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  • They walked and walked, yet the smoke continued to stalk them. Maizeykit drew a breath and felt a small wave of panic absorb her at the feeling of restriction on her lungs. It wasn't much, but noticeable nonetheless. Did... the fire's scent do that? Weird... Her maw and eyes were just dry, but due to slight paranoia, Maizeykit feared she was being killed softly. She wrestled with her fears in her head, trying to tame her rapid heart. Sparrowpaw only said it killed by touch! I'm fine then, right?

    Those thoughts caused more troubling ones to emerge. The fire may not have touched her, but what about the camp? Was their home permanently destroyed? More importantly, had every cat survived? She had already covered that earlier; there was nothing she could do but pray and leave it in StarClan's paws. Maizeykit shook the distress from her head and looked up, trying to follow the also concerned looking Sparrowpaw with her squinted eyes. All at once, something-- no, someone -- lurched out in front of her. Maizeykit gasped and took in the sight of another apprentice, crumbling in horrible state. She didn't know who it was but it didn't matter. Obviously the tom was escaping the fire just like the rest of them. Maizeykit hurried over, determined albeit terrified at the sight of blood, and pressed against Thornpaw's side in attempt to help him up.

    | WindClan | Mackerel Tabby | 5 moons |



  • Kestrelpaw's fur prickled with embarrassment as Eaglepaw determinedly pushed him out of the camp. Heck, Eaglepaw was younger than him, but he was looking after Kestrelpaw! And honestly, would the red tabby have gotten out of the camp quickly enough if Eaglepaw hadn't been there? He wasn't sure. Once out of the camp, he muttered, "Thanks," forcing a sheepish smile. He really was grateful to the tom, but it was still humiliating, especially as Kestrelpaw had totally freaked out when he had found Eaglepaw and Thornpaw, the two cats in the Clan he truly cared about. "But I just made myself look so stupid. Hope nobody else saw that."

    Swinging his head around, he was relieved to see Thornpaw also emerging from the camp. "You're both here..." he purred gently, but then realized the absence of another cat. Not someone Kestrelpaw was close to, but someone Thornpaw cared about. "Uh, Twilightpaw? Is she anywhere? I didn't see her." Just because Kestrelpaw wasn't close to the medicine cat apprentice didn't mean that he didn't care for her. He wouldn't wish for any cat to die in a fire, no matter how little he cared.

  • *:・゚✦ Eaglepaw

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    Eaglepaw just scoffed as Kestrelpaw worried about looking stupid. What was the point in it? He understood being aware of other's perception of you and how to manipulate that to your benefit, but worrying and stressing over it? That was such a waste of time and effort. "So what does it matter if someone did? That doesn't change who you are, and then you can simply use that as leverage later. Always have people underestimate your abilities than overestimate them, always make people think you're weaker and dumber than you are." He said plainly, shrugging, voice missing some of his normal pep and a little more of his real, cold and calculating, self show. After all, this whole ordeal really scared him and he was a bit too emotional to really put up his regular personas.

    Oh, Thornpaw got out as well. Oh well, that's cool he guessed - at least Sparrowpaw and Kestrelpaw wouldn't be sad then. But this Twilightpaw, he never really interacted with and thus didn't care if she got out or not. Why should he, Jasperstar was out, Sparrowpaw and Kestrelpaw and Maizeykit were out, and hopefully Dovepaw and Witheredpaw were somewhere safe. Twilightpaw wasn't any of them and as such he didn't care for her life. But she seemed important to the others so he just shrugged. "I dont even know what she looks like. But I'm sure she did, the camp was pretty cleared out when we got out." He reminded the other.

  • *:・゚✦ Sparrowpaw

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    Sparrowpaw didn't see as Thornpaw feel against him, startling him. Oh no oh no oh no. This was bad, he needed to do something! He knew that he should feel bad for not going into the fire heroically, but this just proved he made the right desicion right? Both of them were alive, while there a chance they wouldn't if he went back in. His caution and self-preservation seemed to win today.

    There was still the problem of Thornpaw being in no shape to go any furthur in his state, and the fire was approaching closer and closer. Maybe... "He-hey Thornpaw, I'm going to put you on my back okay? Just. Just don't fall off." He told the other, hesititaling before scooting the other onto his back and standing up. Seeing Maizeykit and the state she was in, he hesitated again. "Hey, um, Maizeykit? Do you want to get on my back as well? You wouldn't have to walk anymore." Sparrowpaw asked her.

  • Kestrelpaw listened to Eaglepaw's 'advice' and found himself rather amused. That wasn't what most cats would say, but the more Kestrelpaw thought about it, the more it made sense. "That's actually a good idea, Eaglepaw. Didn't think of that." He continued to walk, feeling increasingly weak and tired. He had breathed in some smoke, but not enough that there would be any damage. But he still felt as though he might trip over his own paws at any moment, and the world around him was blurry. The tabby kept his eyes fixed on Eaglepaw, feeling safer in his presence. But he needed to stay with Thornpaw, too.

    As Sparrowpaw decided that he would carry Thornpaw and maybe Maizeykit on his back, Kestrelpaw offered quickly, "You don't need to carry both of them, you know. I'm sure Thornpaw's perfectly fine with me dragging him along." Yeah, Kestrelpaw would be prepared to do that for his younger denmate, though he knew it would be very difficult and honestly wasn't a very good idea. Whatever. It was Thornpaw, and Kestrelpaw needed to make sure his friend was safe.