Aspenflight Trad. Riverclan Warrior

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  • NAME: Aspenflight

    Used to be called Aspenfur, but changed his name after the death of his apprentice.

    NICK NAMES: sometimes apprentices call him ‘One-eye’ behind his back.

    AGE: 49 moons

    Ages 1 moon at the first of every month.

    RANK: Warrior

    SEX: []

    GENDER: Male

    SEXUALITY: Biromantic

    tends towards Homosexual

    ALLEGIANCE: Riverclan

    BASIC APPEARANCE: Tall, grey furred tom with broad shoulders.

    APPEARANCE: Aspenflight is a short-haired, grey pelted tom with broad shoulders. After many moons of training the tom is well muscled and incredibly athletic. He has several prominent scars, with the most glaring being one across the bridge of his nose and running up over his right eye. This has left him blind, and one of his eyes white and clouded. Because of this Aspenflight will tend to adjust his head so that his remaining, clear eye, is focused on any conversation. He stands several centimetres above most felines and often uses his height to his advantage – looking down his nose at others with a resting bitch face.

    • Confident, efficient, dedicated, loyal, firm, hardworking, observant, athletic, resourceful, intelligent.
    • Proud, ambitious, dominating, reserved, impersonal, intense.
    • Apathetic, blunt, calculating, cold, demanding, possessive.

    PERSONALITY: Aspenflight is a proud and dedicated warrior of Riverclan. Even though he tends to keep to himself he loves providing for the clan and spends most of his time outside of camp. When he does have to interact with others he tends to come off as cold or intense – generally a bit of a grouch. Despite caring deeply for the clan in general, he finds it difficult to care for individuals and is a good example of “many>one”. However, should he make a connection with someone they will become the sole focus of his attention. This is unhealthy behaviour but Aspen will often fail to recognise this. Lastly, Aspenflight can be very prejudiced against cats that are not 'pure' clan cats and he believes that outsiders shouldn't have any right to be a part of clan life. It's something he struggles with daily given how many cats often have mixed parentage.

    HISTORY: Aspenflight is the only kit of Minnowtail and Birchfall (NPCxNPC); two dedicated but now deceased warriors of Riverclan. His birth was traumatic and very hard for Minnowtail. She spent several hours in labour and his only other sibling was born still. Ever after his parents were incredibly doting to the point where Aspen often felt suffocated by them. By the time he was made a warrior it was all Aspenflight could do to get away from them. He got his first apprentice, Heronpaw, quite early on and it was a source of pride for him. Sadly, he only got to train the she-cat for three moons before she was killed. Aspenflight blames himself for the incident because they were out late hunting at the time. In her memory he chose the suffix “flight” so he would never forget the mistake he made. He refuses to talk about the incident with anyone.



    --Adopted father of Tealkit ( FROZENPAW . )

    He's in denial about the fact that she isn't a 'true' clan cat - being that her true parents aren't necessarily from Riverclan. Aspen has just claimed her as his own child.

    --Adopted Uncle of Spotted Fish That Splashes ( s p l a s h )

    Similar to Teal, he's in denial about her parentage but more likely to confront it because he feels slightly less responsible for her then for Tealkit. She's nearly a warrior after all, and he's very proud of her.

    --Twistedtail ( wixards )

    Respects her.

    --Gladepaw ( gladefall )

    Worried about him - but he'd deny that.

    --Silverfoot ( Lokisaurus )

    Respects and thinks well of.

    --Sharkpaw ( SHARKPOOL )

    He sees a lot of himself in Sharkpaw. So much so that he worries about him a lot and just really wants him to succeed. This comes out as him being a grumpy butt towards him.

    --Doestar ( doestar )

    Respects her, even though they sometimes have conflicting opinions.

    --Fog Over Shining Lake ( fog over shining lake )

    Confused, likes but uncertain. Conflicting emotions.

    Attracted to.

    --Cricketpaw ( cricketpaw. )

    He's worried he'll repeat the same mistakes he had with Heronpaw, but otherwise thinks she's coping well as his apprentice.


    --Silverpaw ( - dogpaw )

    She helped him when he nearly died and he doesn't know what to think of her. Vague positive emotions.