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  • How long had it been since she'd been to BloodClan herself? Hard to believe that the borders of the place used to make her nervous back when she was a kit. "Hello?" She said, pausing after scampering up to the border. "It's Xylia, here from the Black Isle to invite BloodClan to our Thanksgiving feast! It'll be onboard our ship, right by the breakwater." Would they want to come? She missed her old mindset, one where she didn't have any worry and one without fear of the things from the past coming back to see her. Wasn't the whole idea of Thanksgiving centered around being thankful for what she did have?

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° THE MASTER OF MY SEA - The first creature to approach the newcomer was surprisingly the young scientist. It was certainly a nice change since one of the other savages were usually the ones that greeted the strangers first at the border; he was always tagging along from behind, not that this meant anything. It certainly did not mean that he was slow compared to the barbarians as that was far from being the case. He was just...not as athletic as some of them. And that was not too much of an issue for him as the spectacle-wearing tom cat had his brain to make up for it. From what he had seen so far, there were not that many creatures in Bloodclan that were as intelligent as him. Not only did the majority of them lack a proper education, but they were all just simpleminded in general. Without him here to keep them in check, they probably would not have been able to survive for long. He almost did not want to leave in fear of their whole community getting wiped out, but alas, he would have had to in the future for the sake of his brethren back home. They needed the research he was collecting as they were planning on using the information for future references. Blinking his grey-blue hues in puzzlement, he stared down at the smaller ferret. Not only was this his first time meeting a ferret before, but it was also his first time hearing about the Black Isle. He had only recently just joined Bloodclan so he was not too familiar with its allies aside from the Covenant (since that was the clan he was an ambassador for). "Hello..." he mewed in a hesitant tone as if he was not sure how to address the newcomer. Was she a joiner or an ambassador? He listened to what she had to say and briskly nodded in response. Ah, Thanksgiving, that was right. He had almost forgotten about the infamous holiday as the fluffy maine coon had been so preoccupied with his work. The thought of the festival brought back memories of the times he had spent with Drew and Nancy. The elderly couple had always invited their relatives over to celebrate the day with a huge feast. A sigh escaped from his jaws as he remembered his owners, before Xylia's next words brought him back to reality. Ship? As in, a ship on the water? Suddenly, Giancarlo was not too thrilled about this invite as he was not a fan of water. Aside from this, he was a creature that got motion sickness very easily. He preferred sand over water any day as the cream-furred Bloodclanner felt more comfortable on dry land. Unlike the land, water was more unpredictable and wild. He liked being in control of where he went and water did not let him do that. Water was the one that was in control of you. He lifted a paw and shook his head, politely declining the smaller animal. "Thanks but no thanks. I'm not much of a fan of boats as I hate the rocking." Giancarlo responded, not an ounce of disappointment in his voice. The British youngster, still being new and all, had no idea that he had no permission to accept or decline invitations from allies. And even if he had, he would not have cared. After all of this was said, he rose the camera that was around his neck and snapped a few photos of her, possibly catching the female off guard. 


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  • Xylia. Barb could remember when she was just a kid- she had been quiet, not much of a presence when the Bloodclan Queen visited the Black Isles, then known as "the Skulls". That was way back when Sel was leading, right? Damn. Ambling over after Gian, Barb wrinkled her nose at him. What a pussy. "Thanks for the invite, Xylia," she spoke, ignoring the twitch at the edge of her lip and instead continuing, "we'll be going. It's, uh, nice to see you again, by the way." While she had been leader for a while now, this whole "manners" thing was difficult to master. Would she ever? Doubtful, but she could usually fake it pretty well. "Is there anything you need before you head home?"




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  • turkey day was coming up and there was a party being held in its honor? turkey day, that lucky dog! she would head on over if she felt like it. it wasn't often that she became inspired to stray from the main camp and if she did she wasn't certain she would feel comfortable to remain there for long. "want some snacks? road trips are more pleasant with those! you won't have ta listen to your tummy complaining half way through."


  • there was various faces of unfamiliar features who made there way within the clan of thinning bone and rotting flesh. this, of course, was a rather wondrous and most beneficial change from a once stagnant desert where solely a queen of death and beauty, a former creature of war with gentle eyes, and a healer of doll-like proportion with stories of tragedy written within fragile bones stood thriving. it made for change, and change was good- exhausting, but good. the creature forged from ivory and gold came forth with regal steps peculiar in their graceful unsureness and gentle expression upon lovely features. "Snacks or not," came tone of liquid gold through parsley lips, expression kind and concerned, "You should have some water before you leave. The journey back is nothing to laugh at." as a healer, he knew quite a bit of anatomy and dehydration and the fact it could be rather deadly. it was best to be safe rather than sorry- even if he seldom listened to such words of woven golden wisdom himself.


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  • The flashy thing that the first BloodClanner used took Xylia off guard, but she didn't react outwardly beyond a quick flinch. She got seasick herself at times, more or less from migraines, but that was why she always carried ginger root with her when she did seafaring. If not for the arrival of Barb, she would've started asking questions, like what that flashing object was for. "Great! It's nice to see you again too, Barb." Barb was friendly, and despite the distant memories of Sel that Barb happened to rekindle, Xylia couldn't help but be happy whenever she got to see the faces of familiar allies. Then two more BloodClanners showed up, one she hadnt seen before and one that she had at a couple of events in the past. "Thank you for the offers, but I'm all set. I have plenty of supplies that should last never until I get back to the Black Isle." Maybe just one question before she took off. "How has BloodClan been?"