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    LIONSTAR//Leader Of ShadowClan//45 moons//

    OOC: mustangheart

    IC: He’d made to leave shortly after announcing the deputy, leaving the clan in the capable paws of an NPC warrior and Jeminai as he took Mustangheart with him. Soon as he stepped out onto the grassy plains, the wind picked up, biting at his fur making him chilled to the bone as his hackles raised.

    Luckily, WindClan has seemed to be asleep, as they ran into no resistance as they headed towards the HighStones. They had to skirt around the barnyard, narrowly avoiding a run in with the dogs that were usually tied up.

    They soon found themselves at the ThunderPath separating them from their goal, monsters rushing back and forth, their noise assaulting their ears. As soon as the coast was clear, they raced across the path, hearts thundering in their chests.

    Finally, finally they reached the stony mountains of rock, pausing to rest. When the moon slowly began rising, Lionsighted stood up. “It is time.” He mewed, before turning and vanishing inside Mouthermouth’s open maw, the blackness of the tunnel freaking him out slightly, at least enough to make his hair stand on end as he followed the tunnel for what seemed like forever, before breaking forth into a cavern. In the midst of said cavern lay a glittering stone, ablaze for the moon’s cold light had lit upon. He turned to gaze back at his most trusted ally- since losing Jadefeather- and deputy. “Keep watch for me.” He purred, before settling against the stone. Everything went black.

    He woke to find himself in the FourTrees hollow, stars twinkling brightly from above. Suddenly, they began swirling down before his eyes, as countless Star-filled felines now swarmed the hollow, their gazes never leaving him.

  • A familiar face would be there to greet him when he 'woke' in StarClan's domain.

    "Lionsighted," welcomed Cinderstar, finding it hard to keep the prideful smile off her face at the sight of her former Clanmate. She had been leader before Flaxenstar, who had trained Nightstar to be everything he had become. They were both fine leaders, and Cinderstar had no doubt that Lionsighted would step up to the challenge and surprise them all with his capabilities.

    Tail curling into the air, the blue-furred she-cat stepped forth to touch noses with the soon-to-be leader, stars twinkling off her pelt. When she stepped back, she spoke once again. "Welcome. You've overcome so much and StarClan is proud to see the cat you've become. We welcome you here as a new leader, and we foresee your brilliance as the future leader of ShadowClan." Despite her reputation as a grumpy old cat, she hadn't stopped smiling once since she had come in. Dying had been difficult for her, and yet now she could help her clan more than ever. It was more reward than she could ever have hoped for.

    Taking in a breath, Cinderstar began to gift him his first life. "With your first life, I give you stubbornness. Your clan won't always support your choices and that's because some of them will be difficult. Stand your ground and prove to them that you do everything in their best interest, for that's what a leader is - strong in the face of difficult decisions." She leaned forth to touch noses with him, the life flowing from her blue gray form into the ebony form of Lionsighted. It rushed with a crippling ache in the heart that pulsed through every limb. The life was a storm, weathering him down and grounding him into the earth before soothing into something much more bearable. Strength.

    When it was over, her calm green eyes met his amber ones, full of understanding. She mouthed something incomprehensible before stepping back into the crowd of StarClan warriors, allowing the next cat to step forward for the new leader.







    —— medicine cat apprentice of shadowclan | tags | roleplayed by amy ・゚✦

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    LIONSTAR//Leader Of ShadowClan//45 moons//


    IC: A familair grey pelt melted from the crowd, coming forward to touch noses with him. Cinderstar. He hardly remembered but he was grateful that she was here.

    As her words ended, his heart literally felt like it was going to burst with the pain that it held inside it, leaving him breathless before it mellowed out, and calm steamed over his form, forcing his fur to relax once again.

    As he gazed back into her eyes, she tried to mouth something to him, before she stepped back and melted into the crowd leaving him standing there alone.

    I won’t back down..

  • mustangheart ☆ ☆ ☆


    Mustangheart and the very soon to be Lionstar still didn't know each other too well, but he had been on her radar for a while. Nevertheless, any higher power showing a sign of trust was always great. This may be where she ends up one day and so .... it's worth paying attention. "Of course," she responds seriously to Nightstar as he touches down on the Moonstone. Mission given, the orange bengal keeps watch for her soon to be black pelted leader.


    Coalsmoke, a heavy set angora rolls languidly in the background. It's not his time yet but he's taken an interest in the soon to be leader. He's had many troubles on his plate, a hectic life, and now he was under strain to take those of the clans along with him. Yellow eyes pondering, he looks out over as Cinderstar gives the first life.

  • tracking, I assume this'll go in the order in the sign ups?

    JasperStar| Male| 30 Moons. Ages however | Windclan| Leader| Bisexual| Brother of deceased Ferret| Best ability: Deep thinker, realist, slightly ADHD| Extrovert, thrives in crowds, nervous alone| Worst quality: curious about everything, doesn't like being 'cooped up', has a hatred for BloodClan| PM for capture, major injuries, or possible death|

    Lives: 8/9

    Played by Jadefeather12

  • track

    I'd Trade All My Tomorrows For Just One Yesterday


    I Know I'm Bad News

    Warrior - Thunder Clan - Female - 24 moons old - Mother of CallPaw, CreamPaw, PuddlePaw, SootPaw and LuckyPaw- Mentor To N/A- Mentored JaggedSight - Nonviolent PP Allowed.

  • //I'll go with Ferret then, and if no one else does I'll bring in Jadefeather ^^

    Ferret would be the next cat to approach. It was a surprise for him to be here, as not only had he been a loner in his life but the only clan he'd ever interacted with had been WindClan. And, that interaction hadn't gone well. But Ferret didn't mind, his death had had an impact upon WindClan, though some seemed to be forgetting that loners could be just as important as clan borns. His own brother was now leader of WindClan, and though Ferret hadn't been able to give a life he'd been proud.

    Now he approached another new leader, older in some ways, young in others. He dipped his head to Lionsighted, twitching his whiskers before he spoke. "I am Ferret. I never joined any clan that you cats live in. I never got the chance. I stumbled across the moor, wary and starving, hunting for anything to keep me alive. A WindClan warrior stopped me because I was a loner, despite how hungry I was. I attacked, and they brought me back to their camp. I begged for death, for my pain to be over, and their leader obliged. Looking back now, perhaps my life could've been saved if they'd been willing to give a loner a chance. To accept me. I give you the life of acceptance. Accept that not every cat is perfect, or born the right way. Acceptance turns away from war, and shows the way to peace."

    Ferret ducked his head to touch noses with the soon to be leader, thinking over his words. Perhaps perfect peace could not be gained forever, but accepting other cats, making them feel welcome and not inferior was a good step. May you lead for a long, long time Lionsighted.

    JasperStar| Male| 30 Moons. Ages however | Windclan| Leader| Bisexual| Brother of deceased Ferret| Best ability: Deep thinker, realist, slightly ADHD| Extrovert, thrives in crowds, nervous alone| Worst quality: curious about everything, doesn't like being 'cooped up', has a hatred for BloodClan| PM for capture, major injuries, or possible death|

    Lives: 8/9

    Played by Jadefeather12

  • il_fullxfull.325805869.jpg

    LIONSTAR//Leader Of ShadowClan//45 moons//


    IC: A cat named Ferret stepped forward, giving the life of acceptance. He cringed as the life rushed through him like a fire, burning through his very being, before dissipating into a cool sensation, nearly chilling him to the bone.

    I’ll do my best... he thought, as the former loner stepped backwards to make way for the next cat.

  • Now stepped forward a feline that would likely be unfamiliar to Lionsighted, as she had long been dead. Mossstep had lived in the days when the clans were just brought back from disaster, when everyone disappeared and Starclan gave no answers. The black and white molly stopped before the new leader, her moss green graze glimmering with starlight. "Lionsighted," she mewed softly. "You will not know me, but I am Mossstep, Shadowclan's first medicine cat after the destruction of the clans. We suffered greatly in those days, there was much fear and panic. The hardest thing of all was remaining patient, allowing Starclan to guide us even when we didn't feel them there, and being calm and kind to those who are struggling. You will surely face similar hardships, and so I give you the life of patience. May it allow you to always be understanding and tolerant when your clan struggles." The she-cat would then step forward, closing her eyes as she leaned down and touched her nose to the new leader.


    irene & connie & cherrykit