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  • Hello all!

    The staffers have been busy these past few months and were unable to get Character Development Challenges up. We're trying to change that around now. We hope to get one or two up each month from here on out! The first one, for January, is as follows: Your character selects THREE things for their news years resolution. As the weeks go on, evaluate how well they have been doing with these resolutions.

    WORK SCHEDULE (Subject to change based on time off requests and holidays!)

    Sunday: 3:30pm-11:15pm.

    Monday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Tuesday: OFF.

    Wednesday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Thursday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Friday: 3:00pm-11:15pm.

    Saturday: 12:30pm-6:00pm.