Mapleclan~Life Is Tough, But So Are We~Role-Play

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  • Silentpaw would stop and look back at the two when she spotted some cobwebs. "When you pick these, you have to make sure the spider is gone. Okay?" She advised as she used her front left paw to check firsts before grabbing a stick and twirling it in the web.

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    The young queen would stretch and yawn slightly before pushing up in her nest. Eyes on the warrior and tail tip twitching. "Hey. Thank you. How are you doing?" She asked with a purr.


  • Ravenflight dipped his head to Willowstar, satisfied she was happy with the patrols. He dipped blinked his emerald orbs and padded over to Foxpaw. "You ready?" He meowed solemnly.

    Owlshine nodded to Oakfang and Grasswhisker and began to head out of camp. Her fluffy coat kept her warm and she wondered where they would hunt.

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  • Smokepaw

    The almost grown apprentice trotted after her mentor, a small bounce of excitement in her step. Smokepaw was more than ready and broke out in to a run when the river came into view, only slowing down when she was a few fox tail lengths away,as to not distress the fish.


    Oakfang followed after Owlshine with Grasswhisker in tow. His long tabby and white pelt protected him from the cold and provided pretty good camouflage. He glanced towards Owlshine, Oakfang deep down kind of wanted to show off to the pretty mollie but, decided against it in the end. It would only interfere with the patrol anyways; smitten or not they still have a clan to feed.

    "But I'm weak and what's wrong with that"

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    | she | crush: Redfern | apprentice: Smokepaw | tags: Smokepaw Libitina~  

    She walked behing the younger she-cat, stopping just a few steps before the river. She watched the river for a moment, noticing there was lots of fishes swimming there peacefully.

    ?thumbnail=1  Grasswhisker

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    He walked next to the two other Warriors, sighing as he wached the forest. He noticed the glare Oakfang gived to the Owlshine he smirkled stopping "I try my htning luck over there, so you two can go forward" he meowed softy giving Oakfang a stare.

    ?thumbnail=1  Fruitpaw

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    He watched as the medicine cat apprentice worked with the cobweb, flicking his ears in curiousness "Why? are you afraid of spiders or something?" he meowed questioining the she-cat.

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    the tom looked at his apprentice's work, seeing four little bodies near the foot of the cat. with a gentle purr he leaped out from his spot to greet the young molly. ``congratulations, seems you exceed my expectations.`` pressing his tongue against her head, he moved his attention to the prey. four small rabbits, three bunnies which seem to be in good shape. ``looks like you earn yourself a good day rest,`` he meowed. picking up two of the bodies, he helped the cat carry the prey back to camp.


    ``well, mollies are mollies, they are always trouble.`` the old tom laughed, walking behind the she-cat quietly. his tail swayed in a gentle manner, placing his eyes on cobwebs that soon came to view. ``spiders are poisonous, so let's try not getting us attacked.`` using his tail, he slowly wrap the sticky webs around his long fur tail. ``by the way a small advice,`` he meowed and leaned over to the tom apprentice, ``all mollies are right no matter what.``


  • *Mossypaw | female | 11 moons | heterosexual | apprentice | Crush; open | Mentor; Redfern |


    At her mentor's words, pride surged through the black and white apprentice. "I did!" She confirmed, picking up the other two and following Redfern back to camp. But it was only pure luck that I caught them. If I hadn't come across that burrow, I would've been done for, Mossypaw thought, maybe a bit embarrassed. Nonetheless, she was still excited to have a whole day off. That meant no apprentice duties... Can't wait to rub it in everyone's faces! Mossypaw mused, practically skipping into camp.


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    Before she could answer, Orangeflare had. Blinking, she would offer a soft nod. "They can kill us with a single bite if not treated." She mused before looking to Fruitpaw.