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  • " winnie praelium — eight moons — the cartel — thug — tags "

    A division task- not a concept that Winifred had ever been super familiar with, but she had to admit that it was a good idea on Sollux's part. She had gathered all of her wares that she could find (the ones for sale, at least), and put them into her backpack, shifting into her monkey body so she could carry more. Standing at almost 4 feet tall, her machete strapped to her side and weapons packed up, the thug had set off, determined to make at least one sale while she was gone. Just in case, she had also stuffed some steel, a hammer, tongs, and fire salt, if someone had an easy but special request for her.

    It took Winnie almost a day to reach the secluded group, which was a trek she had not been entirely prepared to make, and when she got there, she collapsed into a sitting position and pulled out the items she intended to sell. A pistol, in case anyone else had thumbs, three daggers of varying lengths and jags, and a war axe. They were laid on the ground around her, and she hunched over them tiredly, drinking from a puddle on the ground. "'Llo? Ah'm Winifred- came from tha Cartel, go' som weapons foh sale if anyone needs them."


    —— the cartel thug ♛ 7 moons plotting played by littlebabes ・゚✦

  • Winifred? From the Cartel? They weren't allies with the Cartel, but they had been on good terms with the Skulls as neutrals back when Sel was Captain. Xylia personally didn't have any issues with the Cartel, and the group was still considered a neutral to the Black Isle. On top of that, Winifred was here to sell stuff. Not quite trading, but close. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Winifred!" She said, scrambling through little drifts of snow to reach the rather new creature she saw in front of her. "I'm Xylia, Pirate Queen of the Black Isle. Would you be willing to trade items by any chance?" Trading was more familiar to her, and the Black Isle had plenty of traceable goods stored in both the treasure caverns and the castle. Not to mention Xylia's own hiding places for goods and trinkets scattered throughout the territory.

    {Retro to sailing trip.}


    Wei hardly paid any attention to the two there; her gaze immediately went to the weapons laid out for sale, dark eyes shining with childish glee as the little femme let out a gasp of excitement. Those weapons... she wanted them. She definitely wanted them. She didn't need them with the extensive collection of blades and polearms she already possessed, but she wanted them. She'd only seen pistols in movies, she loved using daggers, and that axe looked like something that came straight from a tribe of warrior barbarians, despite her disliking for heavier weapons. As long as it looked cool, she would love it. "H-how much for all of these?! And, uh, yeah, d-do you take trades? I have weapons, too! Lots of them! Swords, spears, daggers, knives, everything!" She couldn't even begin to contain her enthusiasm as she blurted out her questions, a fact that was quite obvious from the grin on her maws and the sheer pep in her voice, the feline stuttering from speaking too fast. She just couldn't help it!

  • winnie praelium — eight moons — the cartel — thug — tags

    Offering a wave of her hand in greeting to Xylia, WInifred smiled, baring pearly white but sharp teeth, similar to those of a human. ”Ih’s naice to meet you, Xylia. Ah’e you in cha’ge here?” Truly, she was unfamiliar with places other than the Aztec ruin in which she made her home. Did these people even have someone that was ‘in charge’? Gosh, she didn’t know.

    Before Xylia had the chance to answer, though, Wei came up, bouncing around with a fire in her eyes and a smile on her face. She had begun to babble excitedly, stuttering, and it took Winifred a moment to connect the dots and comprehend all of the things that had come out of her mouth.

    Had she heard right? Wei wanted to buy all of it?

    Similar to Wei, a huge smile grew on Winifred’s face as the Black Islander (she hoped that was what they were called, anyways) asked to trade for every weapon she’d made. Her heart thudded, and she silently made a note to thank Sollux for sending her here. She doubted that she would have this kind of luck had her assignment sent her to anywhere or anyone else.

    ”Ah cou’ trade all of those with you, yes! Ah’ could use a sword o’ two, o’ maybe a spear-” Winnie sounded almost frantic, scrambling through her bag, though it was hard to tell exactly why or what she was looking for. ”Oh! Do you have fire salts? Ah need lo’s of that. Helps me sta’t up the fo’ge.” Oh, how the blacksmith loved her fire salts. Not as useful for crafting firearms, of course, but she preferred working steel to doing anything else with her time. Her own gun and machete were just in case she ever needed to fight in her Langur body, but the Cartellian had found that blunt or melee weapons worked more effectively for animals without thumbs.

    No offense to the other clans, of course.

    //aaAAAAAA she’s gonna be so happy (you can decide whether fire salts are a thing that they have or not over there, i dunno man)


    —— the cartel thug ♛ 7 moons plotting played by littlebabes ・゚✦


    Wei couldn't help but to squeal with excitement as her offer for a trade was accepted, face lit up like a Christmas tree with sheer glee. Swords? Spears? Not only did she have those, she wanted to get rid of them, too! She had way too many lanky weapons on hand yet not a single awesome battle axe in her possession! Could this get any better? "I-I have all of that! I can trade with that kinda stuff, y-yeah! As she spoke, the little femme backed away a bit to allow for more room in front of her, a spear appearing in a cloud of smoke and falling onto the ground in front of her, the dark wooden shaft decorated in carvings and two crimson feathers hung at the base of the tip. Ears perked to listen carefully, she waved away the wisps of smoke remaining, clearly full to the brim with excitement. She was really going to get all these weapons!

    ... fire salts? What were fire salts? Did they have any? She didn't know. "Xylia, d-do we have fire salts?" A glance was cast towards the ferret for a moment before a sword materialized in another smoky puff, the feline wobbling on her paws as she let the other weapon lay on top of the spear, her conjuration an action akin to dizzily spamming a button and waiting for something to happen. As she did her best to settle her focus back onto summoning up another sword, her mind wandered to the little issue at hand- what if they had no fire salts? Could they still trade? They could, right? Right? She didn't want this to suddenly go wrong, no.

    // ahhh so will wei tbh!! she'd always be happy to trade for cool weapons! she wouldn't personally know about fire salts, though ;;