Leave it all behind [Open; Weekly prompt]

  • Fear. That was something she was taught to leave behind at all times because fear could make you districted. But she had learned that fear had its place in life, it could make you stronger in the morning. But Cassandra had little experience with fear since she had always been confident in her skills to keep her alive. There were other things to be afraid of other than death, like spiders or the dark. The black cat had fears, she was like any other living creature, but she would never say what they were. Of course, that didn't stop her mind from simulating that fear in her dreams at night. She found herself settling in one of the cells, as most exilers found themselves sleeping, using her black and yellow hoodie as bedding. Maybe in the morning she would look for something more comfortable to lay on. But for now this would have to do and the feline drifted off to dreamland.

    Darkness. Silence. Nothingness. Cassandra dreamt she was standing in complete darkness and there was nothingness, not even a noise. She struggled with talking already and in her dream she couldn't say anything at all. It was like she was stuck, unable to move or speak. The feeling of this strange space closing in on her caused her to panic, it felt suffocating. But it was all over as soon as she woke up.

    Slowly sitting up to calm her heartrate the domestic cat found that she had only been asleep for a couple of minutes. Padding out into the hallway with her jacket on, she settled for leaning against the wall. Cassandra was tired but was unwilling to try and sleep again incase she slipped back into that dream. She didn't show it but that dream had honestly spooked her a bit, the girl would never want to have that suffocating space again. If she could pick a way to die she would want something quick, but of course no one really got to choose how they go. ""

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  • Though through much bravado, it seemed like most of his clanmates were rather resistant to emotional weaknesses such as fear but he knew it was still present. It wasn't possible to escape it, it was just one of those givens about living. To be a fully functioning creature, there had to be fear, it was just the nature of things. Alcibiades accepted the fact for himself, but it sure as hell didn't mean he pranced around telling people he was afraid of being left behind or failure in general. Most people kept that stuff to themselves, and as long as nothing was physically affected by it, he left it that way.

    However, coming across the jacket wearing femme who was leaning against the wall meant there needed to be some intervention. Why was she awake at this time of night? It was odd. He never liked being nosy in business that was personal in this sense, something that could cause a violent reaction or outburst. He could never know who will explode on him or not for prodding. But it was his duty to see to his roguemates and so he did. "Cassie, are you good?" Came the pale wolf's voice as he trotted towards her, concern etched on his face.



  • "Guess I'm not the only one who couldn't sleep?" the blind hybrid still struggled with getting her body to sleep at normal hours since she didn't have light to regulate her body's production of melatonin. So it wasn't odd to find her up and about at this time of night. Sloane smiled as she padded up next to Alci, dipped her head in greeting to Cass. There was a certain smell that lingered in the air, the smell of fear - not something often found in these parts of the prison. Maybe down lower where they kept the prisoners. Hell, Caesar had reeked of fear when the blind - wielded by Alci - had slicing into his front leg. "Is everything okay?" her question echoed Alci's, though not on purpose. Being a new mother seemed to mean basically worrying about everyone. She worried that Alci was over working himself, she worried that Thalamus would grow up with social anxiety.. and now she worried that Cass was afraid of something or someone. Sloane would eagerly rip into anyone who was harming or bullying Cassandra - the angelihund hated bullies.


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