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  • Okay, so, I'd like to offer up my Scorchpaw for any type of plot. I also think that the cannibal, villain thing will be cool

    And just so you guys know, I have basketball practice on weekdays so I get on more on weekends.

    Hope is stronger than Fear...


    - Coldthunder, Lakeclaw, Birchcloud, and Stoneblaze of Nettleclan

    - Shadeleap, Scorchpaw, Falconwing, and Hawkkit of Peakclan

    - Finchstar, Coldleap, Turtlepaw, and Amberkit of Falconclan

  • myth

    I think you're running the rp fine, you seem to be super passionate about it. I just want you to know that with finals coming up, I won't really be jumping off of the walls with plot ideas or anything. You guys can do what you want, I really don't mind if the plots have ultimately nothing to do with my cat(s). I'm just along for the ride :-[

  • myth you're doing a fantastic job! Better than I've ever done with most clan rps. I don't mind if my cat isn't the one in the prophecy because I'm happy with her as deputy

  • I’m debating if Ratpaw should go on a little journey to find herself after she becomes a warrior.

    Maybe Flowerfur returns and asks for refuge for a few days, and the clan is really cold towards her because she did turn her back on her clan.

    Ratpaw could begin to feel the backlash from her mothers mistakes, and starts to feel out of place among her clan mates.

    Signatures are lame, and I'm lame too. So.

  • That sounds good, really plot anything as long as I know before hand.

    Im sort of getting concerned about pace again, I think I'm going to do Hawkkit's apprentice ceremony soon. We can get the plot rolling and they can go ask NettleClan for herbs.

  • I hate to do this, but with how busy i am and having rarely any time or motivation to get online and rp, I'm going to have to drop out of Peakclan. I can really handle only one clan at a time and once I'm able to dedicate more time to rping, I'll definitely join back with Dustymuzzle and Quickpaw.

    I'm so sorry, everyone!

  • it was lovely having you here, even if it was for a short time, midnight c: hope to see you come back soon hehe <3 i know you're in nettleclan too but still

    okay, so i have my nettleclan bby speckledfawn, yeah??

    i'm really


    really tempted to have sweetnectar be speckledfawn's sister or half-sister or something like that???

    which would make speckledfawn's kindness and platonic affection towards peakclan cats more understandable because right now it just looks like she's a mean medicine cat who likes another clan more than her own ??? but idk ???

    sweetnectar is gonna die and i want speckledfawn to be affected in some way bc lowkey she has taken the time to learn every name of the cats in peakclan bc she's that extra lmao

    so would that be an okay thing to do??

    should i have posted this on the nettleclan chat thread???? i might do that as well ???? just because???? but idk?????