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  •   It was midday by the time Optimus had walked out of the Armory, letting out a yawn as he stretched his back. He had been assigned to do a spar session with someone for his weekly task, but do to his large size, that wasn't really possible. The only person he could really go up against was Luciferus.

    But since he wanted to help his fellow clan mates, the ex-Autobot had been fixing up the armory for a clan-wide sparring session. He had cleaned up the room, picking up swords and loose armor that had been scattered around the floor, and had opened up enough room inside to have several groups do some indoor sparring. There was always outside if anyone wasn't comfortable with that though.

    After moving aside all of the unwanted weapons and clutter, Optimus had gone and found a few wooden swords stored in the back. They were currently set side-by-side at the doorway, along with some suitable sticks if the fake weapons ran out. He had also set up a few dummies along the tree line for anyone who need help with actual weapons or wanted to figure out thier strengths with tooth and claw. He had even set up one for any of the younglings who might have been interested in participating.

    Seeing as he wouldn't be able to actually spar, Optimus would stand back and watch his clan mates, helping them in their form or attack where he saw fit. That way, he was remembering his moves while helping his peers perfect theirs.

    Satisfied with his efforts, the mechanical wolf shook the last of his stiffness out and did one last sweep over the area. After fixing one last dummy, Optimus turned towards the camp. "Sparring sessions open in the Armory for anyone interested," he called out.

  • Sparring sessions? While Val wasn't sure what that was, he knew he wanted to join in. As he neared the armory, he began to remember when Guil had decorated it. These thoughts brought a bit of sadness to his features. He wondered where the femme had gone off to. And, why so many left. There was Guil, Obscuro, LeFou, Beau, and so many others he was probably forgetting.

    But, now wasn't the time to think about them. He was going to do whatever sparring was. Entering the armory, the cub looked around at Optimus' set up. It looked kind of like what Lessa had when she had taught how to heal. He half-hoped they'd be doing something like that now because he'd liked that.

  • The tall imposing form of the void dragon made his way over, a yawn stretching his gaping maw and showing the multiple rows of teeth briefly before he joined the two - a glance down to his side to check on Valemon before the big dragon settled down.

    hm, he'd probably end up sparring with Optimus considering the size between them was more matched even with Luciferus' few more feet.

    that or it'd be an all against one for dealing with large opponents maybe.

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  • When had Shining last sparred someone, one-on-one? It was hard to say. The clearest memory of his training was with his mentor, Ichigo, as a young apprentice. Those sessions had been difficult for him, due to being blind. He had to rely on other senses to defend himself. And that was all he ever learned from him: to merely defend himself- not how to inflict serious wounds or injury. Although Shining did eventually learn more about fighting, he never sought to use such knowledge. The tom avoided violence, if at all possible. It was difficult- impossible, even, for him to hurt another creature without proper reason.

    The Captain wandered his way into the Armory, where Optimus had decided to host the sparring session. Honestly, a clan-wide thing was better than the cyborg simply doing it with one other creature. He was glad that Optimus had thought of it. Now, would the feline actually participate? Shining settled himself into a seating position. Luciferus and the cyborg would probably spar each other. Valemon- although around Shine's size- was a bit young, but still a possibility. He'd have to wait and see who else would show up.






  •   "Hello Valemon," Optimus greeted as the young lion walked into the Armory. The wolf had found Valemon to be a kind spirit, and his youth added to that fact. It was quite adorable, though Optimus would only ever admit it in his head. "Do you know how to spar?" he inquired. He didn't want to assume that Valemon had come knowing what it was at his age, but he had also learned never to judge by appearance. Val could very well know what to do.

    As Optimus was occupied with Val, he didn't fail to notice as two more of his clan mates walked into the Armory. The Autobot knew he would probably be up against Luciferus. He also guessed that if Valemon didn't know what sparring was and wanted to learn, Shininglight would most likely step up and teach the him if no one else showed. But for right now, the wolf gave a simple nod in greetings.

  • Optimus would be right if he did assume Val had never sparred. He didn't even know what that was. So, the cub met the autobot's eyes only long enough to shake his head before his gaze continued to wander, sweeping the weapons on the wall along with the test dummies scattered around. He hoped that whatever it was, he wouldn't have to wait much longer for Optimus to begin.