WATCH OUT HERE I COME (Gathering, Trad. Clans 22/NOV/2017)

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  • Fadedpaw watched as LilyStar took her place, becoming a bit nervous as she spoke. You're doing good LilyStar. He thought reassuringly, though that wouldn't help much if she couldn't hear him would it. But he was there supportively for his leader.

    As they tear your hope apart

    As they turn your dream to shame

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  • Wheatpaw faltered, a flash of bitterness crossing his face. However, before it could be registered by another, it disappeared, and he took a breath, tipping his head to one side to consider the possibilities of his mother. Finally, he lifted his chin to look Mercypaw in the eye once more, puffing his chest, shaking of the ghost of a memory, of broken bones and a neck tilted, head facing at him, the eeriness of it all that had scared him enough to send him running back for camp, from his mind. The spirit of his mother hung from his neck, wrapping her claws around his throat. "My momma's dead, and she wasn't a very good warrior. I don't think a good warrior woulda fallen out of that tree like she did."

    The RiverClan tom shook his head, his face twisting. The stutter became pervasive, making Wheatpaw giggle once more, distracting him from the images that had only a few moments ago darted across his memory. Before he could comment on the boy's reply, Lilystar stood up to speak. He shifted to watch her with disinterest, and turned back to Mercypaw upon hearing the full scope of the leader's apparent fear. "Does your momma have a stutter too?"

  • ★ ★ ★ Sedgepaw looked around, noticing an apprentice not interacting with anyone. He inhaled sharply, then approached her carefully. Gatherings are for socialising, so why not take a chance and see how this cat was. He smiled shyly at her. "Hello. I'm Sedgepaw. What's your name?" His voice trembled a little when he spoke.

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  • OOC: sorry I'm kinda late guys ;.;

    IC: Foreststar was there with Thunderclan in a museless post.

    *~Foreststar, formerly Iceforest *~* former (traditional) Thunderclan Leader #7, now StarClanner *~* cisfemale *~* silver tabby chinchilla; white with vague pale cool gray stripes, dark blue boots, and dark forest green eyes; scars on nose, cheeks, thigh, and underbelly *~* approx. 47.5 moons old at death *~* 'vanished'; died in the gorge and was covered by snow until spring *~* last mentored LightningSpirit *~* calm and thoughtful mom-friend *~* has a Russian-esque loner accent ~*

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  • "do-on't be nervous! W-We're all frie-ends here," Mercypaw said warmly, patting berrypaw on the shoulder amicably, thinking about Fadedpaw's nervous stutter as well. In her distraction, she didn't notice the bitter expression that crossed Wheatpaw's face, but a look of concern flashed across her features at his words. She opened her mouth to apologize, for bringing his deceased mom up and maybe chastize him for his cold words towards her memory, but was distracted by her mom's speech.

    Grinning up at Lilystar, Mercypaw waved her paw excitedly towards her mom, even though the chances of Lilystar seeing were slim in the crowd, she still mouthed "your the best mamma!" before glancing towards Wheatpaw at his question. "Y-yep! But its c-cus she gets a b-bit nervous, too." her green eyes flashed, a playful and challenging fire in her eyes, "b-but dont th-think for a s-second that she's w-weak! She's su-uper strong! A-and brave a-and smart!" she nodded proudly.




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  • ----~  Lightningpaw perked her ear, before glancing down when she saw a...child? Trying to talk to her. She quirked a brow, about as amused as queen who's dress was being tugged on by a lowly peasant. But, she vowed to be in good spirits today, so she graced the young male with a smile. "Sup!" she greeted nonchalantly, snickering at the tremble in his voice, "why the hesitance Sedgepaw? Im not going to bite," she said this while playfully gnashing her sharp incissors, before tilting her chin, "my name is Lightningpaw, soon-to-be warrior of Thunderclan." she looked him over thoughtfully, twitched her nose, and commented, "you're a darkclanner." It wasn't a question.

  • ★ ★ ★ Sedgepaw smiled and nodded. "Yep! DarkClan." He confirmed the she-cat's words, though she already seemed pretty confident in them. He couldn't help admiring the she-cat a little bit. She was confident in a way that Sedgepaw couldn't seem to be. Even if he was usually laid back and calm, even confident and bossy, he was mire than a little bit overwhelmed by all the cats at the gathering. Well, he should have been expecting that, honestly. The young tom smiled again at the she-cat, trying to think of something else to say.


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    "who cares if one more light goes out 
    in a sky of a million stars?"

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  • Here're the two replied to Siddy boi if ya need 'em ^^

    Deciding that he should try and make some friends outside of windclan, the warrior padded towards (obsidianstorm? Sorry, you didn’t say your name in your post, so I’ll assume it’s obsidianstorm for now)

    Obsidianstorm and sat down beside him. “Hello, I’m ironclaw from windclan. It’s good to meet you.”

    Jenga had never been able to attend a gathering before she'd died, but had heard many things about them. She padded forwards now, feigning confidence around so, so many strange cats. As Jeminai she was perfectly able to come to the gathering, though she sort of regretted it now. So many cats who could betray you... But the gatherings were a time of truce, so Jeminai hoped every cat followed those rules.

    Looking around for someone to talk to, since LionStar had duties on the high rock, Jeminai spotted one of the DarkClan warriors from before. He'd been there with the apprentice and leader. Obsidianstorm, if she remembered right. Another was already speaking to him, but Jeminai didn't think it'd hurt to try and make two friends. "Greetings." She meowed, dipping her head as she walked over. "I'm Jeminai from ShadowClan, and I believe you're Obsidianstorm, one of the cats on that was, ah, stealing prey." She said it in a light hearted tone, no hard feelings. Jeminai knew why, DarkClan must be pretty hungry and their territory was flooded, if Riddle was to be believed. "I don't know you though, what's your name?" She asked, turning to the WindClan warrior, recognizing the scent from so many moons ago..

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  • Koistep snarled under her breath and looked at members of other clans. "Filth." her tail batted as she looked at an unoccupied tree. Her eyes scoured the tree for cats that might have climbed up, but Koistep saw nothing. Truding through the crowd and hissing at random cats, she began to climb the tree. As she reached the top, she sighed and looked down on the other cats. She held the silence near to her heart, and laid down on a sturdy branch.

  • ☀- //thanks so much jade <3 also oops, yes it obsidianstorm Tallstar30 Jeminai

    A stronger windclan and shadowclan scent lifted him out of thoughts that had made him silent for a while. He blinked, noticing the two cats, and giving a faulty smile. "Apoligies," he stated, tensing as Jeminaai brought up that he stole prey. Not that he was aopoligizing for that, but only because he was silent. "Hello, Jeminai and Ironclaw. Yes, I am obsidianstorm. It's nice to meet you guys. How does your clans fare?" he asked politely, ignoring the fact that he may or may not have been resorting to stealing prey in order to feed their clan.

    Then his blue gaze turned to Lilystar, casting a far smile he hoped reached her. Obsidianstorm thought Lilystar did fine, right to the point and quick. Her stutter didn't bother him any. It was cute.

    -roleplayed by Domino Misfit-

    "who cares if one more light goes out 
    in a sky of a million stars?"

    "well i do"
    CoalStar | 22 moons | Female | Former Trad. DarkClan Leader
    ObsidianStorm | 33 moons | Male | Trad DarkClan Warrior [tags]


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  • Jeminai shrugged. "Not too bad, recovering from the battle and losses. Considering that Leafbare is on the way, I suppose we're doing good." She meowed, pausing while LilyStar spoke. The new leader seemed nervous, but did well in Jeminai's opinion. This would be LionStar's first gathering as leader, and Jeminai was curious to see how he fared. He'll do great.

    Jeminai| 25 moons| Bisexual| Deputy of ShadowClan| Reincarnation of Jenga| Calm| Dislikes physical fighting| Persuasive| Cunning| Good with words| Uncomfortable around strangers|

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    LIONSTAR//Leader Of ShadowClan//45 moons//


    IC: Seeing as no one else was going to speak, must be his turn.

    “ShadowClan is faring well.” He began with. Though was that really true? With the disappearances of late..

    “Nightstar was taken from us and left me in his place. Mustangheart is now ShadowClan’s Deputy. ShadowClan will be chasing off all intruders from our land.” Cue a glare the DarkClan leader’s way.

    That was really all... he didn’t know what else to say... he stepped back to give the other leaders a chance.

  • ・゚✦ . —---- Silver luminaries surveyed the gathering silently as the apprentice walked, picking up bits and pieces of information with each passing glance. He didn’t want to look unapproachable.. but his tired eyes and unkept fur weren’t the cleanest look. They embodied the grief he felt and demonstrated ungracrfully the lack of energy he now felt. She was gone.

  • Lionstar seemed awfully comfortable in his role considering that it was his first Gathering as leader, and for a moment, Poppystar felt a flicker of envy. He seemed to have the whole thing figured out, and he kept the other leaders on task seemingly effortlessly. However, it was gone just as quickly as it came. He was doing a good job so far, and would like make a fantastic leader with time. She was happy for him.

    Lilystar, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. Poppystar watched the young leader deliver her announcements with sympathy. She was reminded of herself at her first Gathering as leader, which had been terrifying — Tatteredstar had just died, and she had no idea what she was doing and no extra lives and fancy name to support her. She hoped that Lilystar would catch on to the whole leading thing quickly. She seemed nice enough, and it would be a shame if she disliked the job.

    After the two made it through their announcements, Poppystar began hers. ”SkyClan is faring well. We have plenty of kits around, as well as several new apprentices. We’ve had no problems recently, and hope to continue without them,” she announced, her voice clear and full of the confidence that Lilystar lacked. She hadn’t noticed how far she’d come in the last few moons, but this Gathering certainly said something, and that was a good feeling.

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  • dovepaw


    drifting from his ever-dispersing clanmates, dovepaw made his way over to an unkempt riverclan apprentice, his scent hitting his sharply in the back of his throat. fishy. for a fleeting moment, dovepaw wondered what it'd be like to eat fish, but the idea of cold, slimy flesh in his mouth didn't really appeal to him. he'd stick to rabbits.

    fluffing up his fur in an attempt to make himself look bigger, the patched grey and white tom introduced himself to the stranger, eyeing birdsong, his mother, from where she sat by herself. he'd go over to her in a bit, keep her company. "hi," he greeted cheerfully, keeping his voice down so as to avoid being told off for talking whilst the leaders were speaking. "i'm dovepaw, what's your name?"

    he hoped that this apprentice wouldn't mistake him for a she-cat, as he suspected thornpaw had. he was reluctant to confront his younger clanmate, and his ears burned at the thought of the uncomfortable conversation.



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