A Scar Is Not a Wound (pafp, human needed) So It Shouldn't Be Treated As Such

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    A few months ago, a popular racing stable burnt to the ground, a most of their most prized animals dying. Only a few remained, but one mare, probably the most promising of the bunch, was deeply scarred, both mentally and physically. She had to kick her way out of her stall to escape the raging fire, now she refuses to go into any small area. She was sold after a few trainers tried to work with her to no avail. She has now come into the hands of an old man who owns a refuge for helping scared horses. His grandchild, about 16, sees the horse and knows that they can help her. You will be the child.

  • Cova was scared. The sound of metal on metal was annoying to her sensitive ears. Her mind was fogged with drugs, so she didn't even fight the person who came to unload her. She hung her head and walked out, and was greeted by an older man, a young woman, and the old woman she recognized as her previous owner. She just realized that the person leading her was her trainer for when she was going to be a racer. She blinked at the young woman, her brown eyes dull and fogged.

  • Tana quietly observed the spotted mare as she hazily exited the trailer and stood behind her grandfather. A smile slowly creeped onto her face as she saw Cova’s long and powerful legs and strong torso. Her grandfather gently pushed the girl forward telling her to lead the horse. Following his orders she gently took ahold of the corse lead and whispered gently mare’s ear looking into her deep brown eyes.

    “It’s okay, everything’s going to be fine here”

  • Cova stepped back a step when the young girl stepped forward. She was too drugged to move any faster. Her brown eyes found the girl's and she relaxed the tiniest bit, but hindquarters were still trembling lightly. Cova felt the lead change hands and she whipped her head around to see her former trainer backing away from her. She put her nose against the girl's chest, trying to communicate that the girl had her permission to lead her.

  • As Cova looked into Tanna’s brown eyes she saw the flecks of gold scattered in her eyes. Smiling when the mare put her nose against her and looked back at her grandfather, thanking him for the gift. The girl slowly lead Cova being sure not to make any false moments. After maybe a minut of walk they arrived to a medium sized barn and Tana whispered in her horse’s ear.

    “All for you”

  • Cova followed the girl cautiously, but when they reached the door to the barn, she stopped. This barn was so similar to the barn she'd been in before. Flashbacks of burning, fear, the sounds of dying horses all came to her and ahe dug her hooves in, refusing to go farther.

    (What does the barn look like on the inside? Like this?)


  • (ya, but with a place to drink water and stuff in the corner, and has an extension with all her tack and extra food, Tanna also has a bed in the corner in case she needs to sleep with Cova)

    Tanna felt the horse stop and gently pulled on the lead,

    “Come on, its all fine” she said stroking the horse. The girl opened the large door to the barn letting Cova admire how spacious it is.

    “Nothing will happen to you here, trust me”

  • Cova stood still, her gray roan skin trembling softly before she carefully entered, eyes moving back and forth quickly. She carefully stepped forward, and then she entered. Her black hooves made indents into the sand, and her ears were trained on Tanna. She still shook.

  • The girl slowly led the horse into the large barn gently humming, the sound echoing in the empty space. Once they has arrived near the center of the area Tanna stopped and took of the horse's lead, stroking the side of her face with her palm.

  • Coca tossed up her head as soon as her lead was taken off. Her eyes brightened, and felt energy surge through her. It was like she'd woken up. She stepped away from the girl and trotted to the edge of the barn and moved to a canter as she made laps around the girl, completely ignoring the open barn door. After about 4 laps, she galloped towards the girl, coming to a beautiful sliding stop about 5 feet in front of her, not even sweating.

  • Tanna’s radiant chocolate brown eyes observed the majestic mare as she cantered around the barn, a soft smile forming on her lips. As Cova come towards her she reached out towards her stoking the side of her neck.

    “You seem full of energy don’t you, wanna have some fun, what do you say?”

  • Cova blew air at the girl and tossed up her head. She moved her ears back when the old man shut the barn, the hinges squeaking loudly. The old man spoke to the girl in a strange language, but really he just spoke with an accent. "Picked her up for waayyy less she's worth it appears."

  • "I know, isn't she beautiful grandpa, and she runs like the wind." Tanna said happily, turning her gaze from Cova to her grandpa.

    "Can I take her out for a ride, pretty please!" the young girl pleaded the old man putting on a infant like point on her face. She turned towards the mare and smiled.

    "Were going to have a lot of fun aren't we"

  • Her grandpa traced his beard, her brown eyes amused. "Perhaps, but I doubt she's ever been risen that way. She was raised in a racing stable. They trained her to wear a bridle, an English saddle, and to run as fast as her legs would carry her." Her grandpa warned, holding up a finger.

    Cova stood still, enjoying the feeling of Tanna's hands running across her blue and gray fur. She closed her eyes, unaware of the decision being made.