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    There were so many new joiners lately, Jonah was having a hard time keeping track of them all. He just wanted to meet everyone, and so what better way to do that than to host a mass meet and greet here in the center of camp? That was exactly where the boy stood, right near the largest pyramid with a massive grin brightening up his expression and showing off his excitement. "Hey, everyone! Gather around for a mass meet and greet!" The little golden retriever shouted out, his friendly voice filled with excitement as he did not hesitate to catch the attention of everyone he possibly could. With his tail wagging, he then proceeded to speak, making sure to give his own introduction before everyone else was gathered to share things about themselves. "Alright, so just introduce yourself and share at least three random facts! I'll go first - my name is Jonah and I'm a former third tier here. I love to play frisbee and I'm being trained by Bucky!" He exclaimed before seating himself down, hoping to see many show up to his little gathering - especially those which were newer to the group. He could only hope that this would make them feel more welcomed and comfortable, too! Trying to get joiners to stay for a while wasn't always easy, but the apprentice was always willing to help out in whatever sort of ways he possibly could.

    // Making this OOC too so hiiii! I'm Kicksie! I've been on ff for around 4 years now and I am a former mod. Jonah is actually the first character I have ever placed in BloodClan/Sanguine Ruins and I've been playing him for 3 months now. The other two characters I currently play are Ivylee (ex leader of RiverClan who is currently in BlizzardClan) and Andi (who is in SunClan). I normally don't play in anticlans but I love it here okay lol xD some random facts about me are that I have a Jack Russell Terrier puppy named Lou, I am obsessed with Andi Mack (if you couldn't already tell aaa), my favorite color is light blue, my favorite animal is a tiger, I love soft things a little too much, I can only seem to play cute characters that just want to be happy, and I'm just trying to survive my last year of high school. I'm so excited to be getting back into roleplaying and can't wait to get to know y'all better! If you ever wanna plot, or chat, or see pictures of my pup just hit me up! I love to talk with pretty much everyone <33


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  • Oh, a meet and greet? God knew Stolenkisses needed one of those, so the calico ambled over (though the grin on her face was much more energized than her pace) and gave Jonah a wave of her tail and a flick of her ear in greeting. He seemed like a sweet kid, based on their one interaction, but admittedly she didn't know the 'Bucky' he mentioned. It was obvious that whoever the name belonged to was either a pussy or a badass, though, since nobody else could pull off something that sounded that, to put it gently, odd.

    "My name is Stolenkisses Darling. Uh... my parents are Constellationdreamer and Radiantmemories, who were both leaders of Shadowclan, but not at the same time, and I'm really into herbalism!" Stolen offered, not meek in the slightest- she actually sounded rather proud, but gave a soft snort at her own allusion. Hah, herbalism. Sure, she had stores of actual medicine and aesthetic plants, but the other stuff was more 'recreational' than anything. The thought made her grin.

    //Hi!! My name is Lil, or Babes, or Maddi! I'm a Pisces, and born in the year of the snake (I've never been into astrology but I pride myself on knowing everything about myself, like that, for instance). I've been on WCRPG/FF since May of 2012 on various accounts, and also spent some time on Xanje before coming back here. I own two ball pythons- the albino is named Salem, while my butterball is named Elora. I also have a toy schnauzer named Schatzie, and an Aussiedoodle named Abigail! I'm in my junior year of high school and spend much of my free time composing music, studying genetics, and writing. I've never played a pro-clanner on here for more than three days, ever, in my life. I roleplay almost exclusively from my phone. As of right now, I play Viera Swarovski, the leader of the Empire, Rosalie, the commander of espionage in the Exiles, Stolenkisses (who I've had since 2014), and Kebechet. It's nice to meet everyone!



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  • Well, well. Diego felt he hadn't seen the cheerful Jonah since he had joined the Sanguine Ruins. The golden Savannah didn't really care though. In his short time here, he had seen alot of different members and already he had lost count of how many roamed the clan. Hearing the golden retriever's announcement, the Spanish feline came galloping over. His long legs nimbly darting around obstacles and clearing the short foliage that he was too lazy to move out of the way for. Being the second to arrive, the Savannah gave Stolenkisses a short nod. He swiped his tongue over his lips. "My turn, I suppose?" Diego meowed, holding back a loud, tiredsome yawn. "I'm Diego Briste-Vox." The Savannah went on. Diego had no intentions of staying in the Ruins for long but so long as he was here, he supposed he could entertain the idea. "I'm Spanish, born and raised in Spain hence the accent if ya didn't notice. I love to travel as well as studying geography." Diego's voice trailed on as he thought carefully about his next words. There was no point in mentioning his more personal affairs and facts. "Oh! And I hate water. You'll never see me swimming for fun." He was going to add no one should get any funny ideas knowing that but he bit his tongue. Just barely.

    ooc: Hihi everyone! I'm Yiisoo but you can call me Yii! I'm a community engineer and feline geneticist here on FeralFront. I never actually played in an anti-clan before so I'm really looking forward to getting involved in one and getting to know everyone here! I've been on FeralFront since 2013, probably a little bit longer but my first account was deleted and I lost the link to my first ever roleplay. ^^ I have four pets, five if you consider fish as a pet. Botan, my pit-bull/german shepherd mix. Skye, a border collie. Cody and Angel, my two cats and a old Glo-Fish that doesn't have a name. I'm a senior in high school and planning to attend college this fall. My goal is to become a veterinarian. Go animal doctors! <3 I lOOOVE playing video games and if I suddenly disappear or become lazy, it's probably because Xbox has me. My all-time favorite games are Assassin's Creed and Halo. I currently only have one other character, Chesspieces who is in BlizzardClan. It's nice to meet you guys!


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    Even thou Mazikeen was not a fan of doing meet and greets, she heard Jonah's voice. It was strange as he seemed like a good kid. She wondered if they could become friends while she was here. She came over after Diego did, as she found a place to sit. She used to not be very social, but she decided to change things. This was the first meet and greet she had been to in a very long time. She wondered if it was her turn to say something. "Ah, I believe I am next." the hell hound smiled before speaking again. "Hello, I am Mazikeen Xerses-Bonaparte-Praelium. I have several different parents. My birth mother was Tama Xerses, who is an ex-leader of Blizzardclan. She passed away many, many months ago. I don't know my birth father. My adoptive mother is Breakdance Praelium and my adoptive father was Standstill. My grandparents are Cropcirles and Auburnlights. Majority of my family is either dead or missing." It was painful to talk about her family, at times. But for now she was okay with it. " I am also from Blzzardclan, where I am a paladin." she didn't say much more.

    // Hello everyone. i am reiko but you can call me Rei. I am the roleplayer of Mazikeen, as you can see. along others, like Marlene in Shadow Veil, Hayliel Arcanium-Break-Luciano in the cartel and Beatrice in the exiles. I've been on ff since 2011. I am a full time manager at Taco Bell, where i am from. I've been on this site for a very long time. usually i am either on here, or playing video games if i'm not working. i actually have started doing art again. https://kawaiihippie.deviantart.com/ - here is my devianart page if you wanna check out my art. uhmm. i'm not sure what else to say. but fill free to message me for art if you want. i do have a shop - here if you wanna check it out.



  • Croc strided over, grinning. Ah, yes — the chance to get to know his clanmates, the moment he’d been waiting for! Listening along to the others as they spoke, althought not actually caring about their hobbies and whatnot, just wanting to mentally recall all their names, he finally found his turn. Thumping his scaly tail on the sand, catching their attention, he said, ”Hi everyone! I’m Crocodiletears, or Croc for short. And three facts, yes? Hm, well, I love coconuts. I love swimming, and I also have gills on the sides of my neck. They’re hidden due to my fur. Oh, and I like knives.” Despite rarely using them, the second tier did enjoy his knives and blades. They came in handy sometimes. Rolling his shoulders, the timber wolf sat down, waiting to see what more clanmates would say.

    //Hi everyone! I’m Meese, formerly Moosie/Chai/iSweetberry. I’ve been on the site since 2013, on an old account I was here longer as well. I currently roleplay Sleepwalker, duskreacher of Shadow Veil, Croc (formerly a second mate of RiverClan), and Dash of SunClan. I love drawing, I’m currently working on a science fantasy novel, and I like to horseback ride. I also enjoy anime a lot, hence Croc’s similarities to a character from Ajin :,3. Well, there ya go! I’ve been around, on and off, but I hope to stick around for a little longer, and hopefully I can stay when I go off to college this fall!


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  • -- Alsanna--

    For something so simple, it took the small girl a considerable amount of courage to step up next. Talk of these 'meet-and-greet' things had reached her once or twice, but the kit didn't really know what they entailed. She hadn't hosted one herself upon her own arrival after all. Still, the desire to make friends with as many of her clanmates as possible was a stronger driving force than her fears at the moment, even if she didn't really know anybody here...and even if a few of them looked a bit scary too. Taking a cautious step or two forwards, Alsanna scuffed the ground with one idle paw as a few words began to form into a vague sentence. At least Jonah helped to calm her frazzled nerves. The enthusiasm he gave off was infectious, and the idea that somebody else was just happy to try as much as she wanted to when it came to making good relations was somewhat comforting.

    "U-Um, I...I'm Alsanna" Came that tiny, meek voice. The same paw which had spent some time busily scraping away at the ground was now raised as she offered the group a tiny wave. "I like o-old bits of pottery, uh, I-I think red is a pretty colour a-and...some day I wanna f-find a fluffy scarf" Each word seemed so fragile, as if merely speaking to her would shatter that trembling confidence.

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    ooc: Hello! My name is Seventh_Spirit, but you can just call me Sevvy for short~ I've been on the site since 2013 as well, but only with a few characters. I love RPing here! but...I'm busy. Almost all the time. It sucks.

    Apart from Alsanna I also play Reyna over in The Sanctuary, and I keep meaning to bring back another one of my old bbys as well if I can find the time. I'm a big fan of gaming, just talk to me about Dark Souls please, watching anime whenever I find the time, archery, playing a whole assortment of musical instruments and archaeology! I've always wanted to get good at drawing as well but I just can't find the time. help me. I have two black and white cats and I also look after my next door neighbours tortoise Herbet as well so I sorta consider him to be a half-pet of mine~

    Even though I find it difficult to get some spare moments to post here I plan on keeping Alsanna around for a very long time! So if you want to do some plots with her or just chat about random stuff send me a PM!

  • Social events weren’t her forte, but she was drawn here nonetheless, interested to learn more about her clanmates. If she was going to be living with them, it would be the obvious choice of action. The badger made her way over and seated herself within the growing group of unfamiliar faces. Once an opening was available, she spoke up. “I’m Rey. I used to live in deserts similar to this. I’m pretty handy with tools. Uh- green is a nice color.” she introduced with a shrug of her small shoulders. Rey wasn’t the most interesting bunny in the basket.


    Hey guys! I’m Sympathy. I’ve been on catsite for about 6 or 7 years now— been on and off of BloodClan a lot. The last character I had here was Michael if anyone remembers him. Obviously, I’m currently playing Rey. I took a good month or two away from here recently. I had intended to just quit all together but as you can see, that did not work out at all. :\

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  • The ten month old badger lumbered up, taking a few deep breaths as walking was quite a lot of exercise for the black and white creature. Huff look around, they knew few of these animals, but at least they knew them. Their eyes squinted against the light and they waited for an opportunity to introduce themself, and tell others about who they were. "Hello. Huff is named Huffington, but Huff is just fine for being called or talked to." The third person speaking animal introduced themself.

    Their beady black eyes traversed the scene, and they continued. "Huff has been in two clans in Huff's life. Huff joined BlizzardClan when they were a child... and then left for BlizzardClan." The animal continued cheerfully, before they started talking again. "But Huff didn't like BlizzardClan, Huff was confused by it, Huff didn't know what they were supposed to do, so Huff came here!" They nodded their head emphatically at their words. "But Huff wanted to know about Huff's family, and so Huff left... but Huff's family not nice, and kicked Huff out.... so Huff here, Huff back. Huff like this place! Huff likes all of you!" The badger finished.

    They didn't want to talk about their badger family in an extended manner, it was too raw, and too hurtful to them. "You all are Huff's family." They added.

    OOC: Well hello there my friends! I am AJ(dawny) But AJ is just fine to summon me. I've been rping for more than a decade now (rip). I'm an adult player who loves to bake, cook, and write. I am a hands on craftsy person, and if I vanish for a few days it's probably because I'm knitting or crocheting. I'm a total nerd for Marvel and Murder Mysteries (especially set in the past), and I have been known to game for days on end. I decided to return to FF for the new year, and so here I am, I love all of you guys 110%. In all, I'm a relatively boring person. <3333



  • this was quite a good idea given the influx of joiners in which had recently resurfaced within home of rotting flesh and thinning bone. it was typical, for as long as the creature forged from god's ambrosia and doll's parts had been within the clan of rotting corpse and thinning bone various patterns had fallen into a place. it was more often than not that a group of creatures would come forward, they became brethren in alliance- friends and foes and rivals. they ate together, bled together, died together. memories were carved into stone and small moments of flaring temper would blow away in dust of amber sands. and then, they would be gone. not all at once, no. here and there, one by one. a death would cause friction, another finding solace better within a different clan, before there was quiet. quiet and the queen of death and beauty known as barabra and her doll-like priest with eyes older than himself would be all left. until another group formed, drizzling in like sweet summer rain. perhaps this time, this time, more would stay resilient in the harsh winds. the creature forged from ivory and gold stepped forward alongside henry, offering expression solemn upon lovely features. "My name is Hypokrisis, I'm the head physician and have been since I was six moons old, I was born in shadow clan, and I have 19 full blooded siblings," the last words to cross lips were surly to shock his bystanders.

    //hi guys, i'm fourteenth and i live in a small town in louisana about an hour away from civlization. i'm a HUGE girly-girl, who adores fashion, makeup, and mocha frapes. however, i also take pride in the fact i'm as much as a nerd as i am unicorn-obssesed. my first true love in comic books are that of the x-men, i play d&d every other saturday, and am a band kid through and through. my number one passion lyes in writing stories about the impossibles and i have in fact won a contest for a great sum of money for a short story of mine. i aspire to one day write a book but am currently lost within several side projects.

  • A meet and greet? Dantalion was not exactly... social. Well, he guessed he'd join in just for the fuck of it, to avoid any future questions. He'd be so irritated if anyone dared to come up to him in the future and ask questions about himself. What was it with these creatures and their annoying curiosity about everything? The canine came forward, a less than pleased look upon his face as he took his spot and uttered, "I am Dantalion." He paused, although that certainly wasn't good enough. Everyone else had given such a substantial amount of information and all he had done was introduced himself - which he thought would be enough, and he was rather reluctant to share any more, but his mouth moved almost before he could think about it. "I am a great duke of Hell." There, that should have been enough.

    [hello! my name is body and i've been on ff since late 2013, although i didn't get into the main game until mid 2014, with my first character lacey. post-2015 i've been on and off, but this is my third time being back from "hiatus" on ff and i hope i'll stay longer. i've mostly stuck around in hawkclan and bloodclan, but surprisingly dantalion, henry, and aron in hawkclan are my only new characters on here that have been consistent. i am a hardcore northerner and not even temperatures 50 degrees below freezing scare me. my biggest interests are biology (even though i know jack shit about it) and writing (which i also kind of suck at). i like to think of myself as a relatively friendly guy, so if you ever want to chat or plot, feel free to pm me]


  • Ooh, a meet and greet. Fun (that was sarcastic, by the way). Screw it, she'd participate, but she'd play by her own rules. The female took a seat, curling her tail around her paws and chewing her gum, as per usual. "Negasonic Teenage Warhead." The king cheetah blandly stated her name before she intentionally drawled, "Fact one- I can do this," She then proceeded to a blow a bubble before popping it. "Fact two- I don't like sharing facts. Fact three- I ran out of facts." Was she being a pain in the ass on purpose? Yes. Did she care? No.

    // hi there! i'm beatles and i've been on ff since 2012 :) i haven't roleplayed in bloodclan/sr much, but i do know a lot of y'all oocly so i'm gonna try my best to stick around! negasonic is casual for now since my muse is being sucked up by my two other characters (jerseyboy in blizzardclan and lucky luciano in the cartel). aaaaa i enjoy doodling, watching youtube, and listening/playing music (i'm a drummer chick B)). as for tv in general, my favorite series' include the office, family guy, south park, and friends. as for fandoms, i like disney, the avengers, harry potter, star wars, and star trek. i'm also p obsessed with the broadway musical/movie, jersey boys. if you ever want to plot with nega here or my other characters, feel free to shoot me a pm!! also SUTS REPRESENT



  • Huh, a mass meet and greet? Buckingham wasn't exactly sure the last one he attended. As the maine coon silently made his way over, he began to notice his clanmates not only introducing themselves, but stating random facts about themselves too. So, his little brother included a twist in the mass meet and greet, clever idea. It was better this way, so clanmates aren't just saying their names and awkwardly sitting around. The assassin sat himself on the ground, wrapping his tail around his paws as he began to go through his head for facts. "My name is Buckingham Barnes, I am a Warlord of Sabotage here." He began with a flick of his ear, "I am originally from SunClan." Yeah, one thing he didn't mention was that he lived there for a week before getting taken away and being brainwashed. Fun. "Jonah is my adopted brother." Yeah, that fact probably wasn't as well known, but certainly more than where he came from. "And I also mentor him." He would say Jonah's training was going rather well, but it was stopped for a bit due to some circumstances.

    [ Hey there guys, I'm Sky and I've been on FF for 5 years, 6 this upcoming March! I am 18, a senior in high school(with honestly no idea what I want to do in college), and I'm from the north. Buckingham is my only active character, but notable characters I've played in the past were Jonathan Toews of WindClan and Alastor of BlizzardClan. Plus, Buckingham is my first character I put in BloodClan/SR(he actually was intended to stay here temporarily but I loved it so much here that I couldn't get Bucky to leave). I absolutely love drawing, listening to music(especially while pacing around), watching youtube, and marvel. I am a huge marvel fan, I am super excited for Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War, you have no idea ahhh!! I also love watching theodd1sout, jaiden animations, domics, and swoozie on youtube. And finally, I own an adorable(yet grumpy) west highland terrier named Daisy! If you ever want to plot with me, or just want to talk, shoot me a pm! I'd be happy to talk over pm, skype, or discord! c: ]

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    There was indeed a massive flooding of new faces for the male to have to remember. God he had the worst memory, so it wasnt unlike him to mix up names and faces. This was, well, a step closer in helping his jumbled cranium... The slender male found himself arriving just after Buckingham, his grey gaze sweeping the area as he took in those in whom has arrived before seating himself. He remained silent as his tabby clanmate spoke, listening intently before parting his jaws to release the words that hung on his tongue. "I am Reindeergames Ecuador-Darling-Vires. My parents were Jace Ecuador and Toni Darling, both previous members of Sanguine Ruins before it was known as such." He began, voice steady. "I was at one point the vice leader of ShadowClan, but shit happened and I left the clan all together. I have only one living sibling, a half sister in The Cartel. Mazikeen will soon give birth to my children." The serval concluded, flicking his ears in discomfort.

    //: heya guys im Salt! ive been on the site for god knows how long, wayy before it was changed to feral front. i currently have two active characters, reindeergames and bittersweet. i have a bunch of oldies i constantly want to bring back but never have muse for. i am 16 and a junior at my highschool. i usually roleplay 99.9% on mobile, but sometimes im able to hop on a computer. i have a boxer dog named Kylo Ren and he farts like the devil. i enjoy drawing and competitively jumping horses. i like to binge shows liek gotham, supernatural, longmire, bones, etc. i also like ghost adventures. but im usually fairly active. if you ever wanna plot or just talk, feel free to pm me or hit me up on discord! i love talking to people because im too shy to do it face to face. rip. and i have a slight obsession with cucumber.




  • A mass meet and greet. Usually, Barb wasn't too interested in these things, and she wasn't now, either, but if it was an excuse to not do things, why not? She approached after Reindeergames, casting Reindeergames a quick glance as she placed herself beside Hypokrisis. She already knew everything the Physician had stated - she had been around since the hellhound joined the Ruins -, but couldn't help but raise a brow at the mention of his siblings. Nineteen kids. And she'd had trouble with five. It was laughable- she didn't know how his parents had survived. Then again, hadn't he had a ton of those, too? Hell, she didn't know; the only ones she really knew of were Sango and Joseph, the latter having lived in Sanguine Ruins for a while but fucking died, murdered, or something, a little later. "My name's Barbara Fawkes. I hope you guys already knew that, though." She'd be pissed if any of her clanmates didn't know who she was. "Fact number one- I killed my parents a while back, so that's pretty cool." She wasn't gonna lie, she was pretty proud of that. "Number two, I'm dating Solveig. And three, not gonna lie, Nega, I think you're pretty fucking hot." The girl was younger than her, sure, but only by a few months. Those facts were satisfactory, right? She'd go with that.

    //hey you guys, i'm cobble !! i joined the site a lil over a year ago, back in november of 2016, and i brought barb to sr last february :^) i have another character in blizz, who's the vice-leader, and another lil kiddo in the shadow veil! offsite, i don't do a lot lol- i'm a red belt double black tip (one away from black !!) in tae kwon do, i lease a horse named easter who i jump & plan on showing soon, a dog named rosie, and a cat named phoenix. uhhh i have a brother and sister, and my sister plays jamie here !! i'm currently watching gotham and agents of shield, tho i'm also waiting on stranger things, doctor who, and colony. i also lOVE marvel, parks and rec, and lost !!




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