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  • hello so i do art sometimes when i'm sad

    i'd love to draw some of your characters here in the exiles !! i'll try anything (human aus, dragon whatever)

    these will be headshots !

    but please note that these may take a while because i'm a little busy

    i'll put up some examples later (maybe)

    thanks <33

    don't follow your dreams

    ( karma - the exiles, p. abathur - the exiles )

  • omg I’m,, really sorry you’re sad and I hope things get better for you!! but if drawing helps I’ll offer up Koday!!

    name: Koday

    background colour: aaa anything you see fits that’s not too bright??

    reference or brief physical description: everything is in his tags HERE and if you scroll down a little you’ll see his art section for references!!

    brief personality: Koday is quite the charismatic individual. he is suave and humorous, and likes to just relax and not take things too serious unless need be.

    other: umm,,, nothing I can think of??

    "Speech." + tags & plotting

    no I ain't too flawless. and no, I ain't the best.and no, I don't say sorry. and no, I ain't perfect

    but I am the man! I am the man!

    (( koday brekker-shifter-cipher // prince of revenge // exiles second (vice leader) // plotting ))

  • Aaa Id love to have some art of Athena to come back to if you could love ♡

    name: athena

    background colour: black

    reference or brief physical description: an all white feline, left eye blue right eye brown

    brief personality: logistical, analytical and cunning, almost cold. mature but has a soft spot for friends and family and is secretly still a child at heart, although she tends not to show it. the kind of girl that you wouldn't touch without permission.

    other: I'm not even going to be able to see this for like two months so take your time lol

    ID RATHER DIE ON MY FEET THAN LIVE ON MY KNEES — athena — the exiles tags


  • If you could do Broken, that would be great! Hope you fee; happier soon love!

    name: Brokenrecord

    background colour: grey

    reference or brief physical description: reference is in siggie and avvie (

    brief personality: Broken is a bit of a psycho, with a blood thiristy nature that grew from her childhood, she despsies most things.


    What is more dangerous? A gun Or a thought? A gun does the killing.

    But the thought pulls the trigger.

    Leopardess of The Exiles— reference — roleplayed by Wolftantic Rose —Plotting Thread

  • name:marly

    background colour:black

    reference or brief physical description:At first glance, she is a simple black and grey hellhound. Except there is more that appears. She is a very tall, lengthy hell hound. The color of her fur starts out very dark, almost black appearance. She has white eyes, as a long snout. She has very odd looking horns as they curve up, rather than around her face. She has very thick patches of fur around her upper body, rather than scales toward her bottom half. She also has a few spikes on her lower half, more toward her tail. The young girl has a black nose, with a black tongue. She appears more of a canine, than a regular hellhound. She has two piercings in her right ear.

    — She will eventually earn demon wings when she reaches the age of 7 months old. They will start out small, but as her body grows, her wings will grow in size.

    - she will eventually battle a badger and will wear a necklace of its front teeth, also will be found wearing a flower crown.

    brief personality:she is the devil child, even though she will eventually grow out of being the devil child. At first, she will get into trouble a lot, as she is the kid who gets in trouble a lot. She will blame everything on everyone else. There will be time where she is shown being respectful, but that will be rarely. She eventually will be the motherly type. But that will happen when she's older.

    other: her body will be changing a little bit. soon but take your time



    — Marlène x.w.k.p.h| shadowclan |serval | tags | roleplayed by reiko —

  • !!!! oh my gosh!! it's looks AMAZING thank you so much I love it!!! <3333

    "Speech." + tags & plotting

    no I ain't too flawless. and no, I ain't the best.and no, I don't say sorry. and no, I ain't perfect

    but I am the man! I am the man!

    (( koday brekker-shifter-cipher // prince of revenge // exiles second (vice leader) // plotting ))