What have I become? (Open, new body

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    Fadingnova / Colouredclan / Demiboy / Reincarnation of a dead star


    It was a cool day with a chilly breeze whipping it's way through colourtown, combated by the warm air rising from the large lake down below. Fadingnova was napping and trying to soak up the last of the warm sun before the cold winter air would start to set in, and despite the chilly breeze he didnt feel terribly cold thanks to it. He was still healing from the battle. His wounds had scabbed over, but they were still stiff when he moved. Then there was the topic of his shoulder. After the battle it had taken a couple tries at resetting it before it didn't pop back out of socket again, but it was still terribly sore. He was hoping the warm sun would help, but still when he moved the dull pain would flare up again. Fadingnova winced as he took a deep breath, trying to keep his injured shoulder still. Eventually though he managed to falk asleep and forget about te pain for a time.

    Eventually the male woke back up from his snooze. The sun was already getting lower in the sky and would set soon and the world would once again be cold and dark. But nova loved the early winter night, he had more time with the stars. He stood up and streatched, opening his maw wide with a yawn before he stopped mid way. He realized he didn't feel the pull of his healing wounds, or the dull aching pain of his shoulder. "What?" His eyes widened in a mixture of confusion and fear as he gathered himself up to stand. He felt smaller too, and his fur wasn't as thick as before. Nova lowered his gaze to look at his much smaller paws that now were a dark brown almost black. And they didn't hold the stars they had before. He twisted himself around, trying to view the rest of his body, and what he saw was very different from what he was used to.

    Nova was no longer the tall almosroundnd lanky kitsune he had once been, now he was a small, compact belgian malinois. His fur was a dark fawn sable, which boasted rich dark browns, blscks, and lighter browns and greys, and his face was the darkest of it all. He weighed only 60 lbs now, but his body rippled with agile muscles. He took a moment to admire himself before allowing q smirk to play across his dark muzzle. He would miss the stars, but he did like this body. It was much.ore practical the the walking freak show he was before.

    *:・゚✦ "Speech."

  • light a candle for the kids, jesus christ don't keep it hid !

    Naturally, when Arcadepaw first saw Nova, she didn’t recognize him as Nova...she just assumed he was one of the drives of NPCs mulling about the plaza. Only, when he called out did she notice.

    “Huh? What’s wrong?” she called back, half interested. She was eyeing a paint set for sale. Perhaps she should paint more weird splatters...


    I went out into the night, I went out to pick a fight with anyone.

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    arcadefire aeternum - lieutenant - domestic feline - avatar art by glowbat - played by museless . - tags 


  • Weddingveil Ravens 

    Colouredclan- Blueblood - Direwolf- 3 years  

    Wed was close behind Arcadepaw, the direwolf was kind of interested in what was going on. "Lookin' good" she chuckled, Wed was born a domestic feline herself, before evolving into a canine. Though that body was killed off in battle, she was brought back as a direwolf, she loved her main form, she always had admired the direwolves strong frame.

    Do Re Mi Fa

    -- so F*cking done with you


    Fadingnova / Colouredclan / Demiboy / Reincarnation of a dead star

    Nova looked up, setting g his now dark gaze on arcadepaw. "Oh, sorry. I just wasn't expecting to change bodies I guess." He assured her he was fine, offering a smile to cement the idea. Not that he was lying, but he didn't want her to worry. Of course this smallet body would take some getting g used to. Already it felt so strange to have such a short tail compared to his former much longer, fluffier version. At Wed's call he offered a grateful smile before dipping down into a bow. "Thank you."

    *:・゚✦ "Speech."