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  • Henry sneezed as he plopped his fat ass right in the middle of the camp, shrieking hoarsely (he ignored the fact that his voice also cracked. Oh, the throes of puberty), "If any of you fucks wanna play truth or dare, come and join me." He hardly knew how this game worked, but he'd give it a shot. "If any kids show up, it's immediately gonna be PG-13." He didn't care much for the kids and their precious minds, but it wasn't the best idea to have all this stupid adults going off, doing R-rated things while the children were present. Lord knew they didn't need any dumb kids mimicking the stupid shit some of them did.


    tags — shadow veil — played by body

  • henry was an intriguing sort of fellow. for one thing, his race was indeed something odd to be amongst eldiged savages with blood splintered teeth and an adoration for preying on the week. but none quite compared to his persona. it was eccentric and screeching and belonged to a body nearly two times larger than his petite form of red- hypokrisis could solely find amusement from that of the other in this fact. the call of truth or dare in shrill, cracking tone caused smile to part parsley lips as the priest stepped forth with regal strides, settling on his haunches next to tiny robin and offering the aforementioned a nod. "I'll join," he notes. it'd be a nice change from the great stress of war and death, regardless.


    played by fourteenth / tags

  • ・゚ ✦ ° I'M READY TO DROWN - Intriguing or eccentric was a bit of a stretch, in Giancarlo's opinion. Although he did not know the petite robin that well, he had already come up with his own opinion for the birdbrain. If he were to be frank, the pompous brat saw Henry as a nuisance. Not only did they own an annoyingly loud voice, but their actions were also a hindrance to the clan. A few incidents to name was the time they had caused a huge commotion over a ridiculous argument with their companion or the whole sneezing fiasco a few days ago, which ended in the destruction of some of Bloodclan's valuable artifacts. Giancarlo was also not a fan of how the winged creature was constantly spouting out obscene language. The foul-mouthed robin seemed to do it more than Buckingham and maybe even Barbara. It was extremely uncalled for as not only was it unpleasing to hear, but it also made the bird look more stupid than they already were. It was a shame that they were not a gentleman like him who owned a silver tongue. If they did, then perhaps the British apprentice would have at least had an ounce of respect for the savage. "Do not address me with such a crude word." was the first thing that the pain in the butt mewed out as he followed after the Bloodclan priest. The european robin was free to call the others whatever they wanted to, just not him. Although he was not too sure about the other creatures, he for one, was not a "fuck". Giancarlo took a seat on the other side of the porcelain-furred boy while he stared down at Henry with a belittling glare. The long-haired tom cat did not even know why he had bothered to join them as he had better things to do than to hang around the other barbarians, especially someone as frustrating as Henry. Who knew what else the god of calamity could have broken? The only reason as to why he was here was most likely because of the foreign game that the bird had chirped out. Surpisingly enough, the Hayate youth had never even heard of the game truth or dare as he had never gotten the chance to play it with his brethren. This also applied to never have I ever, until he had played it once with the Bloodclanners a little after he had first joined the group. He cleared his throat before he moved on to his next remark. "Anyways, I don't even know how this game works so explain it to me before I decide on whether I want to play it or not." the blonde youth commanded.


  • As Hypokrisis approached, Henry felt his mood become a little less damp. Well, wasn't he in good company now? "Hell yeah," the bird said, offering him the closest thing to a smile his face could manage. No children had shown up yet, so he -

    Nevermind, he thought bitterly, watching Giancarlo approach. He groaned, and the groan lasted for a solid two minutes, because that was just what Giancarlo deserved - a two minute groan. Once he had thoroughly worn out most of his voice, the robin would speak, now more hoarse and scratchy than ever. "No, I'm sorry, obviously you are above a Fuck. You are a Super Mega Fuck. The king of all Fucks." His tone was dripping with sarcasm. Why did this guy think he was better than everyone else? The word "fuck" applied to everyone, whether they liked it or not. Once he heard Giancarlo didn't even know how to play, the robin suppressed the urge to groan again. "Did you even have a childhood?" He kind of felt bad. Where the hell was the tom raised if he didn't know what truth or dare was? "I'd assume it's pretty self-explanatory. Someone asks you truth or dare, you pick either of the two. You pick truth, they ask you somethin', you gotta answer truthfully. You pick dare, they dare you to do somethin', you do the dare." He was kind of betting on these dares and truths being reasonable, but he doubted it.

    Averting his eyes from the tomcat, the little robin would glance around, seeing if anyone else cared to join them.


    tags — shadow veil — played by body


    Colt Knox in BloodClan| tags 

    *:・゚✦ The mention of truth or dare had puzzled him briefly, but he'd also managed to hear the bird explain what the game was. So, in as much confiddence as he could he'd practically strut towards them and give each a friendly smile, often twitching into an arrogant smirk when he'd began to get sidetracked. Still, he seated himself close to the robin, immediately feeling as if his ears were still ringing after he'd yelled the other day. He cleared his throat, swallowing softly before he'd speak up with his smooth british accent. "I suppose it'd benefit me in some way to play, even if the game is... quite frankly childish."



    Colt Knox - Roleplayed by Fenway


  • *:・゚✦ He could recall the times where he and his friends had done stupid things, and truth or dare had been one of those activities. It was an amusing game, one where he often chose dare in comparison to truth. He was someone who told lies, not what was true. There were the few times where he admitted things, but not without a smirk on his lips or a faux laugh to go along with it. His good friend - former - was the one who could see through it all. He often wondered why Wesley acted with a facade. He had nothing to hide, nor did he have anything to gain being with that group. There were no chances for wealth, or power, which was more than likely an indication as to why he had left them behind. That was partially the reason. The other happened to be his best friend betraying him. That was what he believed, at least. Delusions often clouded the mind, even if he was not in full realization of them.

    Hearing Henry call them 'fucks' was entertaining to say the least, so as Wesley padded toward the slowly growing party, he wore a grin on his face. A few chuckles escaped his maw as well, but the soft sounds ceased as soon as he halted beside Hypokrisis. He cast the priest a sideways glance before averting his eyes to the rest of those present. Giancarlo, of course, was being as irritating as possible, all without even trying. Wes didn't much care for the male, so he often ignored him rather than spur him on. The other male, the one who wasn't Hypokrisis, seemed a bit pretentious. This did manage to annoy him, though he simply gave a roll of his eyes directed towards the ground. Once his head popped up again, he peered at Henry, grin still wide on his lips. "I'll definitely join in," the former New Yorker announced in a nonchalant manner, soon sitting back on his haunches.


    wesley / bloodclan / first tier | played by seleste / tags .・゚✦

  • Truth or dare was always fun, but when Henry mentioned that they might have to keep it PG-13 if any kids showed up, it definitely made the idea of the game far less exciting. Still, she approached, coming over behind Wesley and placing herself near Hypokrisis, hoping her presence was enough to announce her participation. Her gaze scanned the crowd, eventually landing on Giancarlo as he bitched at Henry. Seriously? He was going to ruin the whole game if he kept up like this. “Hey, Gian, I have a truth question for you,” she began, using the game as an opportunity to piss him off- or put him in his place, but it’d probably take a pretty good beating for that (though she was sure that was coming someday, once he gave her good enough reason). “Are you ever gonna pull that stick out of your ass?”Hopefully, that wouldn’t fly right over his head; such terms often seemed to.





    barbara fawkes /  queen of the sanguine ruins / cream tabby /  cobblepot

  • ・゚ ✦ ° ECHOES IN MY BRAIN - Giancarlo rolled his murky blue pools at the robin's exaggerated groan. His reaction was not due to Henry's displeasure towards him being here; he was just annoyed by the disgusting noise that was coming out of the bird's mouth. He attempted to reach over and snap the bird's beak shut. What a weird little creature. He had always known that Henry was not the brightest bulb in the box, but he had not realized that they were this dumb. "Please do yourself a favor and close your mouth. If you don't, you might catch flies. Though I suppose your diet consists of bugs, so it wouldn't really matter." The vegetarian could not imagine a life that involved eating bugs all day. He was just grateful that he was in the body of a domestic feline so he would have not have had to suffer through that. He supposed he would have just had to pray to his ancestors that if he was ever reincarnated, it was not in the body of a robin. He would have rather just stayed dead than be in the body of a creature that had a brain the size of a rotten pea. He stood up a bit straighter, puffing out his chest as if he were looking down on the smaller bird. While he scanned the male from head to toe, he began to wonder about whether or not Henry would have been a good test subject to study. He was not experienced when it came to dissecting animals, so what if he started small with the robin? He mused over his vision and was not really paying attention to what his other clanmate had to say. When he finally switched his focus back onto the bird again, he only heard the part about them calling him some strange nickname. King of all Fucks? The act of fucking was participating in sexual intercourse, right? That obviously did not apply to him as the tom cat was still a virgin. A bemused frown morphed over his lips as he thought about the name. "I don't really understand what you mean as it isn't possible for me to be the 'King of all Fucks' when I've never even participated in any sexual activity." he deadpanned as he scrutinized them as if they were the oddball here. Not only was Henry a moron, but they were apparently a pervert as well. He supposed you learned something knew everyday.

    At Henry's question, he took it in a literal sense once again. "Of course I did. How else would I be in my current state right now? In order for a creature to become an adult, they have to get past the stages of their youth. It's common sense, Henry." the bespectacled boy scoffed. Ugh, speaking to the savage was becoming more and more painful by the minute. He stretched back his firm shoulders and half-listened to their explanation. Interesting, so this game was a way to interrogate your enemies. In order to expose their secrets, you forced them to spit out the truth. If they refused to do that, then they would have had to embarrass themselves by performing a shameful action. This game sounded way better than that other never have I ever one. Enthusiasm briefly flickered in his gray-blue optics, before the light disappeared from his eyes. As they waited for more players to arrive, he turned his head to peer over at the male barbarian with the British voice. After they spoke, he scowled. Childish? Were they deaf? In what way was this game childish? This game was tactical! It could have been used as a way to torture the animals from their enemy clans in the future. Colt was definitely the childish one for not realizing the potential of the game. If they felt that way, then there was no need for them to join in. The next Bloodclanner to show up after the British male was another feline with an accent. This time, it was one that was similar to Meyor's. He briskly counted the creatures that were here. Five. That should have been enough players, right? Just as he was about to begin, another wild animal showed up. Their appearance surprised him as it was not just any Bloodclanner, it was the alpha female Barbara. He did not think that a woman of her status would have wanted to play as he assumed that she had better things to do in her free time. Though, he supposed the she cat only knew how to waste her time as she went as far as to entrust her chores to her own clanmates. The first animal to start the game was Miss Fawkes. His whiskers twitched in mild shock when she called on. The queen was asking him a question? He felt a little honored until he heard what she had to ask. Once again, it was another peculiar inquiry.

    It was about whether or not he was ever going to "pull the stick out of his ass". The Hayate trainee visibly cringed at the strangeness of the query. Not only did he not understand it, but he was not sure how to respond to it. What did she mean by that? Unfortunately for Barbara, Giancarlo did not comprehend the saying. "I'm afraid I can't answer that question as I don't have a stick in my behind. Besides, if I did, I'm pretty sure I would have noticed it by now." he huffed. Was the objective of this game to ask as many weird questions as possible? After this, he began to call out the higher up for her mistake. She obviously had not listened to Henry's directions. "Also, I believe you're breaking a rule. You were supposed to give me the option of choosing a truth question or a dare." Socrates, he had only just learned how to play this game and he was already better at it than the majority of the savages here. At least he was here to reteach the game for Barbara. The she cat obviously did not know what she was doing. Giancarlo supposed she had just been extremely eager to ask him a truth question. The long-furred maine coon did not blame her too much as he knew how jealous she was of him. He fixed his green and white striped bowtie as he picked the next victim. As he skimmed through the small crowd, his narrowed oculars eventually landed on the tiny body of Henry. It was only fair that the host of the game got a turn. A small smile formed over his maw. Giancarlo was already having a bit of fun with this game. "Henry, truth or dare?" After he asked his query, he patiently waited for the robin to give their response. Either one of the options would have been great, but the domestic feline hoped that they would have chosen to do a dare as he had already thought of a perfect one for the petite winged creature. It was petty and it was probably his way of getting back at the birdbrain for breaking the precious pottery of the pyramids due to their sneezing.


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  • Henry offered a pleasant look to the rest of them, nodding as they appeared - and snickering at Barbara's remark. "Thank you for starting it off for us, Barbara," the robin would say, clearly amused. He wasn't too familiar with the rules of the game himself, but he didn't care if they even existed. This was his task, so it would go however he wanted it to. Or he'd try to make it just how he wanted, but there was a slim chance he'd really get that.

    At Gian's remark, the bird's jaw would drop again. Bugs? Flies? Maybe some other disgusting little robin would eat those, but certainly not Henry. He had no taste for them. "I'd shut your mouth right there if I were you," he threatened lowly, narrowing his beady little eyes at the male. This was an outrage. He shut himself up though, upon hearing what he had to say next. What - what did he take from that sentence? The robin's face flushed upon the mention of sexual activity, growing more angry and flustered than he had ever been. "That - that was not what I meant, you dumbass!" He needed an aspirin. Or a long, long nap. He hoped he sneezed soon, since he wanted to smash something over Gian's head now.

    He rolled his eyes as Gian responded to Barbara. "I'll allow it." He had answered truthfully, albeit also like a smartass, so he guessed there was no issue here. "Uh, dare," the bird responded upon being asked, no clue what the feline would have in mind for him.


    tags — shadow veil — played by body

  • ・゚ ✦ ° ECHOES IN MY BRAIN - He failed to catch the threat in Henry's words as he thought that the robin was looking after him. That was kind of them but unnecessary as he could take care of himself just fine. He shook his head from side to side as if was disciplining them like a parent. He attempted to close their tiny beak again after they chirped at him. "Don't fret as I'm not stupid enough to accidentally eat a fly like you. Worry about yourself." He responded in a tone that was far from being humble or grateful. The last creature he needed advice from was a savage, let alone Henry. Giancarlo studied the winged animal as they threw a mini temper tantrum for some reason. The bird was quite the interesting individual as his emotions seemed to be spontaneous. One moment he was calm; the next, he was yelling his head off at the bespectacled scientist. It made him wonder if Henry was diagnosed with being a victim of bipolar disorder as their mood seemed to frequently fluctuate. It was that or they had serious anger issues. He attempted to give their shoulder a soft pat when they began to curse. Not only was he a fuck, but he was also a dumbass now. Splendid. He stared into their pitch black oculars as he spoke. The small robin needed to realize that spouting out insults would have gotten them no where. They needed to learn how to control their temper in a way that would have not disturbed the animals around them. Giancarlo supposed he could have helped Henry but the cream and white tom was too busy with his work to do that. He did not have time to be the male's personal counselor. "Language, please. I understand that you might be going through a rough phase in your life but that gives you no right to take it out on me." When Henry chirped that they desired a dare, a large smirk appeared on his face. Ooh this was going to be so much fun. He held back a snicker as he excused himself for a minute to collect the materials he needed. Stepping out of the circle of Bloodclanners, he padded away to find an NPC clanmate. The one he went to was most likely the same Bloodclanner that had assisted him when he had created that turkey. When Giancarlo finally returned back to the group of savages, he had a bag in his mouth. A sharp clattering noise could be heard as it rocked back and forth in the air. He gently placed it onto the ground beside Henry and used his paw to open the sack. Once it unfolded, it revealed a couple of walnuts and small china plates. The fun was just about to begin. "Henry, I dare you to balance a plate on top of your head while you try to crack open a walnut. Every plate you crack, earns you another walnut. I'll start you off with five for now." he explained, proud of the dare he had come up with on the spot. Every china plate they cracked would have been a reminder of every piece of history that they had destroyed. It would have been the best form of revenge.