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  • Gemclan

    The clan of beauty.


    More than 1000 moons ago, a ragtag group of cats left their territory in pursuit to create their own home. They came across a pool of clear water within a cave, both filled with gems that glittered different colors. Their leader, Sila, paused to collect one of the sparkling objects. After a moment of fishing it out, her eyes lit up in immediate happiness. The citrine gem seemed to glow, and instantly she felt immense happiness. She was overflowing with joy, and she felt at peace. The ragtag group eventually settled a little ways off of the pool of water, which they then named the Starpool. This was the start of the beginning of the clan known to be Gemclan.


    Gemclan's territory is made of hills and flat plains scattered with trees and flowers. Surrounding the camp are various white-flower trees, in almost a circle. Think of a wide oval orchard. Inside the camp are hidden holes that lead to the dens of whichever rank. The entrance of the dens are small hills in the ground with an opening, which are plastered with rocks on the outside of it. A few yards away from the entrance to the camp is a dead oak tree, which is known to be the Tree of Remembrance.

    Not too far away from the ending of the flat plains and hills is a river, which neighbors a forest. It is to the west of the camp, and not far from it is a neighboring clan called Spruceclan. The forest is usually dense with plants and vegetation but it is subject to drought, so usually the clan survives of of rabbits, birds, and fish. If one follows up the river, they will reach the beginning of a snow-capped mountain. At its base is a cave that is home to the Starpool. The top of the mountain is home to a clan called Summitclan.

    To the east of the camp is more open flower fields that leads to a lake. It's abandoned, complete with an old broken fishing pier. Close by is a dirt path that leads to several cottages.


    On the day of a cat's 6th moon, they are taken to the Starpool and select their very own gem. The gem is then taken to the Gemologists who will then create a pendant out of the gem, and thus it will become a necklace the cat will wear. The pendant is to represent the cat's soul and well-being, and in life-threatening times it can 'give a boost of spirit' to the wearer or others. This pendant will serve valuable for future ceremonies.

    If two cats love one another and desire to become mates, one will propose by laying down their pendant in front of the other's paws and bow to the ground. The cat will agree and the other one will rise and the other will place their pendant back on them. The two will then travel to the Prophet and tell them of their proposal. They will then choose a date to hold the ceremony. On that day, the Prophet will say a few words and then the two will recite their promises to each other. Then, they will trade pendants for the remainder of the day and can spend the night at the Starpool.

    If a clan-member dies, they will be brought to the Tree of Remembrance. They will then be buried after the clan expresses its grief. The cat closest to the deceased member will take their pendant and hang it on a branch of the dead tree. After this, the clan is free to go back to the camp and rest. All patrols and hunting-parties will be cancelled.


    Gemclan believes in Starclan and the Dark Forest like most clans do. They also believe that there is a middle-ground called the Black Sky, where cats go to be decided if they are fit for Starclan or not. Think of it as the equivalent of the Catholic Purgatory. Most who go to the Black Sky are usually murderers who've repented and paid for their sins but aren't worthy enough to travel to Starclan. Most Prophets can't communicate with the cats of the Black Sky regularly but they can hear whispers every so often. In unique cases some may be visited in their dreams by a cat of the Black Sky, but never to receive a prophecy. Prophecies are almost always received through Starclan.


    Females (17) | Males (14) | Other (2)

    Leader 1/1

    The leader of the clan. Anything they say is law.

    - Blackstar, male, Tiger’s Eye, roleplayed by me

    Deputy 1/1

    The second-in-command. They will become leader if the real one dies.

    - Rosefur, female, Opal, roleplayed by The Sign of Libra

    Prophet 1/1

    The receiver of prophecies. They are like a priest, and they usually accompany the leader.

    - Coppermist, female, Lapis Lazuli, roleplayed by astrum

    Healers 2/2

    The doctors of the clan.

    - Stoneflower, non-binary, Tourmaline, roleplayed by melo-crisis

    - Ratface, male, Chrysoprase, roleplayed by &Mossfeather&

    Healer Apprentices 2/2

    The apprentices of the Healers. There must be one female and one male apprentice.

    - Dovepaw, female, Pearl, roleplayed by me

    - Stonepaw, male, Carnelian, roleplayed by jai.

    Gemologist 1/1

    They are in charge of collecting new gems and turning them into pendants, like a blacksmith.

    - Skyleap, female, Agate, roleplayed by venture

    Jeweler 1/1

    The apprentice of the Gemologist. They learn about the different gems and their powers.

    - Flarepaw, male, Amber, roleplayed by Jasper

    Warriors 13/∞

    The fighters and hunters of the clan.

    - Seedpelt, male, Diamond, roleplayed by Saltstorm

    - Koifeather, female, Emerald, roleplayed by Koifeather

    - Bearpelt, male, Yellow Topaz, roleplayed by stormy

    - Asterstorm, female, Turqoise, roleplayed by tigress.

    - Redrock, male, Onyx, roleplayed by jezzemay~

    - Bluebreeze, female, Ruby, roleplayed by jezzemay~

    - Palemoon, male, Moonstone, roleplayed by me

    - Lilacbreeze, female, Amethyst, roleplayed by jai.

    - Lotuspool, male, Garnet, roleplayed by astrum

    - Poppywind, female, Jasper, roleplayed by Adorjan Charbonneau

    - Speckledheart, agender, Tanzanite, roleplayed by Rainshadows

    - Skyfeather, female, Sapphire, roleplayed by ForbiddenGames

    - Warblerleap, male, Aquamarine, roleplayed by tigress.

    Apprentices 5/∞

    The warriors-in-training.

    - Owlpaw, male, Moonstone, roleplayed by Jasper

    - Cedarpaw, female, Peridot, roleplayed by tigress.

    - Silentpaw, female, Blue Topaz, roleplayed by jezzemay~

    - Blossompaw, female, Garnet, roleplayed by Saltstorm

    - Deerpaw, male, Ruby, roleplayed by ForbiddenGames

    Mothers 1/∞

    The pregnant female warriors or those who have kits.

    - Shadewhisker, female, Sapphire, roleplayed by ~~~Whisper~~~

    Kits 0/∞

    The offspring of the mothers.

    - Unlimited

    Elders 0/∞

    The older members who are incapable of fighting.

    - Unlimited

    Loners 1/∞

    Friends of the clan.

    - Moor, male, n/a, roleplayed by astrum

    - Siria, female, n/a, roleplayed by Sergal Time

    - Storm, female, n/a, roleplayed by Rainshadows

    Rogues 0/∞

    - Unlimited

    Kittypets 2/∞

    Wandering house-cats who know the clan.

    - Pod, female, n/a, roleplayed by Saltstorm

    - Billy, male, n/a, roleplayed by eloquence


    The pendants of the cats are worn with either a gold, silver, or bronze chain that holds the gem itself. Usually, cats with high-rankings will take their pendants to the gemologist on the day of their ceremony and are given their necklaces back with an added charm or design to it. Like I stated in the ceremony section, on the 6th moon of their life one is taken to the Starpool and select their very own gem. The gem is then taken to the Gemologists who will then create a pendant out of the gem, and thus it will become a necklace the cat will wear. The pendant is to represent the cat's soul and well-being, and in life-threatening times it can 'give a boost of spirit' to the wearer or others. This pendant will serve valuable for future ceremonies. They will usually get a certain calling in their spirit and they'll know what gem to choose.


    1. All FF rules apply.

    2. When someone asks for a recap, please give it to them.

    3. No fighting in OOC. If you have a problem with someone, take it to PMs.

    4. A minimum of 1 paragraph per post. This is semi-advanced!

    5. LGBTQ+ cats are allowed.

    6. No spamming or excessive chatting on the signups or roleplay thread.

    7. No unrealistic cats! And no weird names!

    8. PM me if you have a major plot, need a ceremony, or anything like that.

    9. The healers, healer apprentices, prophet, gemologists, and jewelers may not have mates, but forbidden crushes are alright.

    10. Failure to reply in two weeks without PMing me knowing of your absence will result in the adoption or killing of your character. High positions are reduced to one week without PMing me.

    11. There is no maximum amount of characters, but you will be responsible to roleplay all of them. It doesn't have to be every post, but don't wait a long period of time.

    12. The maximum number of high positions you may have is one to two just to be fair for others.

    13. The Warrior Code is expected to be followed in IC.

    14. Respect everyone! Please.

    15. I can always change these rules so you are required to read them if I notify everyone there is a change.

    16. Keep this roleplay PG-13! Fade out if it gets too bloody or steamy, okay?

    17. Please use a realistic image of a cat, no drawings please!

    18. You can edit your forms! Just make it readable and keep the information there.

    19. You cannot kill another person’s character without their permission.

    20. Rape is definitely not allowed, or molestation, or any kind of sexual abuse.

    21. You may not copy others’ forms or anything else.

    22. Please have read the Warriors series (at least 3 books) before signing up!

    Please note that this clan is a remake of the original one I was apart of in 2014-2015! If the owner of the thread for whatever reason PMs me to take this thread down then I will comply.

    Neighboring Clans

    Summitclan | Allies | Northern Border

    — Created by linde.

    Spruceclan | Allies | West Border

    — Created by tigress.

    Open to more clans!


    Roleplay Thread: Click

    Plotting Thread: Click

    Signup Thread: You're here already!

  • ataraxy I've created another tom, just so you know :)


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  • CAT-02-KH0035-01P.JPG

    NAME Rosefur


    AGE 24 moons

    RANK Deputy

    GENDER Female

    PRONOUNS She, her

    SEXUALITY Heterosexual heteromantic

    GEMSTONE Opal on gold chain

    PERSONALITY Rosefur is a very serious cat. She doesn't fool around, and feels responsible for everyone. Rosefur is fiercely loyal to her Clan, but can often overwork herself trying to ensure everybody is safe and happy, to the point where she can collapse from exhaustion. Rosefur is friendly, and loves kits, hoping to have some of her own someday.

    POSITIVE TRAITS kind, caring, friendly

    NEGATIVE TRAITS overworks herself, a bit reckless, spirited

    STRENGTHS blending in forested areas, speed, hunting, climbing

    WEAKNESSES digging, sticks out in snow, staying out in the cold, fighting

    DISORDERS Insomnia

    APPEARANCE A bronze Egyptian Mau with green eyes

    FUR COLOR Bronze

    FUR TEXTURE smooth

    EYE COLOR Green

    SCARS Couple on her stomach

    HISTORY As a kit, her mother died, and her siblings and father died later on as an apprentice. Will flesh this out later.


    MATE None

    CRUSH Open

    KIN None

    FRIENDS Open

    ENEMIES Open

    THEMESONG 'Dragonhearted' by TryHardNinja

    OTHER none

    PLOTS none


    I'll give up on giving up

    And get the world on my side

    Thea Arcanium | Vale | Riverpaw | Leafkit

    Trad and Ext Roleplayer

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    Jasper - Male - Ghost Boy

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  • gray-cat-wallpapers_33460_1600x1200.jpg

    NAME Stoneflower


    AGE 36 moons

    RANK Healer

    GENDER Non-Binary

    PRONOUNS They/them

    SEXUALITY Asexual demi-panromantic

    GEMSTONE Tourmaline on silver chain

    PERSONALITY Stoneflower is a cat created for meticulous work. They make sure that they use correct amounts of herbs on wounds. They enjoy making friends, but only confides in a few. Even with their serious nature, they make morbid jokes. They are protective at a motherly level for their close friends, and is only willing to fight when they or kits and mothers are provoked. Ever since an accident, they've seemed a little off, using their job to distract them. They usually act differently around others, especially patients, than her close friends, acting a little more cheerful than their friends would say they are. Even though they need help sometimes, they refuse it, saying that since they're a healer, they can find something to help themselves.

    POSITIVE TRAITS Focused, patient, protective

    NEGATIVE TRAITS Secretive, isolated, odd

    STRENGTHS Organized, observant, calm

    WEAKNESSES Too proud, not good at socializing, dislikes being crowded

    DISORDERS Derealization, masking

    APPEARANCE Stoneflower is a gray mackerel tabby with short fur, which appears to be well-groomed. Their eyes are a shade between olive and emerald. They have a semi-foreign build. Scars are noticeable on their shoulder and back.

    FUR COLOR Gray

    FUR TEXTURE Short, fine

    EYE COLOR Green

    SCARS She has scars on her shoulder and back due to an accident.

    HISTORY Stoneflower was born as a loner, and joined the Clans because their father lived there. They were on a patrol by themselves at night, and so was their father, and he mistook them as an intruder and attacked, and instinctively, young Stonepaw defended themselves, although, fought a little too hard and when their father realized his mistake, he ran off, never to be seen again. Stonepaw was scarred from the fight and requested that they change their pathway, simply saying that they didn't want to hurt others, and wanted to heal others instead, not mentioning the details, lying that their father was killed by a badger. They became the Healer's apprentice, and it satisfied her, despite the many herbs that she had to memorize.


    MATE None

    CRUSH None

    KIN Deceased





    PLOTS Perhaps they can be a close friend to Flarepaw, Dovepaw, and Coppermist?

  • Mirror's Edge Is it okay if you wait until the plot and chat thread is created? Hopefully it won't take too long. I want at least another 2 or 3 more people to join and then I will create it. ><

    venture. Ok! Sounds good.

    I've updated the allegiances everyone, I'll be updating the gems after I post this.