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  • the dark optics of a predator seemed to glow in the early morning light, burning into the trodden path before her. a rabbit swung in between dark jaws, still warm, despite the life having been depleted from it's body some time ago. it seemed to radiate heat against the cold chill of winter. the sky, a pale gray, was a far contrast from the lively summer blues, the desolate shade whispering of the barren months to come.

    the huntress shivered. though her fur was thick, dry, the morning air made it feel gossamer. she'd been a winter child, born into the cold, harsh months, but she hadn't been born into this life. no, she'd been pampered, loved, adored - right up until she was abandoned, only a kitten, left to fend against the world. though she'd been taken in so very long ago, raised by the warrior code and tailored to be a fine warrior, the goddess had never taken to her clanmates. she was quieter, antisocial, an outcast not because of where she'd been reared for the first few months of her life, but because she was predisposed to a more stoic nature. she was tight lipped and tense among others, avoiding crowds as best as she could. she'd preferred to be alone even as an infant, preferred her ow nest, chose to play with herself. there were plenty of welcome felines in thunderclan, no doubt, but the feline had little interest in associating herself with them.

    so, come the earliest hours of the morning, when apprentices flocked to the den for much needed recuperation, the young woman retreated to the territory, hunting in the darkness and practicing what few moves she had. then, come morning, she would meander on back to the overstimulating hell that was a camp in the morning, let whomever cared see she was alive, rest, then return to her independent duties while everyone else was out, marking her timing perfectly inconvenient for anyone who fancied sending her on a patrol or out with her peers.

    the real struggle, though, was getting to the apprentice den without being cherry picked for something or another. it took twenty-six seconds at a nonchalant pace to reach the den, and from there, she was almost always home free. the struggle, though, was getting through them without someone stopping her, stalling her, even if it was just for a social interaction.

    bellapaw knew full and well that being exhausted was a valid excuse to decline working. after all, you couldn't learn or hunt or do much if you're a living zombie. but it was an unspoken (or perhaps spoken? she didn't pay much attention to meetings, far too much stimulation.) rule that an apprentice shouldn't be out on her own in the dark, and she didn't need anyone catching on to her habits. no, that would distort her entire routine, and this had been working for so long, the feline didn't need it being ruined by some "concerned" clanmate who thought they knew what was best for her.

    as she neared the camp entrance, the feline slowed a little, sucking in a sharp breath at the sound and scent of a camp buzzing with early morning activity. having braced herself to the best of her ability, bellapaw crept forward, slipping into the camp.

    (anyone is free to intercept her! i do ask that she is not sent on any patrols in this thread, just to keep the focus of the thread.)

  • Dreams Take Flight

    In the Dark of Night


    Nightflower had gotten a bit claustrophobic in the den, so she'd decided to sit outside for a while. An NPC had been snoring, and she'd been sleeping lightly to begin with; it hadn't been a good combination, so the small classic tabby had left the den to sit in the chilly camp, and watch the sky. It was clear, and the moon and stars hung beautifully above her. The silence of the night was broken only by the occasional stirrings from a den, and out here, the snoring of her clanmate was inaudible. At least, the silence was unbroken until an apprentice entered camp from the outside. The warrior nodded to her in a friendly manner."Beautiful night, isn't it?" she meowed, her tone soft in the dark. "I hope there's nothing wrong, that you'd be out so late?" the warrior finished, with a small spark of concern. Leaving camp at night could be dangerous, but the moonlight was so calming, so tranquil, she understood why the apprentice was drawn to the night, and had no particular interest in stopping her.


    Played by Ecaeris

  • the lean feline tensed as her journey was interrupted by nightflower. muscle rippled across lean limbs, and the soon-to-be warrior's optics widened a little, revealing the white beyond the chestnut colored irises. this was, what, small talk? she really didn't want to be rude and just ignore the feline, who was kind enough to attempt the generally polite social greeting. her clanmates seemed to think she was rude enough as was, misinterpreting varying degrees of shyness.

    "couldn't sleep." the dark goddess explained politely, long legs aching to keep moving, to get out of there. and yet, bellapaw remained, waiting for the slightly older fem to dismiss her. manners.

  • ----~  //IC opinions aahh ;;w;

    Lightningpaw wasn't quite sure what she felt about Bellapaw. She was a former kitty-pet, and even though she had made the right choice and joined Thunderclan, she was prime mocking material. So many buttons she could push on this youngling goddess, but every time Lightningpaw thought she would, she was always deterred. Something about Bella's personality - aura - screamed that the tricks up Lightningpaw's sleeves wouldn't really work on her. Worse yet, that the tables would turn on a dime. Like a honey badger approaching a cobra - what hidden mysteries and deadly weapons did this former kitty-pet hold, and would it be worth it to try and get a few bites out of her?

    Lightningpaw decided to just let her be, forget her existence for it did nothing to improve Lightning's. No entertainment to be found with this anti-social molly, so Lightningpaw neither bothered her, nor bother with her. Boring.

    But on this cold, nightly hour, Lightningpaw was even more bored. She hadn't slept much this night - her thoughts filled with Peachmoon and fantaziing the destruction of all two-leg kind - when her sharp orange ears picked up the sound of chatter nearby. Lifting her head from where she lay, curled, just beside the apprentice's den (it was too hot in there, so she chose to spend her thoughtful time outside) she spotted Nightflower speaking with the before-mentioned Bellapaw.

    Lightningpaw blinked once, then twice, and finally shrugged and got to her feet. Too bored was she to pass up any sort of distraction, even if it was in the company of Nightflower and Bellapaw.

    "Nothing's wrong, she just doesn't want people's company," Lightningpaw unhelpfully clarified for Bellapaw, smirking lopsidedly as she eyed the other molly, awaiting some sort of defensive or frustrated reaction to Lightningpaw's assumptions. She swept her single cobalt eye over the molly - they both were around the same age, essentially having grown up together, but there was no love lost between the two. What with Bellapaw's lack of attempts at socializing, and Lightningpaw's lack of attempts at kindly socializing. Dark blue hues flashed in amusement, noting easily the discomfort Bella was trying her hardest to hide in favor of being polite. Obviously, she didn't want to be here, talking - and for once, it wasn't ONLY because Lightningpaw was here! Soon it would be, granted, but still cool.

    "How come you don't like company, Bellapaw?" she prodded curiosity, a snake's smile lighting her creamy white and red maw. She couldn't understand why cats would CHOOSE to be on their own. Didn't it get boring, just playing and talking and being by yourself? I mean, Lightningpaw disliked pretty much everyone she came across, but it was more annoying being alone than talking with those cats. "Think it's your kitty-pet roots?" she continued, unabashed. No filter Lightningpaw - thats what they called her! But though she was sincere this time in her wonderment, genuinely wanting to know what made this girl tic, there was no denying she still hoped to get some kind of emotion out of the other young woman. She wondered what Bellapaw, who's only expression thus far was ever a politely placid frown and occasional lowered gaze, would look like angry. Frustrated. In tears? Oh boy!

  • Ashpaw padded over, wondering whether Bellapaw was okay. Was she upset about something, perhaps? "Are you alright? Why couldn't you sleep?" the black tabby asked gently, offering the apprentice a smile. "Hi, Nightflower." he nodded a greeting to the warrior, simply trying to be friendly. Next, Lighningpaw spoke up, and of course, the she cat was sneering. Deep down, the smoky tom found Lightningpaw quite funny, but there was no need to be rude to Bellapaw, especially as she might already be upset. "Shh, Lightningpaw," he mewed, trying to sound as calm as possible. "I don't know what kittypets have done to you, but let's try to be nice, okay?" The tabby prayed that Lightningpaw understood his words and didn't get angry, for his fur was prickling with nervousness.




    Open to plots and threads, just ask!

  • it wasn't as though she was immune to words. as much as every other feline would like to say so, words got to everyone, deep down. somewhere, within every warm body, there was a little piece of them that clung to the nasty little whispers, and it ate away at them until they broke, until they went to ten or zero, either end of the scale ending in disaster. bellapaw figured cats like lightningpaw were certainly close to the end of one end of the spectrum. they were powder kegs, ready to explode, and cheap shots at those around them made the weight seem a little less heavy.

    so, it wasn't those low blows that hurt the femme. she could brush them off like a layer of dust on her fur after a long night of training. it wasn't always the obvious digs that could hurt someone, particularly a young woman who'd ostracized herself on purpose. no, no - you had to know the triggers. the hot buttons. being an anti-social former pet just wasn't the one that would hurt her, because bellapaw, and every other thunderclanner knew that. it was those secrets buried beneath a silken layer of vanta fur, the voices that whispered and she ignored, that would set her off. the real hunt, though, was finding them.

    "pets," her features remained eerily neutral, her tone disinterested, "are constantly surrounded by others. i had four siblings, in fact. you're not stupid enough to really believe i'd be predisposed to being alone because of that, at least i hope not. no, you're just taking a shot at me because you want me to snap and make a scene and give you a show, and if you want something childish, target kits. i'm not going to rise to you." she knew this only answered one of the questions - but bellapaw wasn't in any mood to answer more.

    dark eyes watched lightningpaw for a good moment. she was almost hoping the words sunk into her skull, made her realize that all the many seasons in which she'd not thrown these digs at bellapaw were good decisions. somehow, though, the goddess knew that her 'denmate' wouldn't take the hint.

    those dark eyes returned to their former politeness, though, and she gave ashpaw a small, almost reassuring nod. she didn't need anyone worrying about her, checking on her. "thanks, but really, i'm more of a night person. i blend in." once more, the feline returned to as-few-words-as-possible.

  • "What's going on here? " ruby yawned as she walked out from the nursery, yet nobody had wondered nor asked why she was in the nursery, but right now she was sleeping when she heard the conversation and was a bit annoyed about getting up at such a late time, but she was curious if what was happening.

    Rubyheart- Ruffled dark silver tabby she-cat, bright ruby eyes, has a healing wound around her neck, and scratch marks on left side and chest, use to live in bloodclan but now currently lives in thunderclan, was abandoned by her real mother and she has a growing hatred towards other cats but she does have a soft spot for kits, she is stubborn, adventurous, loss tempered (not to kits), determined to fight alot, sweet, caring, helpful, and friendly. Is 20 moons old.

  • (just wanted to note that this is the morning, in case anyone skimmed over that. almost everyone should already be up and starting their day - bellapaw just happens to be returning, which would be unusual.)

  • ----~  Lightningpaw let out a whistle - as much as a cat could, that is, but whistle she did - at Bellapaw's response. This was no toy she could bat around, that was plainly obvious. Lightningpaw was momentarily proud of herself for knowing that before the tauntings, but now she couldn't decide if she wanted to take it as a challenge, or to just be impressed and leave Bellapaw be. Choices choices...

    "Ding ding ding! I must be an open book!" she purred, not shy about her intentions. Everyone knew by now that she was the clan's resident bully. She was here to keep everyone on their toes! She was a necessary member of every clan! And also she didn't care. No one had managed to put her in her place yet. "But ive tried getting kits to squeal, and look how Jaggedsight turned out! Such a little brat, never toughened up at all," she shook her head, looking all the world like a disappointed mother.

    Ignoring both Ashpaw and Rubyheart, the molly nodded along in a friendly manner to what Bellapaw said. "Thats why, then I like the daytime, since I couldn't blend into the dark for shoot," the molly responded unhelpfully.

  • Dreams Take Flight

    In the Dark of Night


    Night sighed, noticing for the first time that the sun had been rising while she'd been focused on the moon. Oh well, that explained the sudden influx of cats, all seeming to need to weigh in. The warrior sighed as Lightningpaw entered the scene, and nodded in a friendly manner in response to Ashpaw's greeting. The warrior laughed at Bellapaw's easy shooting down of Lightningpaw's insults. "Good one, kiddo, someone's gotta knock Lightning down a notch," she meowed in an amused manner, shooting Lightningpaw a friendly smile to imply she meant no harm. "Good morning, Rubyheart," she meowed to the warrior, watching her slip from the nursery. "Do you have an announcement to make?" she added with her usual friendly smile. She loved kits! Hopefully Ruby was adding more to the clan.

    Played by Ecaeris