Plot with Local Happy Loser?

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  • So I keep trying and failing to build muse for Mintpaw we go

    Mintpaw is just happy to be here, dangerously happy, and just wants everyone to get along. She's also a pacifist so she doesn't get the point of battle training, or battles in general.

    Plots, anyone?

    She's open to:


    General interaction


    Enemies (though she doesn't really do Not Getting Along with people, it'd be interesting)

    Romance (though nothing serious, she's a kid)

    Closed to:

    Physical altercations

    Longterm romance/mate

    Maiming/major injuries/death

  • Oooo! I have an interesting idea if you're into it?

    So I have she-cat named Clawberry (she is a warrior). She has a very gruesome past, meaning she's the exact opposite of a pacifist. What if Clawberry was Mintpaw's mentor and Clawberry had to learn the hard way that Mintpaw wasn't that into fighting others. So what Clawberry does, is she teaches Mintpaw other skills to help keep her alive when it comes to a battle put doesn't involve physically fighting (of course, Clawberry will teach her combat training as well)?

    Also let me mention, most cats don't really like Clawberry; whether they don't like the cold aura that she brings wherever she goes or they're afraid of her because of her mysterious silence and independence (also, no one knows about her past besides she was born in ThunderClan and she has a brother in ThunderClan named Mothgaze).


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  • That sounds like it could be really fascinating! I can definitely see Mintpaw and Clawberry maybe clashing at first as one is like "We have to learn how to kill to survive", whereas the other one is like "That makes zero sense" and they kind of have to learn to get to the point where Clawberry teaches Mintpaw other ways to survive. I think the last to TC was attacked Mintpaw basically survived by running away, so for her own plot and character development that'd be interesting to see.

    Plus, Mintpaw is a lover in the way that she may be afraid of Clawberry, but after like two days she'll kind of melt off from fear to respect, and maybe understanding. I don't think Mintpaw has come across a cat she doesn't like (to a fault), but it will be interesting as maybe fellow apprentices, and even warriors, are like "Girl you're a good kid don't go near her she's off to me"




    She's welcome to take a liking to this guy! Wolf needs a little sibling type to look after anyways lol. If she can tolerate his serious/impatient/sarcastic nature that is lol. He has a secret soft spot for most kids though so they should be fine, even if he wants to swat at her ears for being a mousebrained pacifist xD



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  • Maybe in an open thread pumpkin can do some "pseudo motherly" checking in on mint

    I'd Trade All My Tomorrows For Just One Yesterday


    I Know I'm Bad News

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  • Both of those work for me! Minty over here doesn't have any family so she'd grow more than a little attacked to both of them.

    Especially after her "I'm halfClan?" existential crisis at some point last month

    And as for his sarcastic side, it'll go right over Mintpaw's head aha she's kinda dense in that way

    She'll either take it as literal and wonder why he's being mean to her, or just laugh about it

  • I forgot this thread existed lol

    Lightpaw !

    Minty here is also down for friends! They could totally have a patrol/bonding thread


    I think Mintpaw has tried to befriend Jagged for like ever haha regardless of whether or not he wants anything to do with her

    Maybe an interaction thread?