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  • This is my first entry, just excuse my bad ideas.



    PM me if you want to RP

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  • tracking, idk i might enter this but it'd be for fun and not really to try and win, my submission would probably be in somewhat of a joking matter



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  • his paws hit the cold earth, as he ran, seeming to amplify the pounding in his ears. snorting, the cloud of thoughts began to crawl out of their grave, seemingly more and more prepared to attack once more. his mind was in a state that had caused him to lose the man he once was... the person he used to be. the beast that he was, he couldn’t stand to deal with it anymore. and his family.... what would they say?? once they knew the truth? what he had done?? sure it was a so called “right of passage” but really? how could something like that be expected of him?

    slowing to a walk, he snorted as he took ragged breaths, then letting out a scream of agony as he shifted back to his human form. the clothes on his back were still intact, (a rare occurance within his family), and the note still crumpled in the pocket of his hoodie. he slowly uncrinkled it as his breathing turned ragged and tears began to flow down his face. “dean, your mother and i have begun to wonder what has caused you to leave home again. another of your crazy dreams again? whatever the case may be, we miss you son. please, come back home. our annual november feast is being held at the same time as always. please, come and join us. everyone misses -” he stopped reading there, letting out a sigh of fustration.

    that was his issue, they never understood him. never could see that he was meant to be called on another path, not the one that they were setting up for him.

    four days later there he was. standing at his parents’ doorstep. while he could describe his internal conflicts to you, he couldn’t find enough time to explain to you why he felt the way he did. however, whatever he was feeling vanished as his parents opened the door, and he saw the joy on their faces once they saw their son. the look they had that made his worries vanish for a short time. the smell of all the food and the familiar spices and the warm glow of his family was enough for him to know. he belonged here. with his family. the feast could offically begin.

    don’t get too close, its dark inside —

  • The ART winner is: Sadie

    The WRITING winner is: Vanilla

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    Thursday: OFF.

    Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm.

    Saturday: 12:30pm-6:00pm.

  • Ah, thank you! <3

    Nice job too, Sadie!


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