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  • Litter wanted: Litter six (Archipelagoisland x Fauna)

    Name: Fairyring

    Age: Six months

    Appearance: A large golden tiger with a small nick in one ear. Has clouded, light blue eyes. Although Fairyring may seem alert at times, she is, in fact, blind.

    Personality: TBA with time; probably more withdrawn, would rather speak to those she knows than what she doesn't, likes fairies and magic, along with birds of prey.

    Other: I was thinking of making her have telepathy or a bond with a 'pet' bird, and it's kind of her eyes? It tells her what she's looking at.

    I'd also like to apply for the doctor rank with her. If not, the physicist rank is good as well.

  • I’m assuming white tigers are alright as well? aa

    If not, I can change her up to suit. ^^

    Name: Nirvana

    Age: I guess I should go with six moons because she and Fairyring are in the same litter? If it’s possible, though, I’d like to start her a bit younger, around four or five moons?

    Appearance: A smaller-than-average white tiger with thin black stripes. She often wears blue glitter in her fur (mostly on her back and top surface of her tail), for confidence, and enjoys wearing seashells/other things from the ocean.

    Personality: Laidback, quiet/shy, day-dreamy; will be developed with time. I already posted her introduction thread because it’s physically impossible for me to design a character before roleplaying, but I can adjust as need.

    Other: Perhaps she could sort of depend on Fairyring during large events/crowds and such for confidence? LittleFox  

    Ranks aren’t my priority or anything, so she can just be promoted as needed instead of me applying for positions.


    Solitaire - Extended WindClan - Kit

    Nirvana - The Frontier and The Rift - Kit

    Tanaquil - The District - Leader

  • LITTER 01

    NAME: paintedkit / paintedpaw / paintedstreak

    AGE: three months

    GENDER: male

    — identifies as male

    APPEARANCE: paintedkit is a domestic feline with an all brown pelt and hazel eyes. on his back, he has a long, wide dark red streak of fur coming from the center of his spine to his side, ending close to his belly. he is smaller for his age, even at three months old. his fur is kept at medium-length, and clearly taken care of. he wears a big red bow on his back, and dark red cufflets above each of his paws.

    PERSONALITY: paintedkit is a timid, shy feline. like his appearance, he is dainty and fragile, easy to crack open and break. he is gullible, but knows how to stand up for himself if needed. the boy is also very dependent, not liking to be alone, as he is afraid of it.

    sorry this is so shitty it's midnight and my mind is like dead ugh

    i am a city boy 

    moonbase alpha & a proud mother & meme wolfhard

  • NAME&& Sandplanet

    GENDER&& Female

    LITTER&& Option 3

    APPEARANCE&& Sandplanet is a rather normal looking feline with pale sand-colored fur and two lighter colored spots under her eyes respectively. Her build is rather small but leaning towards average overall. Her eyes are a striking turquoise that frame her face well and give her a stern appearance. She constantly has a pair of tan sunglasses that rest on the top of her, following small silver hoop earrings she has in each one. She often wears a rusty red colored loose bomber jacket and a white shirt with a design on it underneath, the jacket having an open black triangle on the back. You can see the string of a necklace for her dog tags but the rest is hidden under her shirt.

    PERSONALITY&& Sandplanet is a stern yet caring girl with a love for children and others. She doesn't express much emotion yet is capable of seeing the emotions of others. In an instant she would help a person in need without a second thought. This sense of a moral code drives her to do this and sometimes will become her downfall. This downfall happens when what she's doing is actually not right, even though it helps someone. Sandplanet has a soft spot for children and will take as many as she can under her care and such. She tends to really smile and laugh when playing with children and being around them but still retains her sternness.

    POWERS/MUTATIONS&& She has no mutations or powers at her disposal.

    PLOTS&& She's probably gonna adopt some kiddos in the future.

    OTHER&& hiya dudes



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