• Well, since she was eating for more than herself now she figured she would do more family orientated stuff. Or rather friendly get together. This one she had decided to invite both Blizzardclan and Bloodclan to the occasion since the weather was looking dreadfully cold in one area and too heated in the other. The black tainted feline would organize the picnic at the area of the lake, laying own a few checkered patterned blankets so that everyone had a place to lay at if they wanted to. The lake as meant for those that wanted to beat the heat of the jungle and take a swim. For more fun she had thrown in some beach balls and floaters into the water, eyes flicking over to the set up of food and drinks she had along the side lines of the trees on two tables. Music was playing in the back ground and she honestly hope that everyone had a good time. It would be good to improve the relations that they had between both groups anyway and she sighed as she settled down on the blanket before debating on what else she could throw as an event. Her muzzle parted in a yawn as she waited for others to come forth to the picnic and at least have a good time.

  • A picnic, hm? How pleasant.

    Sauntering up with a notable sway of her body, Kissingfrogs grinned towards Sekhmet. "What a lovely evening you've orchestrated, love. You did include booze, did you not?" The serval raised a single eyebrow, whiskers twitching. If there was one thing the flirtatious female loved to include in her fun, it was alcohol.


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  • "Wouldn't be a fun time without it, hon." The pantheress was pleased to at least have one guest among the festivities and she was planning on having more hopefully. Her paw lifted up and she pointed toward area of drinks, soda, alcohol, juice, and water was present and she smirked lightly, tail flicking against the ground. "The bar is open so just take what you want." There was humor in her voice before she shifted to get comfortable again, eyes looking for their guests.

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    With that same grin still, she strutted over to that very bar Sekhmet was so kind as to point out and ordered herself a martini. A girl's got to be classy, after all. Returning with that and a glass of sparkling cider, she offered the cider to the pregnant panther and sipped her on alcoholic drink. Reclining back after she did so, a content exhale tumbled from her lips. "Oh, dear, I could get used to this," she rumbled with a soft chuckle, nodding in Sekhmet's direction.


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  • TAKE IT ON THE OTHERSIDE  Glowing oculars flicked over the whole set up, a small smile on his maw as he approached. "Well, it sure is nice to see that somebody else knows how to have fun too." He rumbled, taking a seat on a blanket and watching to see who else showed up. "Is this that event you said you had planned for Blizzardclan or can we look forward to something else in the near future?" He questioned. The question itself might have sounded a bit sarcastic but his tone was serious.



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  • 「Every weakness exposes flesh — and flesh invites a knife.」

    Enyo slipped over, his gait remarkably graceful for someone with bird talons for forepaws. A picnic... interesting. He'd have to start reaching out more, getting involved more, if he ever wished to make a name for himself--and part of that all, of course, was making friends, or at least connections. He had to start somewhere, didn't he? "This is a nice setup," he said politely, gaze traveling over the area. Music, drinks, a pond with water games... everything was appealing. The valravn settled on picking out a drink, deciding to wait to go swimming until there were others going in as well. Not particularly knowing or caring about the best types of alcohol, he chose a drink at random, sipping it cautiously and finding he actually quite liked the stuff. Enyo settled down on the blankets near the others, his gaze observing them carefully, always looking for more useful things to write down and record.




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    Twilightfrost padded up, peering at Sekhmet and the picnic she'd orchestrated. It was a very lovely set up - but what in the world was booze? The curious canine sniffed the liquid, withdrawing with a soft gag. It smelled dreadful! "What in the world is it?"