his paw for too long.


    sanguine ruins // second tier (shp) // tags // art dump // penned by kicksie