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    Your paws hit the hard frozen concrete as you padded away from your former home. You had finally found your way out of the house of the awful twoegs who had raised you. You had been planning this for moons. You had discovered a clan that lived in an alley and had worked to ensure your soon to be place with them. You crossed the line into their territory slowly, finding a dumpster for you to rest on as you waited for the patrol that would be checking their borders. It wasn't a long wait before they came. "Ready" one meowed from beside the dumpster. "Yes I am," the small leader nodded gesturing with his tail for you to follow


    water source

    training grounds

    the camp

    Hunting grounds are all over. The borders are about four blocks from the park the cats reside in.


    -1 powerful character per person

    -Being active! At least one post a day!

    -If you're going to be inactive for more than three days pm me

    -Ranks are first come first serve

    -IC action have IC affects

    -If you see someone breaking the rules dm me and I'll handle it

    -Clan names please!

    -No perfect cats

    -If you have a major idea dm first

    -If you have a minor or medium idea go for it

    -Warrior cussing only

    -Mating and birthing scenes must be faded

    -No powerplaying

    -Have fun


    Male is in this color

    Female is in this color

    Leader (1/1)

    Spottedstar : rped by Max The Dog


    Lightbreeze: rped by NEP. TUNE

    Medicine Cat(1/1)

    Bumblefrost: rped by Spottedleaf

    Medicine Cat Apprentice(0/1)


    Speckleflame: rped by Max The Dog

    Deerwatcher: rped by c-eremoni

    Shadowleap: rped by daeneius





    Mosskit: rped Spottedleaf


    Deceased Cats(1/-)

    Redcreek: rped by Spottedleaf


    Other Threads

    Roleplayer thread: coming soon


    Cat image here


    Age in Moons








    I relate to this BunBun


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    Age in Moons:

    67 moons








    Spottedstar is a calm and kind Tom. He is naturally patient, though there are times when he tolerates too much. Yet he is a strong and kind leader.


    Spottedstar was born into the clan many moons ago a long with his sister. His mother died shortly after his apprenticeship. His father died died due to his heartbreak. It was several moons into being a warrior that he became deputy. His leader at the time was in his last life and only eight moons into being a deputy he was killed in a fox attack. At that point Spottedstar got his name.


    Open for Plotting





    Age in Moons:

    20 moons








    She is a determined she cat whom puts herself above most others. Yet she does hope to have a family. She is very hot headed and often can't keep her mouth shut.


    She was born into the clan as an only kit. Her mother died in birth while her father was unknown. Yet she grew up strong and relatively kind.


    Please plot with me on her


    I relate to this BunBun


  • Cat image here

    Name: Lightbreeze

    Age in Moons: 33 Moons

    Gender: Tom

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Rank: Deputy

    Personality:Caring and brash.

    History: Lightbreeze was abandoned by the first two eyes who took him in so now hes part of this clan doing his best.

    Crush/Mate/Kits: None! willing to plot!

    Other: latest?cb=20170104042625

    Im trying my best please be patient. :-\>:(



    Thunderclan Medicine Cat — reference — roleplayed by Spottedleaf !

  • Name: Shadowleap

    Age in Moons: 18

    Gender: Tom

    Sexuality: Homosexual

    Rank: Warrior

    Personality: In turns fiery and withdrawn, Shadowleap seems generally beyond his moons. Both sure of himself and comfortable being independent, it is not surprising if one wonders why he joined a clan. However, well though he may fare on his own, Shadowleap does enjoy feeling that he belongs to something, though how dedicated he is to a greater cause is something he himself is of yet unsure. He has learned wariness, but not so long ago also knew what it was to be part of a close, loving family. Despite enjoying dark humor, the young tom has ever been an optimist.

    History: Shadowleap was born to a loving mother and father and raised on the city streets alongside his twin sister and two older brothers. The family was happy and the rough city life suited Shadowleap, up until a terrible night when harsh winds and a loud, vicious downpour of rain obscured the sound of a twoleg monster hurtling down one of the city's many streets. Unaware of it until too late, Shadowleap could only witness with horror as it fatally wounded his father and one of his older brothers. Devastated, his family knew not what to do, as they mourned in their own ways and distance grew between them. On one bright, chilly morning, as their bellies all rumbled and their frail bodies had to be hauled from where they slept with great effort, a fierce argument broke out among them, whose tensions had been growing for the nearly full moon since that dreadful night. In the end, Shadowleap and his sister parted ways with their mother and brother, and each went their own way. For a while, Shadowleap thrived in the city, finding a purpose in starting a new life for himself. However, it wasn't too long before he began to feel the absence of his family and wished for a family to belong to once again. It was now, three moons after his father's and brother's deaths, as he was approaching 16 moons, that he found CityClan and joined its ranks. In the two moons since, he has come to know and care for his new clanmates, though he still often enjoys independence.

    Crush/Mate/Kits: Not Yet


  • white-spots-striped-cat-kitten-six-month-35965961.jpg

    Name: Deerwatcher

    Age: 25 moons

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Questioning

    Rank: Warrior

    Personality: He's naive, kind, Cheery and loud most of the time, especially around loved ones and friends, though he can turn destructive, emotionally driven and hurtful due to being angered or accused of things he hasn't done. He is quite passionate about the things he does know and will let you know when he believes you are wrong.

    History: He was a former loner, living his life peacefully behind a restaurant, being fed scraps of food

    by employees and getting rid of mice for them in return. He actually doesn't know what a deer is and was given the name deer by the restaurant owner, who acted like his owner. He went to the clan in search for friends and allies, but occasionally goes back to the restaurant to say hi to his old friend. During his clan life his naive self was neglected and mentally abused by the ones he thought he could trust, changing him into a scared and cautious man.

    Crush/Mate/Kits: TBD