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  • seeing that there's a lot of new faces around......

    but introduce yourself, your characters, and then answer this question------

    what is the meaning of life? nah jk, but your favorite sleeping environment?

    sooo i'm gonna start it off

    I'm Pax and I play Aleksei Targaryen who is the leader of BlizzardClan at the moment. I've been RPing here since the beginning of the year and it's one of the best communities I've had the joy of RP'ing in. I enjoy drawing, reading, long walks by the river, and memes.

    As for my favorite sleeping environment, I like it when the room's really cold and I have a really nice warm heavy blanket.

  • Hihi! I'm Yiisoo but everyone normally calls me Yii. I currently play Chesspieces, the medic-in-training here in BlizzardClan. I've been here since August and I have to agree with Pax, this community is one of the best I've been apart of in a very long time. I'm a fan of alot of different tv shows, the most I watch being Supernatural and Stranger Things.

    As for my favorite sleeping environment, I have to be wrapped up in a blanket. No matter if the room is cold or hot.

  • Hi! I'm Fenway, and can otherwise go as Kyle or Fen. I'm currently a P.E, Drama, Dance and Music substitute teacher at a school and my main year groups are Grade 8-9. I'm the oldest of eleven siblings and I like to go to the beach at least once a month with friends and family. My favourite coffee is Espresso Chocolate and nobody can tell me that it's not delicious because it is and you're wrong. I also enjoy swimming, spanish music and baking. I'm eighteen and will be nineteen on May 17th.

    As for sleeping environments, it can't be too cold otherwise I'll wake up with my toes freezing but meh. I can't sleep during the night and the heating can't be left on otherwise I'll wake up with an obscenely dry throat.


    I don't even need your love but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough ・゚✦

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  • Hello, I’m Rebs and I roleplay Artemis!

    I’ve been on this site for a long time. These days you can mostly find me in Welcome board and The Help Den, greeting new and returning members and helping out everyone that I can.

    cause I’m too nice I swear

    I have two 7 week old kittens that I take care of and adore so feel free to ask about them! Pics will probably be included, just a warning lol.

    My hobbies include wandering the woods, watching the fireflies around our pond at night, writing, astrology, Netflix, drawing, and this is really weird but I love cleaning ??

    !! Fun fact, I’m an ordained minister.

    The cleaning bit aside, there’s always clutter on my bed on one side of my bed. If my bed were clear I’d likely have trouble sleeping. Before I even try to sleep I warm myself up some milk, add honey, and watch YouTube on my TV.

    The fan has to be on high so I can sort of focus on it and lull myself to sleep. Reminds me of rain. c’:



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  • Hey there! The name's Beatles. Aaaaa I play Jerseyboy here and I've had him for a while now,,, since April, I think? He's my muse baby!

    As for me, I love music (specifically rock and classic rock) and I've been playing the drums for several years now. I enjoy watching The Office, Friends, Star Wars, Star Trek, Family Guy, South Park, and I also have an unhealthy obsession with Jersey Boys

    If you ever wanna plot, hit me up!

    + oh, my favorite sleeping environment is warm and with toNS of blankets


    reiko / blizzarfam is life /nonbinary

    *:・゚✦ Hello everyone, i am Reiko. but most call me Rei. I used to play Raelynn when she was here. Currently she is nonactive. Currently i play Koralina here. she is my muse bby. i've had her for almost 3 years now. shes a very old character of mine. Uhmm. if you wanna plot with her, shes up for that. thou, she has her moments where she will be a bitch. and uhm as for my sleeping environment. thats a tough question, i dont know really. its warm.


    advanced roleplayer+ deviantart  + she's a killer queen+ too many characters to name

  • heyoo. im salt. i’ve been on the site since like 2009-2010 ish(?) but im actually just now joining the blizzfam. i’ll be roleplaying bleach harbringer, yet another oldie of mine who will be pretty distraught that like his entire family his dead. i adopted him a few years back as an aima x gilbert child. i myself am a junior in highschool, and im getting ready to move from hawaii to the big island. (pfft idk why hawaii is great. and i’ll me like smack in the middle of the big u.s) so expect my muse to struggle a bit.

    as for sleeping conditions, i sleep in a cold room ontop of my GIANT. 100$ teddybear my boyfriend bought me before he left. its like 3x bigger then my twin bed and like 5x bigger than me (note im like 4’9) but seriously i just sink into that giant thing’s belly with a. big blanket and im set.




    spotted hyena - ex-darkclan leader - clan hopping - tags - penned by salt

  • My name is Frostsoul, but you can call me Frosty. I play Fadingmoon here and I've been on the site since 2008. I led BlizzardClan with Fading way back in the day when it was called SnowClan. I enjoy reading and writing and listening to music!

    My favorite sleeping atmosphere is having it be cold so I can pile blankets on.

  • Hello! I'm Amy, and I play Gemini in BlizzardClan, who is a baby witch still figuring herself out. I've been on the site since I believe 2013 or 2014? I've been around BlizzardClan since it was SnowClan and Fadingstar was just ending her reign with a character known as Librarynaps, who is probably my best known character. I'm a major cat nerd, so I've been fostering baby kittens since 2014 as well, though I'm currently taking a break to focus on work. My other hobbies include listening to music, taking walks, and roleplaying here of course! c;

    My favorite sleeping environment is preferably cold, so I can wear a ton of blankets. I hate comforters and sheets. Absolutely hate them. I'll sleep on them, but not under them. I'm 100% aware it's an absurd hatred and I have no reason for my dislike of comforters, but unless it's a blanket, I will not sleep under it.


    —— paladin trainee of blizzardclan | tags | roleplayed by amy ・゚✦

  • hello guys!! i'm dreamiplier, or dream, and i play mike wheeler here in blizzardclan. i've been in blizzardclan since early april of this year, with multiple different characters (scout ison, illya kuryakin, etc), but so far mike has been the one with the most posts, and almost the longest here in the clan.

    i'm obsessed with markiplier (though i haven't been watching him much AH kill me but i did get to see him for a very early birthday gift <33) and stranger things (fuckin' live for that show), and i really love finn wolfhard lol.

    i've been on the website since very late 2015, but i feel like i've been on for so long! i didn't join the main game until april of this year, and i'm so shocked i didn't sooner. i guess i was always intimidated. but now i regret nothing

    my favorite sleeping environment is in my bed (obviously) with like 15 blankets and having my fan on and having it slightly chilly

    why do i want to be sweating in already hot & humid florida, i don't know

    i am a city boy 

    moonbase alpha & a proud mother & meme wolfhard

  • heyyyyy i'm cobble ! blizz was the first clan i joined on ff,,, almost a year ago now? i brought my boi pierce here last november and i've been posting with him since then <33 i also play barbara, the leader in bloodclan, and plan on placing another character in riverclan soon!!

    i'm from florida and i ride horses, and i uhhh really love green day, gotham, stranger things, and,,, sleeping i guess bc i have no life

    my favorite sleeping environment would have to be in a SUPER cold room with the fan on and then specifically one blanket i always use and like,, a ton of other ones piled on top lol

    i don't sleep with sheets or comforters or anything though

    just blankets lol

  • Allo everyone i'm Machiro and i play Wavepool here in Blizzardclan...i mean, when i have the time to do so that is, she's currently my longest lived character and i've played her for...I believe two or three years now? Dunno, but i was in Riverclan for quite some time, I also play Iris Mallister, the current leader of The Sanctuary. Been on this site back in January of 2011, but please refrain from looking at any of the posts i've made in the past...they're just...yea, i'm sure you know what i'm getting at, i wasn't much of a writer back then. I joined Blizzardclan about a month back but then my muse died and life caught up with me so i just didn't start posting again until recently. I enjoy swimming, playing video games, anime, and reading, reading is my life now, and i'm currently going through college for a Master's and eventual PhD in genetics.

    For a favorite sleeping environment....mmm, kinda chilly, like in the low 60's to high 50's with no breeze so my pillow is nice and cold, pitch black, absolute silence since i can't sleep if there's any noise at all really, and my one, amazing blanket i sleep under

  • hey im pretendiings but i go by meghan or feral! ive been on this site since january of 2013 so ive been here for a little while now. one of my most recognizable characters would be blackjack from bloodclan / darkclan, who i played actively for a couple of years before taking a break from the site. i keep trying to bring him back but unfortunately my muse wont stick with him :'- 0 but i play ness in bloodclan, miles in sunclan, and hopper here currently! some of my favorite things are nintendo games, marching band, show choir band, band in general, thrifting, and art.

    my favorite sleeping environment is wrapped up like a burrito in my down comforter while music plays next to me OR falling asleep on the couch while watching tv


    meghan or feral | she / her | storage | characters


  • Heyo I'm ForbiddenGames I've been here since 2012 but only recently started roleplaying on the main game. I play June here and Athena in the Exiles, which is why I don't usually reply here she takes all my muse and time. When I'm not on this website I ride a motorcycle around, I like going on rides, and I'm in the navy, or at least I'm going to be. I'm set to go to basic on December 6th so seeing Chicago in the winter should be fun. Lol jk I'm from cali I'm going to die. I also enjoy playing video games and watching mostly the marvel tv shows on Netflix like punisher and Jessica jones

    My favorite sleeping environment is when it's cold inside and cold / raining outside, my blanket wrapped around me and my dog at my feet. She's the biggest baby so sometimes in the night she wakes me up with her crying and I hold her until she goes back to sleep

  • hey, i'm starry! some of you know me, because i've been here since about 2015, but i've gone through an almost year long semi-hiatus and i just returned about 3 days ago! i love to draw, watercolor paint, play video games, and watch stranger things (over and over and oVER)

    i play steve harrington currently, but i have played several blizzardclan characters, like boba fett, benny gecko, centuryvenom, spencer reid, and cicero!

    my favorite sleeping environment is probably very very cold, rainy, or snowy (around 30/40 degrees fahrenheit) and my cat is all cuddled up to my stomach!


    tumblr - dA - weirdo forever - characters: steve h (inactive). - wonderlust (active)

  • heyo it's array! I've been on the site since around 2014 and since then my writing has gotten so much better omg. In my first year I was a casual rper, taking random hiatuses all the time and just popping by every once in a while, but I have grown since then and have been actively around for a couple of years. I've rped mainly in ShadowClan, the Compendium, the Dominion/ScarClan, RadicalClan, and of course Blizzfam. Currently I have two active characters, Hiro in ShadowClan and London here, but I'm adding a third child Aileen to that soon hopefully.

    Outside of this forum I love orchestra, colorguard, drawing, and my part time job. I'm also super stressed with five ap classes omg, but I've somehow managed it so far? My favorite sleeping environment is in my bed, cuddled up in my blanket, and with my dog(s). One of my dogs sometimes farts, and it smells absolutely dreadful when he does. One evening he did it three times so I just threw him out of my bed lol rip

  • Heyyo, name's YandereFurChid, and I play little Sachiko here! Basically one of my best friends introduced me to Feralfront in 2015, and I can tell ya' I've gotten way better at rping and stuff for a person of my state. I was set on playing one oc for a year or so, then i started to branch out. I've mainly played in every possible clan already, but currently only have Sachiko in Blizzardclan. Hopefully I can gain and control more then one oc at a time.

    Other then that, off the site I'm a dork that loves spoiling people, and is totally an anime lover, pokemon enthusiast, and over all I'm just plan lovable most people like to say. I really think I'm a more positive person and I enjoy helping others and talking on a daily routine with most. And if any of you guys need to I'm here for you to talk to and stuff!<3

    Forgot to add, I can sleep anywhere, I basically don't have a favorite sleep place. XD

  • hey, i'm fabrie! i'll be rping pasithea over here! i've had a few blizzfam characters in the past, but my muse for them always fell flat, or they got neglected. i've been on this site for a few years, although i've only been in the main game since january since i was far too nervous to even get involved at first]. i love drawing, writing, playing video games, listening to music, and i'm considering getting into playing the acoustic guitar, since i've been interested in music since i was very young.

    my favorite sleeping environment is just a nice, warm bed with a good pillow.


    characters .* moonbase alpha .* jimmy squad

  • yo i'm tearily and i actually don't have characters here rip, i've had past characters that were here though and i joined the main game around 2016??? I first joined Feralfront it's self around 2015, and the one place that i can sleep or nap is in the car with music plugged in and a pillow and blanket :3

    Put my heart on my chest so that you can see it, too

    —— Semi-Active | I'm walking the long road, watching the sky fall ・゚✦