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  • Right so I didn't want to get into this, I can be very negative unintentionally, but I do wanna mention that it might help for Zephyraisis to have an idea of what the Divergent series is like, and the sort of people who live in this dystopian universe:

    Abnegation: are conservative, selfless, and are called stiffs because of their pushover personalities. They like Nerdy said, were drab grey garments, are known for feeding the factionless and doing the jobs that none of the other factions want to do.

    Amity: are kind, loving, and caring, similar to Abnegation, they are a friendly face. They wear warm colors like orange and yellow, are known for being the farmers and livestock faction. They have the "go with the flow" attitude towards life.

    Candor: honest, whether you want them to be or not. They hold honesty as the most important thing. They traditionally wear a mix of blacks and whites in any one outfit, they are the justice system. Are trusted to run fair trails. They can be rather brutal, but while they have their bad apples, they have good ones too.

    Erudite: Known for their intellect, Erudite is the most glamorous factions besides candor. They have a rigorous society aimed at self interest and self knowledge. They will do anything in the name of science. And while they have cured most illness, they have competitive power struggles, and are known for lacking empathy similar to Dauntless.

    Dauntless: our faction is known for being brave, strong, indomitable. We have the most ruthless leaders, military style lifestyles, and are violent, reckless, and thrill seeking. We often wear tight black clothes consisting of leathers and camo typically. People in Dauntless are expected to fall in line and never back down. In dauntless you never turn down a challenge, and are expected to fight to protect the rest of the factions. Weakness is not tolerated. In dauntless initiation, you are expected to learn to fight, shoot guns, throw knives, work as a team, and face your fears in the fears-cape.

  • Zephyraisis I went through and pointed out things I personally could see the problems of. Though anyone else can get anything I missed. Just want you to know what does and doesn't work in this roleplay.

    Full Name: Sohalia Dayita Kiirala

    Name Meaning: Moon-glow

    Nicknames: Dayita




    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Birthdate: July 8


    Rank: Transfer Dauntless

    Previous Faction: Abnigation

    Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless


    Dayita is a small girl in stature. She stands not at an average height and is very skinny. She has long, floor length hair of a soft bronze auburn color that pools in a couple inches on the ground. Her face is elegantly shaped with high cheek bones and a cute nose. Her lips are a soft rose petal color and plump. She has almond shaped eyes and the color of these eyes is a stunning turquoise. She actually has slightly tapered ears, Ok here's the first 'problem'. What do you mean by tapered ears? Looking up it just seems to be like this. 12011999296_7168e04df3_o.png Is that what you meant? If so, she wouldn't be allowed to have this in Abnegation since they cannot have any form of jewellery or self indulged things like hair-dos or make up or whatever. They must all look plain and the same. It's so they don't focus on themselves but focus on others. The only accessories they're allowed to wear are watches.

    usually hidden by her hair. She wears a veil which goes to her ankles of a light blue color, embroidered with beads and sequins. Second thing, as we've stated, veils and beads and sequins aren't going to work in this universe. Especially if she came from Abnegation, they only wear grey, and don't wear accessories. Like this. Divergent-movie-abnegation-tris-caleb-clothes-outfit.jpg That's what your character would have to wear in Dauntless, and would have her hair in a bun, not falling down her head. Then when she moved to Dauntless her clothes would change again. Like this. Picture-31.png So none of the clothing options you said would be allowable in either place.

    She has what is known as a tikka the part of her hair to her forehead of light blue and dark sapphire blue coloration. She wears a skirt at all times, but it has slits so she cane fight in it and also wears a light blue crop top which is hidden by her robes. So again none of these would work.

    She wears flats mostly, but there are times she goes barefoot. When doing training her outfit is form-fitting leggings of black with a off-shoulder crop top also in black and a tattoo is on her right collar bone of a hibiscus flower and another on her ankle See now this is more like what she would wear the whole time.

    Height & Weight: 5'2"

    110 lbs

    Body Modifications: a tattoo on her right ankle of a hibiscus flower

    Physical Disabilities: none

    Faceclaim: No true faceclaim but it is from an Asian Bridal Collection


    Personality: Dayita is a super super super shy being. She doesn't like to talk and merely will whisper spells to get them done. Problem again. We don't have spells in this roleplay or in this universe. I mean this is easily fixable, just edit this part out of the form. She can be shy, but not the spell part.

    She's timid, skittish, and jumpy. If one were to place a hand on her shoulder, she would jump and shy away. Dayita is cautious, wary, uneasy, and very untrusting to anyone. She hates being the center of attention and prefers to keep to herself. Dayita is however, underneath all that something else. She's extremely loyal, honest, kind, and strong willed if you can wriggle under her caution. She's also got a sweet temper and can be protective when need be.

    Her signature being is to not trust anyone or anything. She is feircely protective of those whom win her absolute trust. She doesn't really speak and keeps up the appearance of a frightened young girl, though her true self lies the amazingly empathetic and sweet self that is so capable of loving. She refuses to allow anyone too close, worried she may end up being betrayed at some point or another. She refuses to be played again....she doesn't accept the gifts given as she does what she needs to. She is a great fighter and happens to simply hide beneath a mask.

    Positive Traits: Loyal






    Negative Traits: Shy








    Hogwarts House: Slytherin

    MBTI Type: ISTP

    Likes: Solitude


    Dislikes: Crowds




    Habits: Singing



    Fears: Crowds

    Her family


    Hobbies: Singing




    Mental Disorders: n/a

    Family: Eona-------- mother ---- adoptable iI'd love some more information about her family, but that's just my preference, were they originally born into Abnegation? OR were they transfers? Not necessary, but useful. 

    Unknown ------- father ----- adoptable

    Backstory: Born to Eona and and _____ the first few years of the life of Dayita were great. She had a family, a home, and a shelter. What's the difference between a home and a shelter? Just curious.

    However, the happy family would soon realize she was not usual. What does this mean? Not usual?? You need to either remove that part, or explain it a bit better. As long as it fits with the roleplay, not magic or whatever.

    Eona passed away due to some kind of disease and left the duo depressed and unhappy. Dayita was fine to do her own thing at 6 years by then after 2 years had passed. Her father became abusive, whipping her and saying it was her fault that her mother died. Dayita endured it up until her fourth year, as during her third her heritage came into play. She had gained her mother's unusual tapered ear genes, Still really confused with this part??? Tapered ears are piercings apparently, definitely not genetic.

    something her father had hoped wouldn't happen. He grew worse and she endured it all, until finally she ran away and has been living in a tree in a park. She always hides her ears afraid ot be judged and makes sure no one suspects anything. However, her lies are beginning to become noticeable, who knows someone may just find out what secret this mysterious Stiff holds. She usually isn't seen often, as she eats outside, sits in dark corners of the classrooms Again wouldn't quite work since Dauntless "Classrooms" are training rooms, but if you meant before the choosing ceremony, while they were still in school? Sure that works, but not after she moves to Dauntless initiation.

    and happens to not be seen in the halls, I"m assuming you mean she is just good at not being seen, not that she is invisible or whatever.

    anyone who happens to think they see something will hear only beads clinking gently and a swish of a veil as it rounds a corner. Again we can't have the beads and veil thing.

    She likes to train during the night She wouldn't be able to do that legally, but she could sneak out I suppose, but she'd still have to train with everyone else in the morning and afternoon.

    and sleeps very rarely afraid of nightmares that could sneak up on her.

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Relationship Status: Single

    Crush(es): Open

    Past Partners: None

    Turn-Ons: Accent (any)




    Turn-Offs: Bullies





    - Rebellion ---- Clarke x Lexa

    - Everytime we Touch --- Cascada

    - Dangerous to Dream --- Frozen: Broadway

    - World Dance Medley --- Happy New Year

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  • NerdyChristianGamer I agree with everything you said, except I think that school is mandatory for kids of all factions before the Choosing Ceremony, even Dauntless. Because that's where they get their aptitude tests done, and the book mentions that the Dauntless students at Tris's school would climb the statue in front of the school after classes were over, so it must be the same school for all factions. But that's besides the point. You did an excellent job of hitting on everything in Zephyraisis 's form that I would have brought up. Thanks!

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  • Flyers you're totally right I completely forgot that, but I mainly meant after the initiation etc... But you're right.

    Ok I edited it to make more sense to that particular part, thanks for the info, I keep forgetting a few things about the books.

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  • NerdyChristianGamer I think by tapered ears it might be like elvish (pointed at the tip) but that’s my opinion based on the fact they mentioned spells. Also being barefooted or wearing flats in Abnegation is fine, but in dauntless yikes. You hit all the points though Nerdy!

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  • NerdyChristianGamer and Everyone: Thank you so much! Thank is a big help on what I can do to edit those things and I do read and follow the series it's just been a while so thank you to all for helping refresh my memory. I really appreciate it. Again, I'm so sorry for the inactivity and being such a pain (one of my pet peeves ugh) and so no one worry about criticising hings as I usually take it as helpful suggestions and corrections. Thank you so much to everyone!

  • This is the new form that I created, mainly editing some thigns here and there. Does this work or are there more errors that need to be fixed? I'd like to send a special thanks to everyone for being patient and helping me out here.

  • it's much better. Just a couple things.

    Her father needs to be Abnegation if I can remember correctly, but you could say he was Erudite then transferred to Abnegation through initiation, because he liked their selfless way of living.

    Also I love the idea of floor length hair, but I know for a fact that Abnegation like to be as selfless as possible and to look very plain because of this. Maybe she wears her hair in a tight bun, but when alone she has her hair out.

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  • Zephyraisis The only minor errors I would change are the mention of abnormal ears in Dayita's history, and her age. All initiates, Dauntless-born or transfer, are sixteen years old (so subsequently, her father would have had to been sixteen when he left Erudite for Abnegation). Other than that, she looks lovely. I'll accept her ahead of time; you can find the link to the plotting thread on the first post of this thread, and the RP thread on the first post of that one. (Sorry that it's a bit convoluted.)

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  • Alex-Pettyfer-Tattoos.jpg

    Full Name:

    Christian Jonas Parks

    Name Meaning:

    "Follower of Christ" "Gift from God"








    10th April


    Dauntless Initiate

    Previous Faction:


    Aptitude Test Result:




    Chris stands at a good tall height of 6"4 and is probably the most muscled, or buff, out of all the initiates. He has broad shoulders and when shirtless his torso is toned and muscled, with no sign of any type of fat on him. His face is angular, his arms and legs also muscled. But he is not so muscled that it makes him unattractive, far from the contrary, he is quite attractive... He has golden blonde hair that he doesn't cut often, letting it fall around his face and eyes, his skin is a light tan, heading more towards white than tanned though. He has deep turqoise eyes, it sparkles with both green and blue colors, but most often looks dulled or grey. His eyebrows aren't that bushy, his nose is long yet not pointy, his lips are about average in size. He looks like he could sprout a beard, but hasn't so far. He often wears either a dark colored hoodie, or he'll go shirtless, often when he's training. He will wear black trousers when training, and black jeans when he's out doing whatever. He often has quite stylish clothes, though it's probably because Indira gets him to buy them.

    Chris has his ears pierced, he usually just wears to onyx studs. He also has a stud on his bottom lip. He doesn't have an amazing amount of tattoos, but will get them when others go to get them. When Indira got her wolf tattoo, she urged him to get some type of animal, he didn't care but he got a tiger with it's teeth baring, on his shoulder. He also has two joined hearts on his right wrist, a tattoo he got with Indira again, and he has flames on his right arm, a tattoo he got with Aubrey.

    He has scars also, he has a scar on his inner forearm where he cut himself open with a knife on accident. He had to have surgery to stop himself bleeding out. He also has calloused knuckles from the amount of times he has punched something to the point where his knuckles bleed. There are needle scars on his inner forearms from where doctors have had to quickly drug him without proper precedure. He has a scar on his back from where he was pushed into a mirror, and cut open his back badly, it's jagged and makes a sort of z shape down his back.

    Height & Weight:

    6 feet 4 inches & 183 lbs

    Body Modifications:

    Pierced ears and bottom lip, tattoos.

    Physical Disabilities:

    Allergic to cats


    Alex Pettyfer



    Christian is a strange one, most people think of him without much personality at all. He seems sort of emotionless and overly relaxed, although his body is always filled with energy and he could always pummel something to the ground, his mind seems to be elsewhere. He never seems to care about what people think of him, he often offends people without seeming to think about it, he just speaks his mind. This is the reason he got Candor, he doesn't care much about bravery, he doesn't care about peace or kindness, he doesn't care about knowledge, he doesn't care about being selfless, he doesn't seem to care about anything, but he will speak the truth most all times. He stayed in Dauntless because he couldn't be bothered moving, he had a girlfriend, he had friends, he had family, Dauntless was his life. He is fun to be around because he doesn't care who you are, what you've done, what you can or can't do, he's fine with you however you are, there's no way to irritate him. But this isn't quite his personality at it's fullest.

    If you know Chris, you'll know that he has a mood change and it can come as quick as lightening. Chris has only two moods, relaxed, or raging. Somehow and for some reason, he can be incredibly violent and aggressive, physically, emotionally and verbally. Because of his size and Dauntless build he is very dangerous in this mood, he rampages and can cause damage and hurt people. In this frame of mind Chris finds he gets irritated easily, he can't seem to think clearly and everything becomes too much for him and so he gets very angry and becomes violent. People don't understand him in this mood, and often try to stop him physically.

    He takes drugs to not have this happen, and it dulls him down to the person I've said in the first paragraph, the drugs cause him to take in less information, they cause him to care less about things.

    But the perfect time with him, is when he's starting to come off the drugs, but before his rampaging type attitude has overcome him. He is funny, laughs, smiles, talks more, is friendly and boistrous, flirty.

    Positive Traits:

    Chill, relaxed, fun, open, non-judgemental, welcoming, quiet, forgiving, honest, straightforward, not proud or arrogant, care free.

    Negative Traits:

    Violent, aggressive, non caring, can be seen as non respectful, doesn't listen all the time, honest, blunt, brushes things off, doesn't take care in things

    Hogwarts House:


    MBTI Type:




    Dogs, Friends, Family, Food, Cold weather, rain, storms, training, sports.


    Birds, Cats, Direct sunlight, Loud noises, Surprises.


    Biting the part of his lip with the stud when he finds something cute or funny. Dragging his hand through his hair when he's tired or exhausted. Cracking his knuckles when he's getting angry.


    Ornithophobia: Fear of birds, Chris hates the fact that birds can fly, it's irritating and frankly unfair, they're also incredibly annoying to listen to.

    Phonophobia: Fear of loud bangs, Chris does not like sudden surprises and noises, and so a loud bang is likely to scar him and get him angry.

    (Can't think of any atm)


    Skating, Training, Weightlifting, Running.

    Mental Disorders:

    Bi-Polar disorder



    When Christian was born, he already had 6 older siblings. When he was young his parents already saw that he could get quite a temper, he would often get irritated at his siblings, especially Phillip and Asher, and they would often punish Christian for hurting his brothers. It wasn't until he was about 6 that they realized he couldn't quite control himself, and Christians father began to test different drugs on him to see if they would work. Some made it worse, one made him self harm on accident, such as throwing himself off of things or into things or playing with knives carelessly and aggressively. Some caused him to get sick, but they finally found one that seemed to calm Christian to a state that he wouldn't be aggressive. Christian doesn't really care about what drug he uses, he just doesn't enjoy when he's in his moods of rage, he doesn't particularly enjoy the drug either, but he tolerates it. His mother died when he was 6 she never got to see the drug used, some in the family believe she wouldn't have wanted him drugged up. His siblings, especially his two oldest brothers, looked after him mostly as his father was busy in his government job. Christian didn't mind too much.
    When he was 14 he and Aubrey got together, he thought she was cool, she thought he was cool, he did whatever she wanted him to do. But then one time he missed having his drug, and Aubrey did something to irritate him, causing him to push her and she fell into some deep water, and she didn't know how to swim. In that moment of seeing her drowning Christian managed to dive in and drag her out, she was unsure how to react, she was slightly scared of him, but he quickly took the drugs, going to his siblings to do so, and they explained the matter to Aubrey, asking her not to tell anyone about the drug. She agreed, but broke up with Christian, he didn't mind so much, he liked Aubrey but it didn't bother him too much. Aubrey has never told anyone about that, people know she dated Christian, but she kept the secret of his almost killing her. They're still good friends, she holds no hard feelings for him.

    His latest girlfriend, Idira, has been with him for about a year now, and knows him quite well, well enough to know of his moods and drugs. She knows how to be with him when he's on and off the drugs, and uses him for his brawn and such, but he doesn't care when he's on his drugs.



    Relationship Status:

    In a relationship with Idira



    Past Partners:



    Large eyes. Pouting lips.




    - The Monster - Eminem FT Rhianna

    - Voices - Randy Orton Theme

    - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy

    - This is Gospel - Panic! at the Disco

    - Misery Business - Paramore

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