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  • The firestarter was usually around, she was everywhere but it appeared that the pregnant Shaderunner had simply vanished. It was very unlike her but due to her pregnancy she was not as sharp as she once was. Her body heavier and lethargic but there were signs of a scuffle along the border, pale fur littered with that of black and multiple scents mixing in. Some of the Thunderlands, some of Bloodclan and Blizzardclan and mingling with the Blackheart Rouges. Where she had been taken most wouldn't really be able to tell unless these places were investigated but for now there lingered a silence in the air.

    //so she's been captured by the BHR, but she will find her own way back. That being said feel free to go on a search for her or throw up raids and yada yada : )

  • TAKE IT ON THE OTHERSIDE  Sekhmet's absence had been keenly felt by the boy, mostly because no matter where he seemed to look she was there. She was a busy bee, and that was rather surprising given her condition, but she was a fiery one and she wasn't the type to let anything hold her back. He'd been out looking for her, nonetheless, as it seemed to him that while she was around everywhere, it was only here in Shadowclan that she was. He'd searched for a good hour before stumbling upon the border and deciding to follow it. From there he found the scuffle, the fur, and the cocktail of scents. "Ah, fuck." He sighed. He recognized the fur as hers, and of course there was her scent. He wasn't getting much from their connection, but he didn't need anything to know that she'd been taken. "Sekhmet's been captured!" he called out.



    fallen kludde — the shadow veil — roleplayed by Incantation

  • "Hmph." Luca wore a frown as he approached, hips swaying as he drew up beside Cavalryheat. He'd been looking for Sekhmet for a while, and was just starting to get suspicious when he came across the scene. The many scents mingled unpleasantly in his nose and on his tongue, and the leader made a face at both the smell and the thought that all those places would have to be investigated. "What if she ran off with that hunky Thunderlander, and just wanted to make it seem like a capture?" He asked suspiciously, poking at the marks scraped into the earth. "I s'pose there's only one way to tell. We should split up, probably," he announced, tapping a paw to his chin in thought. He looked at Cavalryheat. "Whadda you say? I shotgun the Thunderlands."




    tags - ref - played by tem

  • Sekhmet was gone? Well, damn. Stalking forth, still visibly ready to burst, Kissingfrogs huffed at Luca's words. Would Sekhmet really have just gotten up and left? She was supposed to be there to help her - after all, the two were first-time mothers together! But she'd be damned if she was about to admit that. So, instead putting on a facade of carelessness, the flirtatious serval grunted to the leader, "Well don't leave me behind, dollface. No way I'm sitting around here to watch this from the sidelines."


    —— shaderunner + spiritcaller of shadow veil | tags | roleplayed by amy ・゚✦

  • "You've gotta be fucking kidding me," came the growl of Kairos as he padded up. He loved Sekhmet, though perhaps these days less and less as a romantic interest and more as a sister or some shit. Chaos seemed to follow the girl, and this only furthered his constant worried state.

    He ground his teeth together as his headache flared up behind his eyes. "I'll, uh, check out Bloodclan?" that was the only other scent that the male recognized aside from the Thunderlands. Blame it on his disinterest in politics.

  • "I could do Blizzardclan -" she added, sounding somewhat hesitant on even speaking. Para hadn't been the best with scents. Although, she recognized Blizzardclan slightly. She remembered a visitor coming over from Blizzardclan, inviting them to some sort of event. Since it was the only thing that she recognized from everything, she figured it should be the place that she'd look. "If you guys are okay with that," she added. She wasn't sure if they even really wanted her to look; Para had been relatively new to Shadowclan, and she had no idea what clan was what at this point, nor had she even understood any of their politics.



    baby, i've been here before

    i've seen this room and i've walked this floor.

    ( tags / shadowclan + riverclan / warrior / penned by fabrie )