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    Abathur hadn't really asked to be medic. Sure, he was happy to help, because if he wasn't happy then helping would be miserable for him and he wouldn't do it, but still, everyone decided he was the backup medical expert... and for good reason, he supposed. He was damn good at taking over a situation and fixing emergencies, from what he experienced of himself, because that was the kind of person he was. Even if he didn't quite enjoy the prospect of a leading role, he'd do it to great effect, because for some reason people obeyed his commands... Though that could just be because he was a trained medical professional, and because he was a trained medical professional people thought he always knew what he was doing, because they didn't. That made more sense to him, yes - people followed experts, because most people weren't experts.

    Regardless, if he was going to be a medic, which he did aspire to be once more, with the feeling of pride he got from seeing the injured healed, he needed supplies, which was why he was out in the forest now. He had already gotten a spool of thin silk strands for suturing, and had an on-the-run supply of cobwebs for bandaging at all times. He also had his fangs, which were filled with a nice sedative, always effective for a medic (or if he decided to abduct someone). So, after that, all he needed was herbs, which were easy enough to find in the forest. His next order of business: herbs for fighting infections, because that was the last thing he needed when fixing wounds. That was where he could be found now, slowly perusing the forest floor, looking for marigold or horsetail.


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  • Vanari wasn't a very stealthy creature, not anymore at least. Whenever he took a step it let out a great thud, causing the dragon to constantly broadcast his position to anything nearby. It was pretty fucking annoying, he might as well have a giant damn sign floating above his head saying 'BIG DRAGON OVER HERE'.

    The Commander trudged carefully through the forested part of the Exile territory, trying his hardest to not knock down the damn trees in his path. He was making his was to the scorched cave he now called home, as it was the only place he could take a nap and not wack his fucking head on a concrete ceiling. This exact thing had happened a few times already, and Vanari wasn't too keen on doing it again. Stopping a moment to briefly scan his surroundings, the dragon suddenly noticed that he wasn't alone, spotting the distinctive form of Abathur through the foliage.

    "Hey Ab." he called out quickly, not really wanting to get in an extensive conversation but also not wishing to be rude to the arachnid. Honestly, he just wanted that damn nap.

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    Commander of War for the Exiles

    Large flaming skeletal dragon

    Can still be hurt normally

    Physical:Very hard

    Mental: Medium

    Has control over dark fire


    Yes, Abathur could feel himself that the thudding didn't lend itself well to stealth, his hairs still trembling slightly from the last stop, his concentration almost ruined. Luckily, though, Abathur was blessed with mental fortitude, so even when he had large stomps travelling throughout his whole body like it was some sort of cartoon, he could keep some semblance of focus. Not much, he realized, hearing the large skeletal dragon speak, deciding to turn around after detecting every shuffle of the perpetually immolated skeleton. "Greetings, subject Vanari," he said, voice a kind of low grumble, eyes still darting around the area, searching intensely for herbs, stuff for his collection, things he could use to hopefully save a life... He'd also settle for cold relief, at this point, because apparently the Exiles's own forest wasn't very good for herb growth. Abathur wasn't lazy, no, but that didn't mean he enjoyed wasting his time and going farther than he needed to. That was called being efficient. It was just hard to be efficient in a place like this, since just about every second or so there was some superfluous distraction do come and break his concentration. He didn't hate it, though. It was pleasant being in a group he really understood, after his (in hindsight) unpleasant stay in Sunclan.