FORGIVE ME [open - returning beck]

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  • The female was done with her little plaything and she was very happy to be finished. She had other things to worry about besides Sunclan and this would teach them to mind their own business when no one asked them to butt in. The female dragged the apparition by the chain that was locked around his neck, aiming to be as brutal as she cold possibly be. She smirked as she came to the border and then she turned to a nearby tree. Without a second thought she aimed to grab the Sunclanner and push him up against the tree where she would then wrap the boy's form up in the chain and lock him against the rough back of it. There, that seemed nice enough and with that the female would turn and leave. No sense in having a long farewell after all. She didn't much care for the Sunclanners that had decided on their leader's beck and call to make an enemy out of Shadowclan. Seemed no one gave a shit what being neutrals meant anymore.



  • As if he hadn't been mocked and scorned in his life enough, his post-mortem existence continued to surprise him. Usually the afterlife was thought of as a peaceful rest for those who had enjoyed a fulfilling life. Yet here he was, trapped in a hellish limbo he had been tricked into, cursed to stalk the earth as a perpetual child -

    Who was he kidding? He was trying to be philosophical and shit while he was being dragged by someone who thought they could just snatch him away and get off without any consequences. There wasn't any time now to reflect on regretted memories, and most of his concentration was focused on fighting against the tightened shackle around his throat, although his struggle was cut short by the rough surface of bark jabbing into the archaic wound that marked what had killed him in the first place, earning a hearty flinch of pain that overwhelmed the burning that arrived with the iron chain being wound about his squirming form.

    And just like that, she had left him. As he snarled at her retreating figure, he immediately began to attempt hooking a hindpaw up underneath the chains binding him, prevented from merely phasing through due to the precious metal's ability to contain demonic entities such as himself. Beck didn't progress very far, only managing to tangle another limb as he failed to kick and slip any chain off. A haggard wheeze wracked his apparition, thoughts too focused on escaping to muse over his situation any longer. Although a single thought crossed his darkening features as he now struggled to free his back leg, and that being that he really needed to stop ending up in pathetic troubles like this.



    ext. shadow veil / tags / tricky

  • killing must feel good to God too. he does it all the time.

    nowhere - warrior - male - 31 moons

    He had a feeling any attempt to help Beck would only result in a few insults and some prideful shouting about not needing assistance. But he couldn't exactly leave him chained to the tree. The feline circled around the tree, pausing for only a moment to stare in the direction where the Shadowclan scent seemed to trail off. A new enemy. A rude one too. Nightmarestag placed a paw on the chain, attempting to use his enhanced strength to snap the metal rings and free Beck. There was no point in asking if the creature was alright; he wasn't and would probably get pissed off anyway.

    [ unsure if i could powerplay the chains or not so ]