plot with the local prankster c;

  • hey hey hey pls plot with my bby whirlkit! here's his info:

    whirlkit - whirlpaw - whirlwhisker

    alliance: thunderclan

    age: 5 moons

    zodiac sign: libra

    gender: male

    appearance: golden marbled tabby with blue eyes and long whiskers

    personality: whirlkit has seemingly limitless energy, stamina, and determination. he's relatively simple-minded and slow to learn, but he is surprisingly creative. he also has a goofy side, and his battle and hunting techniques can be quite unorthodox. although he acts like a fool most of the time and can be quite disrespectful, whirlkit has a deep understanding of pain and suffering. he cares deeply about others and will go to great lengths to help them.

    history: whirlkit was born to two elite thunderclan warriors (npcs). when whirlkit was 2 moons old, shadowclan invaded the thunderclan camp and whirlkit decided to leave the nursery to help fight, almost getting himself killed. his parents came to his rescue just in time, but both were killed by shadowclan warriors while protecting him. since he was so young when it happened, whirlkit doesn't have much recollection of this event. however, his clanmates resented whirlkit for causing his parents' deaths, and now whirlkit feels the clan's inexplicable hatred of him. ostracized by his peers and craving acknowledgement, whirlkit turned to pranking his clanmates to get attention. this backfired horribly and only reinforced his bad reputation. even still, whirlkit wants to prove himself and it's his dream to become clan leader.

    plot ideas:

    --i want him to have a big unrequited crush. he annoys her and she's really rude to him and it will be funny

    --friends. not too many because he's very annoying but he can't be hated by everyone that's just sad. he will care deeply about his friends and will do anything for them

    --also i want him to have sort of a rival. someone he likes and looks up to but also wants to beat because he's really competitive. this cat will turn into his best friend and needs to have almost the opposite personality as whirl

    --interactions with cats from other clans (after he becomes an apprentice, of course). whirl is very protective of thunderclan and will probably fight your character at first. but he also loves making friends and would def try to form a bond with your character

  • Pumpkins story is actually kinda similar her family was killed under almost the exact same backstory, so she'd actually watch out for him and likely be very stern about wanting to be his mentor when he's an apprentice.

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  • omg I love him!

    I could see him getting along quite well with Cloudgaze. Cloud is half-SkyClan, half-kittypet and was abandoned by both of his parents because he’s blind, so he would totally understand Whirlkit being an outcast.

    He could be like a big brother/father figure to him if you wanted!

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  • I can see Whirlkit and Egretpaw getting along, their personalities are pretty close xD


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