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  • Barb had been planning this for a while, but this was the first chance she had to actually get this started. It would be fairly simple; anyone interested would paint their design, and then they'd all vote on it. The idea of war paint had been suggested... a while ago now, so the tabby couldn't really remember who'd mentioned it to her. Still, it was a pretty good idea, especially since she had been working on Bloodclan's image recently, so she figured she may as well get it going. Letters had been sent out to each occupied den in the clan, explaining the nature of the competition, and Barb was now waiting for them all to arrive, having set up the area for designs. There were multiple stacks of multi-purpose paper, acrylic paints, and watercolors, and tons of different brushes and pencils all set neatly up atop a table. Barbara didn't plan on participating, but she'd definitely be voting on her favorite design - maybe Bloodclan had some hidden artists? Well, they were probably all pretty shitty, but there'd have to be a "best". Taking a seat at the head of the table, Barbie curled her tail around her paws, waiting for the competitors to arrive.

    //yoooo so the rules are simple - you describe the design your character is making in your post, and to vote for your favorite design, you like the post you want to win, and in the end, the post with the most likes will win! remember to only vote on one account, and for one design !


  • The idea of war paint was confusing and it left him a bit content as he watched nearby npcs dip tiny paws into bucks of paint and plastered it upon their pelts. A grimace marked itself on the golden Savannah's muzzle. The Spaniard had a thing with paint, really anything that would make him have to take a bath to get it off. Diego was a traveler, an adventurer, and he had seen his fair share of water, his last few experiences had left the Savannah content on being submerged again and thus, he avoided anything that would even remotely force his hand.

    But, as the golden Savannah watched looks come together, the Spanish feline decided he had absolutely nothing to do and there were many ways to avoid getting wet. Scrunching up his nose in one final look of detest, Diego moved over to find his own bucket of watercolors and a set of small paintbrushes. He knew there was always a hidden meaning behind the intricate drawings of war paint but for the life of him, Diego could never figure it out.

    Despite that, the Spaniard decided to go for something random completely random. He would paint until he couldn't paint anymore. The golden Savannah sat back onto his haunches. Using a fine brush, he dipped the point of the bristles into a royal blue paint and then began to draw a large paw onto his right shoulder. Using more paint, the Savannah began to make streaks, making the paw appear as if it was smeared.

    Once done, Diego began to draw blue-colored streaks from the paw and back up to his neck. He was carefully to not paint the golden collars around his neck as he moved closer and closer to his head until he couldn't anymore. It was then the Spanish Savannah called for an npc to help him. By the time they were done, Diego's war paint for the contest was complete.

    Aside from the smeared, blue paw that complemented his golden-and-black coat quite well, there were lines like veins that moved up his neck, painted to act as if they moved underneath his golden collars. The vein-like lines went up to his head where they then branched out around the right side of his face. Like a mess of twigs, they moved up and down his face, passing over his parted jaws and then fading into nothingness as they neared the left side of his body.

    To complete his look, Diego had found a pair of bow and arrows and threw it over his shoulders. The golden Savannah then made a pose, appearing like a King in the moment for his npc help.


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  • 「 you were meant to rule the dark— i was meant to see the sun 」

    war paint? adakias wasn't someone who really fought, but he did like to be creative. with little to no thought, the enfield stuck his paw in some golden acrylic. his soft cream fur had been painted on before, when he was younger. he thought that if he made himself the card instead of making a card for his brother he would appreciative more. it turned out he didn't and adakias had gotten scolded while being scrubbed to death.

    with one paw dipped in gold and the other silver, he had started off alternating the colors as he planted a few dots under neath his eyes, placing a few on his muzzle and forehead, making the dots turn to lines as he lead them to his ears. cool. or at least he hoped it was cool, he couldn't see at all. he ended the attack on his head and went to draw a feather upon his arm. this was more for him, but he put an arrow that had the feather wrapped around it.

    his paws worked diligently as he had decorated himself, more lines had appeared on his wings and he even managed to paint some stars on his side, all in alternating colors. but he was only doing this to do it. he truly thought diego was more skilled in the design for war art. with messy paws, shining with metallic paint, he shot the feline a thumbs up with a beaming smile.




  • Track for now.

    /yoooo if I'm able whoever wins, I might be able to draw u a headshot of ur char and there war paint ? :3




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    This he could do, right? The little male would come over and settle in with his paints. He would take a deep red color and start his design. From the just above left ear, he would make a swirl of dark red that trailed down and around the left eye and circled over to stop just before the neck. He would then get a dab more of the deep red and moved back to the same end as it looped up and curled under the ear once more before coming down over the left eye. Effectively making a swirl.

    The next mark he did was under the right eye. He would take three claws and use the deep red to make three slash marks, like a battle wound, under his eye. Next he would move on to the chin, just under the lips. He would take a line of the deep red and trace it in a simi circle on the chin with the hump of the circle coming to just touch the lower lip. Inside that simi-circle, he made a smaller one, leaving a small space between the two.

    One the right shoulder, he would do the same swirl he had on the left half of his face before making the same three slashes, but bigger, on his left shoulder. It was simle, but it was what he could do. Besides, the blood red color was cool, right? Might strike fear! The happy tom would sit there at the read. Ears perked and eyes excited.

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