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            Thea Summer Arcanium

            no nicknames

            13 months → ages every month on the first

            Fire elementals, shapeshifting

    cisgender female

    preferred pronouns → she, her

    SunClan → Solar Commander

    Dove, Finch, and Crane titles


            Is quite small for a dragon due to her egg not being properly incubated.

            Anger management issues. Push the right buttons, and Thea will not hesitate to kill you. She struggles to control this at times, and it will get her in trouble.

            Her shapeshifting is caused by the darker essences in her aura awakening, and that is when she gains these powers, but until then, they will remain undiscovered. At first, she will have no control over it, but gradually gain it.



    reference Thea is a beautiful dragon with two large wings and two smaller wings, all covered in plumage. She glows a bit, and has horns on her head. Her body is slender and light, with a long tail. Her body is about the size of a leopard, if a little bit larger, and is most likely this size due to her egg not being properly incubated, and being dead for a few thousand years. She can burst into flames, but has a bit of trouble controlling it when angry. Thea also has a long scar running down her back, due to her capture and torture by the Sanguine Ruins, and is still slightly pissed about it. In this form, she has an odd mutation: her tail has spines along it, carefully hidden, but can be shot from her tail, until she runs out, and then Thea has to wait awhile until it grows back.

    LIONESS | SECONDARY (Undiscovered)

    reference A large, golden lioness, with her color being darker her back and sides, while the fur on her chest is much paler, an almost white color, and the tassel on her tail being a dark brown. Her ears are rounded, with tufts of fur poking out of them, and a few nicks in them as well, from past battles. Warm, amber eyes are set upon Thea's face on this form, but can quickly turn from a fierce fire to a motherly gaze to a cold glare.


    reference Her kitsune form is much smaller, but is quite similar to the catsune forms many Arcaniums possess. Her eyes are a deep brown, and she has multiple tails, her fur a deep golden color, and tall, pointed ears with a tuft of fur between them. The tips of her tails are a bit darker, and her legs are slender, her body shape sleek and elegant.


    reference A small leopard with pale green eyes, she is a bit fluffy, with whiskers framing her face, and a bit of white on her tail. This body is quite suitable for the desert that SunClan now resides in.

    CARACAL | SECONDARY (Undiscovered)

    reference A tawny caracal, with tufted ears and black markings on her face, along with a bit of black on her tail. Has a white stomach and a bit of white under her chin.

    —— minor injuries:

    —— major injuries:

    ACCESSORIES: a necklace with a piece of her egg carved into the shape of the sun and Suga's golden choker

    SCENT: a gentle aroma of vanilla, mixed with the fresh scent of SunClan's ocean breeze



    Thea has no difficulty introducing herself to other people. She's open to ideas, and in general is quite friendly, though will struggle with forming bonds with people she does not trust at first. She's the kind of person who does not get lost in thought easily, though at times, when she feels nobody's around, she will daydream.

    Under pressure, she usually remains calm unless verbally or physically provoked, in which case you can expect her to throw logical thinking out the door and will resort to violence as her answers to problems. Her pride of her clan will often lead to this, or other pressure points.

    She often doesn't initiate conversations, being more at ease with hopping into them rather than starting them. While Thea is naturally curious, she won't let her curiousity affect her actions.

    At times, she will feel she has to justify her decisions and reasons for them to other people, especially those who question them, due to her lingering insecurities that have formed as soon as she was given a position of power, though she will rarely admit it, if at all.

    Her room is often kept quite tidy, as she hates being disorganized, but is willing to be adaptable if necessary. She finds it a bit difficult to relate to other people's feelings, and her mood can change very quickly.

    In her opinion, truth is more important than protecting people's feelings, and will not pull any punches as a result, along with her not realizing how her actions can affect other people.

    It doesn't take her much time to get used to a new environmetnt, adapting easily. Thea is more of a natural improviser than a careful planner. Her emotions control her more than she controls them in most situations.

    She will use sarcasm as a mental and emotional armor. Around others she is not close to or at formal events, she will use precise wording and be polite, but with her, it's like flipping on and off a light switch. Piss her off or provoke her, she would be more than happy to use abusive language, and physical violence. This makes her a bit unpredictable.


    —— significant traits: hard-working, brave, loyal, determined, reckless, sarcastic, and picks fights at times


            NPC x NPC, adopted by Hexane

            Furor is her sibling

            Family includes Suga, Hayliel, Gareth, Irene, Limestone, Europa, Rumi, Ama

            friends are Aurum, Phex

            enemies are Colt Knox

            no crushes

            biromantic heterosexual

            platonic relationships easy

            romantic relationships a bit difficult

            FUTURE PLOTS:

            The darker essence mixed into her aura begin to show after she is captured, and Thea begins to act more erratic and out of control, and while feeling she is only 'protecting' her loved ones, and begins to become more paranoid.




            will not attack without reason

            might start fights

            will end fights

            will not run away

            feel free to powerplay friendly actions

            open to minor injury

            ask before capture, maim, major injury

            bold name in #COLOUR and @/ACCOUNT


    I don't wanna

    lie to myself

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  • Wall of Quotes

    aurum: why are you calling her speedy you should call her spikey

    aurum: wait

    aurum: we should call thea....

    aurum: sonic the hedgehog

    aurum: hey div explode with us

    thea: EXPLOSIONS

    while thea is gonna get everybody killed

    i'm drawing aurum

    and i'm really happy with it so far

    cue SunClanners screaming in unison as they run away

    Fear the Thea, she bites

    no the scary thing isn't that she bites

    it's that she impales everything

    Gareth after it's all said and done: and this, Sunny-Ds, is why she's in charge of warfare

    Then he proceeds to slip sunglasses on

    Also I shall now forever call SunClanners Sunny-Ds because I feel like it's my greatest purpose in life to fulfill

    Before Thea and Gareth know it SunClan's just a pile of ruins after they're done


    thea needs help

    but i still love her

    I don't wanna

    lie to myself

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