The Kingdom of Avalon [Sign-Up Thread]

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    The Kingdom of Avalon

    The Kingdom of Avalon is an old one. It's population is known for it's hardy nature, and some among them are known for their connection to dragons. This has given Avalon a fearsome reputation. For decades after it's founding, the kingdom had peace. However, all good things must end, as one day a war between the Kingdom and the elves broke out. The elves typically kept to the woodlands beyond Avalon's borders in their kingdom of Adistone. Like Avalon, some of their people have connections to dragons, but they cannot ride them. Still, these dragons are fast and formidable despite their size. The elves and Avalon fought for years, until peace was eventually found. Though it was a tremulous peace. Tension between the groups still ran high, so it was only a matter of time before the fighting eventually broke out again. It has been six years since the war started up again, and the king was killed in battle. Now his daughter takes the throne, determined to put an end to this fighting. Will they succeed? Or will Avalon be defeated?


    - All FeralFront rules apply

    - Please keep this thread PG-13

    - The Sign of Libra is the co-owner of this thread

    - No overpowered or perfect characters, everyone has flaws

    - Drama between characters is fine, but bullying and harassment will not be tolerated OOC

    - I will reserve a position for 72 hours, then it will be reopened unless the person reserving it has spoken to me

    - You may play as many characters as you'd like, but be sure you can play all of them

    - No major plots without discussing it with me and the co-owner. If you have an idea, please talk with me and The Sign of Libra.

    - Please try to keep the genders even

    - If you play a dragonrider, I prefer that you play both dragon and rider

    - This roleplay is meant to be long term, so please keep that in mind when you join

    - I have the right to change the rules if need be. I will let you know if they are ever changed

    - If you have any questions, please just ask!

    Races and Creatures in Avalon

    Position Explanations:

    People in the Kingdom

    King (0/1): Will be decided in rp

    Queen (1/1): Rhea Lockhart - played by Plutonian-Raven  

    Crown Prince/Princess (0/1): Theodore Lockhart - played by cetus. *to be born in rp*

    Royal Children: *To be born in rp*

    Prince Maximus Lockhart - played by druidbuckeye  

    The Council (5/5)

    Kennarah "Kenna" Harrington - played by PaleLight  

    Prince Quentin Lockhart - played by druidbuckeye  

    Israo - played by SoulStrike  

    Azrael Vatra - played by The Spoopiest Ink Sans  

    Ausaut Ralenchort played - by Brokenstarsnachoparty

    Captain of the Guard (0/1): Reserved

    Medics (3/3):

    Astraea Cromdiir - played by BabyBird

    Lexie Hira - played by The Spoopiest Ink Sans  


    Medic Trainees (1/3):

    Clara Maria Mandile - played by Crooow!  


    Dragonriders (3/7):

    Devon Hunter - played by Mirror's Edge  

    bonded to Thea

    Constantine Ferdinand Lupus - played by druidbuckeye  

    bonded to Involmo

    Alexis "Bluefire" Ryder - played by The Spoopiest Ink Sans  

    bonded to Aura


    Knights (5/∞)

    Alexander Reid - played by Plutonian-Raven  

    Ruben Rachwild - played by PaleLight  

    Primrose "Rose" Levane - played by Plutonian-Raven  

    Thomas Mandile - played by Crooow!

    Tomkin Andrews - played by Chapter Master Omegon  


    Squires (0/# of available mentors):





    Rhea and Quentin are half-siblings

    Thomas and Clara are siblings

    Clara is training under Astraea


    *This form is for a dragonrider's dragon*

    1. [Image Here]
    2. Name:
    3. Age:
    4. Gender:
    5. Personality (optional):
    6. History:
    7. Other:

    My Forms:

    Other Information:

    Thread Staff:  Mirror's Edge [co-owner]


    Roleplay Thread

    Plotting Thread

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    Name: Devon Hunter

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Hetersexual

    Rank: Dragonrider

    Rank Desired: None

    Personality (optional): Devon is a bit spirited. She's very brave and loyal, but often gets in trouble with her recklessness. She's determined to prove she can ride better than any noble, but due to others looking down on her most of her life, she is a bit unsure she can pull it off.

    History: Devon was a commoner who found a dragon hatchling wandering the streets, bruised and beaten, at the age of ten. The boy who had been given the hatchling didn't like how she wouldn't follow his commands, and eventually dumped the dragon and asked for a new one. Devon raised the dragon, who ended up choosing her as her rider. When that happened, she was allowed to join the dragonriders, despite not being a noble.

    Love Interest: Open

    Children: None



    Name: Thea

    Age: 11

    Gender: Female

    Personality (optional): Thea has many things in common with her rider. She is very spirited, will let you know when she doesn't want to do something, and tends to set things on fire. But unlike Devon, she is quite confident.

    History: She was ditched as a hatchling by a noble who didn't want her, and Devon raised Thea, until they both joined the dragonriders.


    I'll give up on giving up

    And get the world on my side

    Thea Arcanium | Vale | Riverpaw | Leafkit

    Trad and Ext Roleplayer

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  • Sure, you can reserve the heir! I'm not sure when they'll be born, but it may be awhile. You can of course make other characters to play before they are born :) Crown Prince/Princess can be reserved for longer than the others because of this. Though, the person who reserves it still has to be active.

  • Not really in depth mostly because I don't have the energy.

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  • WIP



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  • OOC: Can I reserve a royal prince who isn't happy with his station and wants to see the world? He might also want to end up being a knight as well, not too sure on that part.

    Should I bring in Constantine or Hyacinth as my rider? To those who are in Libra's Astrean Dragonriders thread?

  • Kenna is accepted! And lol that sounds like me when my friends start watching shows I like XD

    And sure! That would be interesting! If you want him to be a son of Rhea and whoever she marries, then it may be awhile before he's born. Or, if you want, he could be her brother. He would still be a prince. I'm open to her having siblings :)

    And if you're wanting to being one of them in, either one is fine with me :)