Favorite clubs?

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  • I'm in anthropology club, and history club!

    We don't do too many things in history club ( the most recent thing done had been the tour that we took of my home town, since it's where a president lived ) and in anthropology club, we talk about a lot of anthropology stuff, and watch movies that relate to it, only to then make fun of them for not portraying things correctly darn Hollywood

    Though I did help to start a robotics club this year as well, we haven't done much in that though.

  • I had a hard time choosing clubs, but I settled for Robotics and Visual Arts. They wouldn't let us sign up for most of the other things, as we are freshmen as well. So far they are interesting.

    I'm planning on entering the Science Olympiad Team to make up for the loss of other clubs though 0w0. Gotta keep that Science rep up for when I choose my major haha.

    I'm not good with people.