who will fix me now? [obsidians story]

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  • ☀- [this is their birth. you'll see a lot of the twins in them.]

    Tiny squeals, whining, searching for the sweet smell that came from their mothers stomach. three kittens, only three kittens survived in HoneySplash's first litter. Two stillbirths, and one who suffocated. Tears streamed down the mother's face, but her eyes were mixed with emotion. sadness, for the ones who were lost. joy, for the two twins, that looks identical to her, and for the pure grey kitten. pain, for the fact she was still bleeding, that she was sick, that she knew she'd be leaving darkclan behind. but she wouldn't be negative. she smiled at the members around her. hey worried for her, she saw it in their eyes. "wh-what are you going to name them?"


    -roleplayed by Domino Misfit-

    "i keep dragging around what's bringing me down 
    If i just let go i'd be set free"
    CoalStar | 22 moons | Female | Former Trad. DarkClan Leader
    ObsidianStorm | 30 moons | Male | Trad DarkClan Warrior [tags]

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    Faded paw Tags! Updated 7/10/17

    FadedpawGhost| 14 moons| mentored by TulipBlaze| clumsy| shy| always worried, mostly about The Three Trials| Has trouble speaking to strangers or cat's he doesn't know well| cowardly| Usually takes him awhile to bond with cats| slow to trust, especially when it comes to outsiders| Does his best to be helpful when he can| excited to learn, though that doesn't usually show| Has a slight British accent| Has a stutter|

    Played by Jadefeather12