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  • -- Alsanna--

    Alsanna / Female [She, Her]

    6 Month Old - Ages one month every 11th

    Third Tier Nurse of Bloodclan

    Speaks in Bold Ice Blue thinks in Italic Ice Blue

    Is drawn towards that which she fears

    Softly spoken, uses few words

    Thinks of a pale blood moon, dreams of the endless eclipse.

    Always scared of something

    Takes solace in the dark, the cold and the quiet

    Obsessed with the night sky

    Has a fascination for relics of the past

    Thoughts that make no sense make from images and colours she does not recognise plague her mind. A gentle voice in the dark guides her sometimes. Ruminations of things yet to happen, or events long gone.

     Appearance: Black and White Cat

    Alsanna is a small black and white cat that has very soft and silky fur which is a mix of medium and long in length. The majority of it is black though there are a few white areas.


    - Alsanna wears a small jade anklet over her left paw gifted to her by Giancarlo.

    One large white patch is on her chest leading up to the top of her neck, and the others are covering her paws. Her eyes are a startling pigment that in the light appear to be more baby blue, though when darkened are revealed to be a piercing shade that resembles something more like ice.

    Her posture often changes very quickly depending on the situation. When things are calm she carries herself in a way that almost looks possessed or as if lost in another world with eyes glazed over. A gentle smile rests upon her soft features with a pleasant, soothing yet voice to match. When startled or drawn to action she very quickly shifts with her tone becoming sharp, eyes wide and voice trembling slightly.

     Alsanna seems to feel little heat or cold. The freezing icy winds of the desert at night seem to cause her no trouble, nor does the scorching sun when the sun is highest. Physical senses of urgency seem dulled to the point where even when battered and bruised she seems to act fine.


    Alsanna is usually found in either one of two states; serene or afraid. Her thoughts often trail off into never-ending spirals and tends to watch, think and listen rather than talk and act. The tranquil calm she emits is otherworldly to the point where it is almost unnerving. Unless the moment requires action or a clear threat is present, very little will seem to phase her.

    When scared or startled she changes quite drastically. Her form drops into a low defensive stance. Eyes narrow and dart around taking in every little detail. Her voice becomes sharp and cold, often with a slight quiver in every other word. She's easy to scare like this but in an odd twist of fate is often drawn to that which terrifies her so much. More often than not, she seems to be stuck like this. The weight of the world is dragging heavily from her shoulders, and the responsibility of her new position is having an effect on her.


     The Sight - Known, Currently uncontrollable

    Telepathy - Somewhat unknown and uncontrollable

    Friends: Bucky, Barbara, Domitian

     Guardians: Hypokrisis

    Crushes: Hypokrisis (kinda)

    Interaction: Will not attempt to start fights, is too afraid to finish them

    Very easy physically. Easy mentally.

    Can power-play peaceful and non-violent actions

    -- Fear is a reasonable response to life  --

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