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  • —— boredom.

    that was all he felt, just boredom. as much as the young tom knew that seeking out conflict was not the best way to seem like a smart, charismatic leader(which he totally would be), it was just so dull. oscar hadn't seen a single damn sign of life in the streets for days, and barely anyone in the hotel. he spent a while studying up on things, but that got boring even faster- although he did get some fun tidbits of information on their little holidays they had here, more specifically Bloodmoon in about a week. hopefully, he'd have someone more active to celebrate with, because oscar doubted his ability to bring down a full-on turkey by himself. the idea of eating a turkey, however, was what finally gave oscar an idea of what to do. there were some farmlands nearby, according to some info by an npc bloodclanner, and farmlands meant chickens- those were close enough to turkeys, right? that, he concluded, was what he would practice some hunting skills on.

    however, when oscar finally reached the open plains and barn in the farmlands, he hadn't anticipated the presence of the perky-eared, tall, lean border collie lounging around the barn. oscar had just finished off a chicken that was almost larger than himself, biting forcefully down on the back of its neck, when he suddenly yelped in panic as he scrambled to run from the barking dog. his jaws let the dead chicken slip free as a sharp pain shot through his hind leg, sharp teeth tearing his skin and drawing blood. instinctually he reached back and swiped his unsheathed claws, leaving cuts beading with blood across the canine's face. as the dog let go of his leg, distracted by his wound, oscar snapped up his prized chicken and half-limped out of there as quickly as he could, disappearing into the tall grass and away as the dog decided it wasn't worth the chase.

    the doors of the hotel swung open as the black cat padded in, blood on his leg mostly dry but retaining the slight limp. he padded farther into the lobby, leaping up onto a couch and laying on his side as soon as possible. the chicken was beside him, lifeless and slightly larger than oscar himself, and he glanced at it with some pride, then flipping over on the couch lazily punctuated with a grunt. "Urgh..."


    —— tags && but you're not a piece of art! ・゚✦

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  • mustangheart ☆ ☆ ☆


    Bloodclan has kept her tense and wary even though this is supposed to be a chance for alliance, and it has tired her out. She had taken a space on an empty couch to nap on when a strong coppery scent of blood hits her. Surprisingly, it's not that of a cat. Curious, she peers round at the black tom and the butchered bird besides him.

    She's aware of his name but not confident enough to speak it to him. Instead, the bengal stretches and peers around Oscar to the bird. "Midnight snack?" She asks pleasantly. Hunting birds. A normal thing to do. A point for Bloodclan.

  • When-Your-Roommate-Eats-Your-Leftovers-Out-Fridge.gif


    [credit to ChoppedLimbs on Deviantart]

    Lorcan (Silent/Fierce)/Male/19 moons/Seychellois (albino)/Deputy/Cannibal

    OOC: IC opinions//

    IC: Oh no.. but to top that fiasco all off, Lorcan sauntered in, fresh scratches littering his stark form, and dragging behind him Half a carcass for his midnight snack.

    And no it was not a normal prey item.

    His gaze shot over the limp form of the bird, his lips curling up in disgust. Imbecile. Why couldn’t he dine with style? Hunt something that fought back not as hard to survive as he could? He settled on the desk with his prize, hungrily tearing into the former cat’s half body with out a care in the world what they thought.

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