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    — name

    greymatters altaria

    — gender

    ftm trans | uses he/him pronouns

    — age
    physically 20 months, spiritually & mentally same | aging rate normal

    — sexuality

    demihomosexual homoromantic

    — clan/rank

    sunclan | goldenblood of medicine

    —previous clans/ranks

    the white dragon's village | leader

    — titles

    hakuryuu (white dragon)

    — unofficial titles


    — voiceclaim | faceclaim

    Kija from Yona of the Dawn


    — appearance

    [domesticated feline] | | health 100%

    A petite, feminine-bodied albino white long-haired maine coon with a long fluffy tail and ocean blue eyes. His right front paw is replaced with a dragon's claw, covered in pure white scales. He gives off an air of elegance, and has four claw marks as a scar on his upper back, the only impurity on his clean, beautiful body.


    — overview

    Greymatters is very dutiful, and takes every order given very seriously. Towards his friends, he is extremely protective, and picks fights with people often if they pick on his friends. Greymatters is very easily flustered by flirting, and is extremely sensitive. When he's praised, he gets flustered and shies away from it. As he was raised being revered and pampered within the Hakuryuu village, Kija can be quite naive about real world matters, and is used to a more indulgent lifestyle. He appreciates being clean, well-fed and well-rested, and is quite put out at times by the odd meals and rugged sleeping places that the group often find themselves eating and being in. He also has an immense hatred for bugs, to the extent that he will forgo sleep and refuse to enter places if he knows or believes that insects are about. He is not past openly complaining about these types of situations, much to the annoyance of some of his friends. Such use to a pampered lifestyle where he was always looked after also makes Kija quite gullible, and he is often seen falling for practical jokes or sarcasm, particularly if Hak is involved. Jae-Ha also sees him as being very pure in nature for this reason.

    — disabilities/health issues/mental illnesses

    - He doesn't feel pain, so he usually tends to get himself really hurt and not notice how severe his wounds are until his clanmates tell him otherwise.

    - He degrades himself often, saying that 'A servant like himself doesn't deserve to love someone'.


    — parents

    npc x npc

    — siblings


    — children

    open for later

    — mentorships

    open for apprentice

    — romantic relationships

    in love with leo.

    — close friends/trusts

    thea, gareth, aurum, pomegranate, leo.

    — enemies/does not trust/unsure

    buckingham, barbara.


    — powers

    ice manipulation

    water manipulation

    super strength

    — birth date

    April 6th (Aries)

    — creation date


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    kija-based | duty bound | dragon-cat | ftm trans ——・゚✦

    ・゚✦ —— played by miss ririchiyo - tags

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