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  • i will make you proud

         i will make you have faith in me

    His first task of being in RiverClan was to create a bonfire. It was useful, but simple, something Des could appreciate. He wasn't super ready for responsibility yet, and felt like this task was acceptable to what he wanted to do. It had taken him most of the evening to set up the wood in a safe spot. He didn't want to burn the whole forest down. After clearing the area of leaves and checking the dirt for dampness, the feline had drug several large logs over and leaned them on each other so that they formed a sort of triangle. Not only were triangles the strongest shape, but that was the best way to make a fire.

    After he had finished, Des pulled two small bottles out of his pouch and threw them into the logs together, causing a burst of blue flames to erupt from the logs. Blue? Des frowned at the sight. It was supposed to be purple. Oh well, blue was close. He put the two bottles away and took out his notebook instead, noting the fire's color. He'd have to work on the mixture some more tomorrow. It was dark now, and cold, but the fire was letting off waves of warmth and heat despite its blue color. Hopefully people would come enjoy it.

    i swear, i swear that i'm a good kid
    guess i'm good for nothing at all

    destrian the cartel & the sanctuary  aspiring scientist  


  • And cold it was. Winter in Riverclan's territory would prove to be a harsh and difficult one, and they had to be ready for it. That's why Shining wanted this bonfire set-up in camp. It wouldn't just be a one-time thing. Clanmates could always come by to grab some warmth from the heat of the flames. Which the winged feline intended to do right now.

    "Blue flames?" Shining inquired curiously, walking closer to the bonfire and watching the colors dance before him. Definitely an eye-catcher. Some people could conjure up fire (himself being one of them), and somehow manage to change its color. But he was pretty sure Destrian hadn't used magical powers to light the bonfire... "How'd you manage that?" he asked the fellow feline.





  •   Optimus's attention immediately snapped over to the sudden burst of blue flames as they caught his vision. His heart began racing as his body began moving before his mind could comprehend what it was doing. All he could think was, Oh Primus, please, don't let that be an energon blast! His black form skidded around a corner, nearly falling as his paws lost traction with the snow-covered ground. His black fur was bristled with fear and aggression and his blue highlights and optics glowed brightly.

    His form slid to a stop a few feet away from the conversing duo. It was a bonfire. A simple bonfire. There were no injured people, no blasters aimed to fire, no running in fear. Destrian had simply lit the bonfire. Optimus shakily let out the breath he hadn't known he was holding, ever so slowly untensing as he took in fresh air. Shutting his optics for a moment, the wolf took in a deep breath and released it. Everything was fine. It was only the well contained bonfire. Nothing was wrong.

    Slowly, the wolf padded forward and laid down a little ways from his leader and the inventor. The warmth was comforting against the chill of the air, and he was very glad for this. It seemed that the cold weather was affecting him at such a high rate because of his newly found organic body. It was a big relief to him.

    He would just have to close his optics and not think of the color.


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  • i will make you proud

         i will make you have faith in me

    Shining was right in his assumption that Des hadn't used magic in his fire-making. In fact, the feline didn't believe much in magic. Everything had a scientific reason behind it; everything. From the fire that dragons breathed to the ability to read minds, there was no such thing as 'magic'.

    Des turned and gave a small nod to Shining as the leader approached, giving a huff of a laugh at his observation. "Yep, blue. If you hear copper chloride, it produces blue flames. Driftwood from the ocean, which I managed to find a little bit of, can sometimes have some blue-fire-making chemicals in it too. All science," His tone was informative, but he couldn't help a bit of pride in his voice too. It wasn't often people took an interest in what he did, and he wasn't a super humble guy anyways.

    Another shape emerged, the familiar form of Optimus. The poof guy seemed a little on edge about something and went off to lay down alone. Des frowned, but didn't do anything else. Perhaps something had happened. If Optimus wanted to say anything about it, he would.

    i swear, i swear that i'm a good kid
    guess i'm good for nothing at all

    destrian the cartel & the sanctuary  aspiring scientist  


  •  "Hm, smart" the dragon nodded in approval - then again Destrian was a smart one, the small feline quite adept at what field he'd chosen - the void dark scales shifted, exuding warmth as he approached the group.

    he kept forgetting he was a literal heater to the likely colder residents of riverclan, ah, the novelty.

    Luciferus nodded to shine and his gaze flicked to Optimus "Alright there Optimus?"




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