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  • Hello all! I am an ancient RPer, I used to rp back in 2011-13 in Oakclan with Whitethroat and a bunch of other stuff. So I hope yall like me!

    Character Name ;; Dawnrose

    Character Name ;; Tigerpaw

    Hope these are okay! Let me know if I need to change anything!

  • Going to be leaving for a bit, recently had a house fire lost everything, family got out alright. Right now I need the distraction but I'm not sure how active I'll be on here. Just wanted to let you know. Bye if I'm not on later.

  • Moonraven

    Oh no! I am so sorry for everything you have lost though, I am happy you and your family are okay! Some of my close friends have gone through the same thing when I was starting college (Feels like forever ago now)

    I send happy vibes to you!

    Proud RPer of

    Spidershade ♀, Foxtongue ♂, Blossomfrost ♀, Stonepaw ♂, Applepaw ♀ and Panther ♂ of OakClan